OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 18 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 18 Edition

By Scotty Gore
Will Allison’s secret be revealed?
Sunday, February 17, 2008 3:32 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The ‘Go Red’ Ball is full of surprises.


With Bo fired, Ramsey is named Llanview’s newest Police Commissioner. Gigi finds the news hard to swallow. Nora blames Lindsay for Bo’s predicament. Ramsey wants to throw the book at Jessica for helping Allison escape. Todd’s happiness comes under attack. Gigi gives in to Ramsey, while Todd formulates a plan to stop the rogue cop. Jessica evades Antonio’s questions. Bo rebuffs Clint’s proposal that he come to work at BE. Matthew ponders what his father will do next. Ramsey and Antonio start off on the wrong foot. Todd is a bundle of nerves thanks to Ramsey.

Lindsay swallows her secret before Nora has a chance to read it. Clint is forced to referee Nora and Lindsay’s catfight; but not before everyones’ secrets fall out of the box. Dorian catches Roxy sorting through a floor full of secrets. Dorian gives in to her curiosity and sneaks a peak at some of Llanview’s deepest, darkest secrets; later she bribes a security guard in order to get possession of valuable surveillance tape.


Jared and Natalie are interrupted by news that Jessica is in trouble. At the same time, Allison forces Jessica to plead and beg for her life while holding her at gunpoint. In an act of bravery, Jared throws himself in front of Jessica, but ends up tumbling over a balcony railing with Allison. With his life hanging on by a thread, Jared clutches the railing with one hand and Allison with the other. Charlie arrives just in time to save Jared, who purposely releases his grip on Allison. As she hurriedly plummets to the pavement, Allison vows to take her secret to the grave. Jared is treated as a hero by the Buchanans. Ramsey announces that Allison’s condition is grave. Jessica realizes that she may never uncover Allison’s secret as the DVD she had with her when she fell was destroyed. Allison isn’t expected to make it through the night.


– Jared’s declaration leaves Natalie feeling uneasy, and later, heartbroken.

– Langston and Cole continue to fight their feelings.

– Jamie interrupts Talia and Antonio’s evening of romance.

– Cristian and Sarah give into temptation; Layla and Vincent see more than they bargained for.

– Adriana is jealous of Rex’s rapport with Gigi and Shane.

– Mary J. Blige continues her visit to Llanview. READ MORE

– The ABC Daytime Dramas ‘Go Red’ for a good cause. READ MORE


Monday: John is aghast to learn Ramsey is his new boss; Cole confides in Langston his fears about Ramsey; Rex realizes Adriana still thinks Shane is his son.

Tuesday: Jessica fears she may never know Allison’s secret; Marcie’s future is decided; Antonio and Talia team up to bring down their new boss.

Wednesday: Bo and Clint deal with family issues; Michael gives Marcie some tough love; Nash has a cryptic meeting with potential business partners.

Thursday: Todd vows to protect his family; Langston and Cole feel guilty; Antonio confronts Jessica.

Friday: Jared helps Jessica and Natalie; Dorian gains the upper hand on Nora; Allison has a reaction to Nash’s visit.

Pictured: Barbara Garrick courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC | Jerry verDorn/Hillary B. Smith courtesy Jeff Neira/ABC

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