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OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

HOME / Previews / OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition


OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

By Scotty Gore

( — Blood alone does not a parent make.

Melissa Fumero


In a special Memorial Day encore of “Prom Night: the Musical,” which orignally aired on June 18th, 2007, Starr has great difficulty making it to the prom. Her dress is ruined when she unwittingly comes between Dorian and David during a food fight. Britney, while gitty about Cole taking her to the prom, becomes concerned that his feelings for Starr may get in the way of their perfect evening. Marcie works overtime to push Langston and Markko together. Dorian’s limo breaks down with Starr en route to the prom, while Cole sets out in search of the woman he loves.

Rex is puzzled as to why Adriana has placed his toothbrush in her bag. Gigi flies off the handle when Brody allows Shane to drink beer. Adriana desperately works to cover her tracks with Rex confronts her about the toothbrush. Brody realizes the error of his ways, and works to make things right with Gigi and Shane.

The Main Event: Parents Behaving Badly

While Marcie pulls Sam from Todd’s vehicle, Michael tends to a wounded Adriana’s injured knee. On their way to the hospital, Todd comes to and eyes Marcie holding Sam in her arms. After calling John, Marcie refuses to hand over Sam to Todd and tears into him for not having the child in a car seat. Todd meanwhile, pays a Sun employee to place a car seat at the accident scene, only to have his rouse uncovered. Todd fumes with anger as Sam is placed into the custody of Child Protective Services. Unaware of the current situation, Blair adamantly refuses Todd’s plea for help. Fed up with Todd’s behavior, Viki tells her brother to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions. Marcie, Markko, Langston, Cole, Starr, and Blair all provide damning evidence against Todd as Sam’s custody hearing begins. The judge arrives at a decision. Blair makes an unexpected announcement in the courtroom. Marcie breaks down, fearing she will never be a mother again. Todd promises to destroy Blair.

Adriana confronts her mother about her trying to stop her wedding to Rex. Charlie is on the verge of confessing to Rex when they receive news of Adriana’s accident. Jared and Natalie prepare for worst after discovering that David has escaped. David meanwhile, pays Dorian a visit. Dorian urges David to sit on the truth about Jared for the moment, and takes drastic action after bumping into Charlie at the hospital. With the help of two hired hands, Dorian places a drugged Charlie in one of the spare bedrooms at La Boulaie. Dorian warns David that if he keeps his mouth shut, they will both be rich. Addie is delighted to have David back in the house again. Viki becomes concerned when she can’t reach Charlie and realizes that Rex doesn’t yet know the truth. Dorian sends Viki a text message via Charlie’s cell phone in order to buy her more time. Blair is none to happy to find Addie with David. Dorian is pleased to see all the pieces of her plan falling perfectly into place. David grows suspicious as to whom Dorian is hiding in her bed. Viki arrives at La Boulaie to speak with Blair, but ends up fighting with Dorian. David deflects Addie’s advances. Dorian places the final touches on her plan to destroy the Buchanans, and warns an unconscious Charlie that his life is about to go to hell in a hand basket. With Nash about to lose the vineyard, Jared offers to buy it with BE funds to prevent investors from using the land to build a shopping mall.
Jared discovers David at Dorian’s house.

Around Town:

Clint and Nora argue about Lindsay; Nora turns to RJ for potential dirt on Lindsay; Bo forgives Lindsay on the condition that she remains honest with him; Clint and Bo plan to display a united front at the upcoming BE shareholders meeting; Jessica has some exciting news for Natalie.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 2, 2008

Monday: Rex receives a cryptic message. Dorian places her plan in motion. Viki confronts Roxy about Rex’s paternity.

Tuesday: Dorian drops several bombshells at the BE shareholders meeting. Nash and Jared’s fight has tragic consequences. Gigi comforts Rex over Charlie not being his father.

Wednesday: Michael delivers devastating news to Jessica. Antonio pays Ramsey a visit. Adriana finds herself backed into a corner.

Thursday: Viki learns Jessica has a bun in the oven. A young Buchanan girl becomes a widow. Dorian discovers revenge isn’t always sweet.

Friday: Jessica unleashes her anger on Natalie. Adriana again disowns her mother. Todd fights back.

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