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GH PreVUE: Week of April 19 Edition

GH PreVUE: Week of April 19 Edition

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Friday, April 16, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

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On Wednesday, April 21, Maxie shares the details of her romantic dilemma with Jason. Maya questions Luke about Edward. Olivia tries to explain to Johnny why she can’t move in with him. Helena drops in on Luke on Thursday, April 22. Lucky worries about Elizabeth’s growing attachment to a terminally ill patient. Carly’s torn over her conflicting feelings for Jax. Skye asks Luke to help her track down Alcazar’s illegal hidden assets on Friday, April 23.

The Inside Story: Hide and Seek
Jax keeps Ronnie from getting to Michael on the island. Jason, meanwhile, arranges for Michael to be moved. Michael places a call to Morgan from his new location. On Monday, April 19, back in port Charles, a grateful Sonny impulsively kisses Carly after she exceeds his expectations in court. Claire tells Dante that they need Michael’s testimony. Judge Carroll agrees to Claire’s request for a 24-hour extension. Dante struggles with his conscience after manipulating Morgan into revealing Michael’s new location on Tuesday, April 20. Morgan realizes Dante tricked him. Dante and Michael come face to face. Michael tells Dante the truth and gives him the proof of his guilt. Dante confesses to Michael that he’s not sure what he’ll do if he finds out he’s telling him the truth. Dante confides in Lulu. Claire and Diane deliver their closing statements at Sonny’s trial. Dante confronts Sonny after getting proof of Michael’s guilt on Thursday, April 22. Sonny is confident he’s convinced Dante to keep his mouth shut, but Jason isn’t so sure. Lulu, meanwhile, pleads with Maxie to keep her mouth shut after Maxie spots her with Michael. Dante and Lulu realize Michael is gone. Michael places a call asking someone to pick him up.

A Closer Look: Rage Against the Machine
On Monday, April 19, with a film crew in tow, Warren proceeds to make a spectacle as he points the finger at Mac, Alexis and Kristina. Sam slugs Warren after he implies that Kristina got what she deserved. Molly asks Jason to handle Warren. Skye takes Kristina to the Haunted Star, confident that both Kristina and Ethan could benefit from talking to each other. On Tuesday, April 20, Skye’s theory proves to be spot on. Alexis is shaken by the depth of Warren’s rage. Lucky warns Ethan that he’s next on Warren’s hit list.

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