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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 25 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 25 Edition

Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC

Friday, January 22, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

( — Unhealthy obsessions.


Natalie’s therapy session with Marty becomes heated when John’s name is mentioned on Monday, January 25. Meanwhile, John is held at the police station, thus preventing him from helping track down Jessica. Natalie promises to help John bust out of jail. However, Brody promises Natalie that he and John already have a plan in place to free him from prison. Marty expresses her concern to Dr. Levin that John and Natalie may rekindle their relationship. John and Brody put their bold plan into action on Friday, January 29. Elsewhere in Llanview, Blair tells Ford that she’s on to him after catching him kissing Langston. And Greg and Rachel are forced to postpone their romantic evening on Tuesday, January 26.

The Inside Story: The Chosen One

Brody and Viki are certain that one of Mitch’s thugs is to blame for Jessica’s sudden disappearance. Kim puts the moves the Clint, only to be interrupted by Nora who informs them of Jessica’s kidnapping on Tuesday, January 26. At the same time, Stacy grows agitated when Bo breaks the news to Rex, just as she was trying to get closer to him. Rex then relays the news to Gigi, who is touched when Schuyler cooks them a romantic dinner. Fearing for Shane’s safety, Rex and Gigi decide to let Bo and Nora take him to the Buchanan Ranch in Texas, and say an emotional farewell to their son. Furthermore, Clint and Viki take Bo up on his offer of taking Bree to the ranch as well. By Wednesday, January 27, Brody gets a step closer to finding Jessica after having the forensics lab analyze Mitch’s letter to her. Meanwhile, Jessica is mortified when Mitch tells her that she will raise Stacy’s baby as her own, since he is the “chosen one.” Charlie is determine to murder Mitch in cold blood upon learning that he has Jessica, and returns to Llanfair where he comes face-to-face with Viki. Stacy works to convince Fish that the baby is not his. On Thursday, January 28th, Jessica continues to fight the effects of the drugs Nurse Charles injected her with, as Mitch outlines his diabolical plans for both her and Stacy’s baby. As she begins to lose consciousness, Jessica vows to never forget her family or do his dirty work. Schuyler passes the point of no return when he obtains the oxytocin for Stacy. However, he forces her to name him as the baby’s guardian and allow him to administer the drug himself when she fakes labor pains. Meanwhile, Dorian develops a new strategy regarding Mitch, following a conversation with Rex. Charlie begins to reach out to Viki, only to suddenly leave to secretly rendezvous with Dorian. Mitch offers no regret or remorse for resorting to such drastic lengths to get Jessica under his control. Dorian informs Charlie that Stacy will their bait in silencing Mitch permanently. And, making some progress with Rex, Stacy fakes going into labor on Friday, January 29. However, Stacy wonders if their is any possibility of them ever being anything more.

A Closer Look: Sisterly Love

Todd and Téa are relieved learn that Danielle is at Starr and Cole’s apartment. While Danielle agrees to talk to her mother, she makes it clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with her father, which leaves Todd heartbroken. On Monday, January 25, Téa agrees to let Danielle stay with Starr for the time-being. Starr, meanwhile, urges her father to give her new sister breathing room and time to heal. But by Friday, January 29, Danielle still refuses to get to know Todd. And Téa tells Danielle that she has enrolled her in classes at Llanview High School.

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