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  • Minor ‘One Life to Live’ Casting Updates for December and Name That Song

    Donna Svennevik/ABC
    Donna Svennevik/ABC
    As "One Life to Live" gets ready to conclude its run on ABC in January 2012, the soap continues with more comings and goings. What follows are the latest comings and goings as the calendar changes from November to December. READ MORE
  • ‘One Life’ November Casting Updates

    Thomas A. Montalto/
    Thomas A. Montalto/
    Casting changes for "One Life to Live" for the month of November. READ MORE
  • Tonja Walker Returns to ‘One Life,’ Plus Other Casting Updates
    "One Life to Live" casting odds and ends for the month of October and beyond. READ MORE
  • Whoa Baby! Destiny Decides the Future of Her New ‘Life’

    Disney/ABC Television Group
    On "One Life to Live" Shenell Edmonds plays Destiny Evans, a teenager who is seventeen and pregnant. That alone would be enough to scare the average teenager. But it is even worse for Destiny, considering she is estranged from her grandparents, her father is in jail, and her boyfriend recovering from severe brain injuries in a special treatment center hours away. Next month, the frightened young mother-to-be weighs her options, and has her world turned upside down yet again, thanks to forces (and people) beyond her control. READ MORE