Ratings: New Lows For DAYS and GH


Ratings Report for the Week of May 8-12 2017

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NOTE: There were pre-emptions throughout the week due to President Trump.

NOTE: B&B did not air on Friday

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,168,000 (+3,000/-554,000)
2. B&B 3,457,000 (+110,000/-238,000)
3. GH 2,325,000 (-121,000/-421,000)
4. DAYS 1,943,000 (-125,000/-282,000) <—— new low *

* Previous low: 2,045,000 (July 4-8, 2016)

1. Y&R 3.05/11 (same/-.4)
2. B&B 2.52/9 (+.1/-.2)
3. GH 1.75/6 (-.11/-.35)
4. DAYS 1.48/5 (-.06/-.21) <—— ties low (3rd straight week) *

* Rounded to 1.5

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 492,000 (same/-146,000) <—— ties low (2nd straight week)
2. B&B 413,000 (+2,000/-108,000)
3. GH 359,000 (-51,000/-106,000) <—— new low *
4. DAYS 291,000 (-37,000/-139,000) <—— new low **

* Previous low: 365,000 (August 17-21, 2015)
** Previous low: 313,000 (April 3-7, 2017)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.76/7 (same/-.24) <—— ties low (2nd straight week) *
2. B&B 0.64/6 (same/-.18) <—— ties low (2nd straight week)  **
3. GH 0.56/5 (-.07/-.17) <—— ties low (2nd straight week)  **
4. DAYS 0.45/4 (-.06/-.22) <—— ties low (8th straight week) ***

* Rounded to 0.8
** Rounded to 0.6
*** Rounded to 0.5

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 111,000 (-2,000/-56,000)
2. B&B 97,000 (-4,000/-44,000)
3. GH 74,000 (-23,000/-61,000) <—— new low
4. DAYS 60,000 (-9,000/-41,000) <—— new low *

* Previous low: 65,000 (April 24-28, 2017)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.32 (-.01/-.17) <—— ties low (2nd straight week) *
2. B&B 0.28 (-.01/-.14) <—— ties low (6th straight week) *
3. GH 0.21 (-.07/-.19) <—— new low (18th straight week) **
4. DAYS 0.17 (-.03/-.13) <—— ties low (10th straight week) **

* Rounded to 0.3
** Rounded to 0.2

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 776,000 (+21,000/-158,000)
2. B&B 673,000 (+17,000/-107,000)
3. GH 540,000 (-45,000/-81,000)
4. DAYS 397,000 (-58,000/-143,000)

Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.27 (+.03/-.28)
2. B&B 1.1 (+.03/-.19)
3. GH 0.89 (-.07/-.14)
4. DAYS 0.65 (-.1/-.25)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.55/3,511,000
Tuesday: 2.37/3,252,000
Wednesday: 2.62/3,547,000
Thursday: 2.53/3,517,000

Monday: 1.48/1,947,000
Tuesday: 1.54/1,995,000
Wednesday: 1.50/1,980,000
Thursday: 1.42/1,873,000
Friday: 1.49/1,904,000

Monday: 1.84/2,394,000
Tuesday: 1.75/2,322,000
Thursday: 1.72/2,316,000
Friday: 1.65/2,240,000

Monday: 3.19/4,315,000
Tuesday: 3.08/4,218,000
Wednesday: 3.14/4,303,000
Thursday: 3.0/4,112,000
Friday: 2.78/3,831,000

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  • JayTN

    “Days” easily had its worst week in its 50+ year history. Every day below 2 million (although Tuesday could round up to an even 2 million) and the weekly average below 2 million as well. This has always been my concern, that the numbers will be so low and so bad that nothing Ron Carlivati does as head writer will be able to allow the show to recover. After getting these historically bad numbers in, the NBC execs at 30 Rock are no doubt ramping up finding a replacement for “Days” in about 15 months.

    • robert

      i say the show is gone in September 2018 and they only have themselves to blame. by the time Ron comes,it will be too late. it is truly mind-boggling why they brought Higley back after she tanked the show last time

      • Suzy

        I can’t think what Ron can do to fix Days. He wants all same boring characters to stay on the show and if fans don’t like the characters they won’t watch it. Days is losing too many young fans in 18 to 49. They won’t come back to watch characters that are in 60’s and 70’s. That’s the truth. They stopped watching when all the young sexy couples got thrown out. I say put Days to rest because Ken or the writers don’t know what fans want anymore. How fans complain every day about Rafe and Hope and Chad and Gabi and Ron feels so much inspiration from them? No, Ron isn’t going to help. I’m sorry.

    • Chris

      Agreed, as of now I predict Days will go off the air in September 2018. It’s so sad what’s happened to this show, but Ken Corday/Sony have shot themselves in the foot way too any times with awful, asinine creative decisions that prove they don’t care one iota about the fans/viewers at home. I don’t feel sorry for Mr. Corday. I just feel bad for all of the individual actors and crew members behind the scenes putting their work in regularly who’ll probably soon be unemployed. But show business is a business, and they all have to see the writing on the wall. Hopefully, everyone will land on their feet elsewhere if indeed that will be the end for the show.

      • Tammy Bostick

        well said i stopped watching couldn’t take and i was a 33 year fan but you don’t treat couple and soap icons the way Corday and Days was his parents show not his!! He’s ridiculous

  • 02Justin10

    DAYS are really, really, really lucky they got renewed back in January. Because these numbers at getting BAD. Remember, when GL got axed in 2009, they had 2,200,000 viewers and a household number of 1.8 with a 6% share. DAYS is now doing much worse. DAYS just spent a month barely staying above 2 million and have now fallen below that mark. Ron’s material still won’t even air for another 2 months!

  • Carmel Smith

    None of them are doing great. YR is still down a half million from last year. Days is below 2 million. Days should stop centering that show around Chabby. Balance it out. It seems to be the only thing they are invested in. YR is just blah. I like Philly but the story is terrible. They don’t even spend time together. It’s the Victoria show.

    • Bantilau Regnies

      Same. I love Philly but I won’t watch a story where Philly are guest in the Victoria hour.

  • TruthSquad

    It iis fair to say that the presidential news disruptions have interfered with some of the momentum of all shows – – even so, those are so bad ratings all around.

  • Xander Vitrani

    Days close to having Passions worst ratings

    • teressa

      Days remind me of Passions with all the bad couples and storylines they put together. I am sure this is in part because of Ryan.

  • ctshar

    GH’s trash, sexist writing deserved every ratings drop. I’m sure ABC interrupting GH pushed a few viewers over to cable news (seriously, how dumb are ABC execs?) but the trash sexist, nonsensical head writers have ruined GH right now. Stop the sonny focus, return children to their OWN mothers, and try to fix your writing.

  • TruthSquad

    Y&R was good this last week but a plea to Young/Sussman – – Scott Grainger needs a haircut or to shave or both and his clothes look cheap. You’d think he could get some better outfits at Fenmores’.


    Every week Mal/Sally have plunged JFP and Pratts ratings. Why was Pratt so high rated and Sally has been biggest flop. Sally was up for the gig in 2014 JFP passed her over for Pratt. I am now seeing Jill was right about passing on Sally.

    • robert

      Sally is too outdated

  • sherwood

    This is the height of the May Sweeps & these are train wreck numbers for all of the soaps. The networks have to be asking themselves about alternative programming. DAYS can’t keep on this path. NBC will not keep it on the air. I say it’s gone in 18 months unless these ratings turn around very soon.

    • Maria

      well ABC told the GH writers if they don’t bring the ratings up, the writers are fired! So they plan on keeping GH.

      • sherwood

        For now, but I’m sure AMC and OLTL got ultimatums too from the Mouse House. Eventually they got the ax.

        • Maria

          right, and in 2012, GH was supposed to go with them.

  • robert

    this genre is in trouble. bad numbers all around

  • daysdrops

    Day-To-Day Ratings for Days are pretty much the same for the whole week with slight decreases or increases. I guess we cant blame preemption’s for Days.

  • Nick

    Wow, these have to be the worst daytime soap ratings ever, and in a so-called “sweeps” month no less. I hate to say it, but this genre is in huge trouble. Using constant presidential/breaking news interruptions, widespread warm weather, etc. as excuses for the steep declines does not hold water to me. Let’s not sugarcoat this- The daily writing on these shows continues to be archaic, rotten, and out of touch with modern times, not to mention they’re moving way too slowly for today’s younger generations to be/stay interested when they have so many other things going on.

    I wonder how much more NBC and/or Sony needs to see to finally determine that Days is a complete sinking ship undoubtedly never coming up. I always feared that the numbers would be too low once Ron Carlivati’s work finally started to air that it would be way too little, too late. And those are awful ratings/key demos for GH as well. I can’t imagine that ABC is pleased at all either. Remember, ABC cancelled AMC & OLTL with numbers quite a bit better than what GH is now pulling in. Not to suggest that this move is imminent, but don’t think they won’t decide sometime in the near future to move on from GH as well if things don’t show improvement. Personally, I wouldn’t be shocked. Just sayin’.

    Quite frankly and sad to say, but I see daytime soaps going the way of pay phones and 1-hour photo shops in the near future, at least in the 5x-week/52 weeks-yr format. They can’t be cost effective anymore with numbers like these.

  • Soraya Montenegro

    Yall think this is bad, you wait til the impeachment announcement happens one of these days.

    I, too, tuned out most of the week because of the regular interruptions. I couldn’t take it.

    Don’t tell me interruptions don’t effect soap watching because it does. Soap are a hypnosis. Once broken fans will go elsewhere to preoccupy their time.

    • JayTN

      I agree. The constant pre-emptions for the OJ Simpson case back in the 1990s is what started the exodus of viewers from the soaps. The networks would casually pre-empt entire episodes, often for days at a time. People are largely creatures of habit. Once that habit is broken, it is difficult – if not impossible – to get those viewers back.

      • Soraya Montenegro

        The thing is soaps do need to do better with their writing and provide better storytelling to its audience but holy heck the amount of interruptions that happened last week was so unbearable. How can a struggling genre like soaps compete a real life house of cards! Ugh. What a hard time to be a soap fan.

    • TruthSquad

      I agree. Once I am interupted by a news story I am out of soap mode.

    • Kristin

      It doesn’t help, but if people are really invested in watching, they’ll watch. I remember the constant televising of the Oliver North trial in the 80s. It preempted shows for weeks, but the ratings didn’t suffer. If the show is good enough, people will come back. If it’s easy to ditch (which they all are now), the habit is too easy to break.

      • Soraya Montenegro


    • Richie

      Ain’t gonna happen, impeachment that is. President Trump is here to stay. Sorry snowflake dumbocrats.

  • Happy Accidents

    Blimey, DAYS has broken through the floor of my graphs …

  • colema

    NBC will try anything to save this sleep
    inducing, boring, bottom of the ratings soap called DOOL. Doubtful that Massey or Sweeney will
    increase the ratings for nothing more than a blip.

  • paul

    Don’t feel sorry for them because of the way they treated James Scott since he left they invite everyone back but him and he by far most leading man on Days over last decade or so.

    • Joel

      I doubt James Scott wants to return, though. If I recall correctly, he made it clear he wasn’t going to come back, especially when the passion and the love he had was no longer there, and the pace of soaps’ production was not something he enjoyed.

    • sherwood

      I don’t think James Scott would want to return to that disaster. He appears to be quite happy with his own career path. DAYS is in his rear view mirror, permanently.

    • martha51

      Whinners will always whine about something……and yes James Scott CHOSE to leave so get over it people. If and only if James Scott returns, it will be HIS choice, as it was for Alison Sweeney. And what do you mean by “the way he was treated”? He was playing a role on a soap and got paid for it! Characters are involved in various over the top story-lines on soaps. Basically every actor/manager knows what they are signing up for when they are on a soap.

  • diego

    Wow, is all I can say about Days #’s

  • Derrick

    Oh god……………….This is AWFUL!
    All soaps are doing bad ESPECIALLY DAYS which is NOW below the 2 million mark, YIKES. YES, the writing is not good but at least I still watch the soaps. Just a fair warning: DON’T fuss and complain if the soaps get cancelled because I’m for one don’t want to see my favorite soaps get the chopping block.

    • Pray4Days

      I’m hopeful that they can turn this ship around.

      • Pete Ra

        The taping cycle at Days has helped save $, but the lag time between taping and airing is literally killing the show.

        • Suzy

          Why do fans keep saying Days taping cycle is the reason for their very bad ratings? Do you think Ken doesn’t know the couples fans hate by now? They keep all the boring couples together for more than a year so how can fans blame taping when they tape just 6 months advance? Dena knows what fans hate last year but she keeps writing what she wants. No, the taping cycle is excuse. Ken is responsible for what Dena keeps writing.

          • Kitty

            The 6 month lag, does not allow for a course correct in a timely manner. The network can’t have them change stuff that is getting a bad viewer reaction. NBC has even asked that they shorten the lag.
            If you can’t fix what’s wrong in a timely manner than you can’t get the ratings up.
            Ken trusting Dena as long as he did, bringing her back, allowing her to have characters going on and on about Daniel, who from what I’ve seen is one of the least liked characters in a long time hasn’t won any good will.

          • Suzy

            Here’s an example. How long are Hope and Rafe together? More than one year! That’s longer than 6 months so why didn’t the writers correct that boring course by now? Because they don’t want to listen to lots of fans that hate them and don’t watch when they are together that’s why and because Ken has too much wind between his ears. Days doesn’t worry about correcting anything even if they have a shorter lag. That’s always an excuse. Each writer writes what they want and Ken has picnics everyday on golf courses. NBC knows fans hate Rafe and Hope but Ron looks excited to write for them. No, the 6 month lag doesn’t mean anything at all to Days because Ken doesn’t have control of writers.

  • James Spaldin

    ABC’s ‘General Hospital’ is an AMERICAN Institution! Abc inhouse production could end it tomorrow – but it endures – be happy America!

    • Maria

      I think you’re right, considering that the producers have warned the writers that if they don’t get the ratings up, they’re out, and that the show was just about to go off the air in 2012. I was writing about it at that time as part of my job, and I figured they’d keep it until the 2013 anniversary and then let it go. But they stuck with it. And still are.

  • josy

    I can’t believe they renewed this disaster. I guess NBC just doesn’t have anything to put on in it’s place. Freddie Smith currently is totally out
    of character as Sonny trying to play the family badass after his rival
    Deimos. Smith looks plain stupid playing that part now. He just can’t
    carry it off. He also is getting fatter and fatter. Better cut down on
    those carbs Sonny baby! Days is a lost cause.

    • Joel

      Calling someone out on how they look? How typical of someone hiding behind the keyboard, and typical bully behavior.

      • josy

        Go find your “safe space” and get over it. I clearly pointed out that Freddie Smith currently is out of character and that he can’t carry it off. Pointing out that someone has gained weight is not a bad thing! Whether it is “our business” or not, in a free society we have every right to discuss it.

    • maryanne

      Freddy was arrested 2 years ago for DUI and was sentenced after he plead guilty. I hope he hasn’t started with the munchies again. Also, I read he was arrested with his girlfriend. I thought he was a gay. I didn’t know he just played one on tv. Anyway I googled and all the gays are straight actors on DOOL. They did appear a bit to masculine..i guess it makes sense now. Anyway, I hope Will’s return will make fans happy and watching.

  • Joel

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES needs something to happen, because while the writing itself is not the problem, it’s the stories that are being told that make me not want to check-in. And while I am not a Ron fan, I am hoping that he can bring something to the table, or else I fear that this last reboot is going to be its last, unless we [finally] get rid of the executive production team.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL isn’t horrific; it just needs a bit more punch. What I would suggest is adding in a third head-writer, who can spice up some of the stories and give them a bit more of a kick, because right now, the stories are being slept on and dragged out a bit too much.

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is unwatchable, and I fear I may tune-out for a few months, in the hopes that when/if I return, it’ll pick itself up. The endless love triangles and retconning of history is tiresome, especially when the core writing itself is some of the best in daytime.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, as per always, is solid. While I do miss [some of] the punch that Pratt brought to the canvas, the overall writing has felt classic and very sincere. I am just hoping that Sally can kick her writing up a few notches, in the ability to bring this serial a bit more into 2017, because that can easily be done!

    • angela

      Gh had a 3 writer Ron I think and it did not help

      • Joel

        Ron never had a co-head writer during his tenure at GENERAL HOSPITAL. He was always the sole HW during his regime.

    • shore

      The good soaps–and I realize that that’s a subjective idea–mixed the
      over the top, sensational aspects with the personal drama, like
      sensation novels did.

  • Pete Ra

    Wow, just terrible all around! Days finally fell under 2 million for the week’s average. It was under that each day! And we’re still six weeks-2 months away from Ron’s stuff.

  • Happy Accidents

    DAYS: The Criminal Stats!

    Oh wait, I just don’t have the heart to do that.

    To those who have shown appreciation for the Days stats and graphs I have done in the past – THANK YOU. Here’s the thing: I’m a Will Horton fan, an ex-Days fan who stopped watching when they killed Will, and my main impetus for posting graphs has been to show just how bad terrible awful truly catastrophic the Will-killing hacks Dena Higley and Josh Griffith have been for Days of Our Lives. But they’re gone, they are both finally gone, and we have Ron Carlivati and Sheri Anderson working hard to turn Days around, and they’ve announced Will’s and Chandler Massey’s return, so I’m very happy about that and I want to see it succeed! Well they’re going to need a “Divine Move”, and I hope that their new writing and Will’s and Sami’s and ???’s will give them that boost they need – we shall see! We shall see!

    Perhaps, if we see a boost come August, come Ron, come Will, come Hurricane Sami then I’ll post some celebratory graphs then! Something to look forward to! Hah! Take care fellow fans …

    • ctshar

      Ron saved GH from cancellation, he will do the same at Days. Now he might burn out after a few years, but Days will be in safe writing hands soon.

      • Chris

        Sorry, but the idea that Ron C. (who is vastly overrated as a writer, imo) personally “saved” GH from cancellation is complete nonsense. That would be giving way too much credit to him than he deserves.

        The folks at GH can thank The Revolution, the talk/lifestyle show that replaced OLTL in early 2012, for being much a gigantic flop. That was what “saved” GH then. GH’s ratings were still very poor in the first year that Ron was there. That’s a fact. If The Revolution had performed akin to The Chew (which successfully replaced AMC), ABC was reportedly prepared to get rid of GH then, since they were going to give the 3 pm hour back to local stations in the fall of that year and program one less daytime hour.

        And sorry, but Days has damaged viewers’ trust too many times with nonstop awful decisions that prove that Ken Corday & Co flat out don’t care about longtime fans. The show has become an unwatchable disgrace with all of their young couples being tossed out and has lost so many 18-49 women that I don’t see Ron doing anything that will be enough to bring them back. Sorry.

        • ctshar

          That’s silly, reboots work or don’t, but the past is the past. Ron rejuvenated GH with good pacing, infusing a few new dynamic actors, and fun stories that entertained. That’s what Days needs, that’s what they got .

          I love the days timeslot in my state CT, I often CAN watch while I eat or workout, I choose not to. If the writing is good and the production is good, I’ll watch. If not, I won’t.

          I hope all the best for days, they’ll have their chance, hopefully works out.

        • Suzy

          I agree with you. There’s a lot of fans that don’t care if Sami or Will are returning to Days. Days has to get hundred thousands fans to come back. Sami and Will won’t bring that much back and neither will old vets. Sorry to anyone that thinks that but the vets don’t bring young fans in to watch. Ron is a recycled soap writer that has been fired before and Days characters are boring. That’s not a good combination.

        • Pete Ra

          Ron and Frank pulled GH back from the brink. They brought back favorites, they brought over OLTL people, they introduced new characters. It was only Ron’s last six months did things go south. But for the most part they made the show watchable again.

        • scott16475

          You both are right (and wrong?). RC brought viewers back to GH as well as got new viewers to watch (the OLTL characters brought it’s fans to GH). The first year of his writing the ratings were over 3M each week as he brought back not only OLTL characters but long time GH favorites as well. He also sidelined Sonny and the mob for the majority of his GH writing regime and I think all of that combined increased ratings.

          Also helping GH was the failure of The Revolution. Had it been a success the execs at ABC would have been on the hunt for a replacement for GH, but alas The Revolution failed, the ratings for GH rose, and cancellation of GH was taken off the table.

          I have no doubt that Days will see an increase in ratings once RC begins to work his “magic” and word spreads that fan favorites have returned. The problem with it is that it will be a short term ratings rise as our viewing habits have changed and there’s nothing a new writer can do to bring back millions of fans for the long-term. Nothing.

          Long-term fans will LOVE what RC does with the show, former viewers – and some new viewers – will enjoy Days but like it always does in these times, life will get in the way and viewers will fade away like we always do. Expect a Days bump, watch it maintain for a while and then sit back and watch the ratings slowly fall. It’s been this way for years, sadly.

          • TV&MovieBuff

            Frank & Ron did some good things for GH but their biggest mistakes are the ones that the show has never been able to recover from. No. 1 was teasing old time GH fans with the undoing of stories like the AJ death, the return of Lucy & Kevin, the return of Laura, the return of Duke, etc. — only for those characters to sit and basically do nothing during their tenure. The part of the stories they were involved with basically went nowhere. When AJ returned ratings really started to rise as fans loved the focus it gave on the Quartermain family and the promise there. But that lead to the 2nd biggest mistake — the return of the OLTL 3 as new characters after the Prospect Park fiasco. It all played into that awful ELQ story that culminated with the Chew crossover, and the eventual downplaying of the Quartermains again and the firing of Sean Kanan and once again AJ gone. And the Quartermains for awhile were down to Tracy & Monica basically, but then that did lead to their 3rd big mistake when they hired Billy Miller and resurrected Jason. They put the focus back on the big 3 and the mob again with the OLTL actors thrown in and the new actors too.

            Valentini & Carlavati did good things. Looking back at the start of Phelps and Guza they did good things, great stories that were ground breaking, and brought great ratings. But both teams made a lot of mistakes that ultimately showed they both lost their magic. And both are responsible today for many of the things that are still plaguing the show today.

          • soaprealityfan

            I agree. Besides, what is a bump anymore for this soap? Right now they are sitting at 1.48 – which is astoundingly low. I don’t believe they will ever see 1.8 again, and if they do it will be for a week or two.

      • Kristin

        As a former OLTL and GH fan, let me warn you that ReRon saves nothing. He ruined two soaps and decimated characters (especially the crossovers he did with OLTL characters who should never have been brought on to GH.) He is a campy, self-indulgent writer; nothing good comes from his pen.

        • ctshar

          I started watching GH under ron in 2013, I LOVED him until his last year. His staff was campy, fun, sexy, and for a long time, I was excited to see what came next. I do agree he needs a showrunner to stop him from writing characters into corners, that’s his fatal flaw as a writer. So I agree, if you don’t have a showrunner to tell him No, don’t hire him.

          • JayTN

            I may be wrong, but Ken Corday doesn’t strike me as a very involved showrunner. If he was, he wouldn’t have waited so long to get rid of Dena Higley, much less re-hire her after firing her years ago. Ron Carlivati may have free reign to write stories as outlandish as possible.

          • soaprealityfan

            You are probably NOT wrong. He is involved in making sure he has the right photo ops, the well-placed interviews, and the carefully (or not so carefully) constructed phrases. He sure as hell is not hands on in the way past generation soap writers/producers were. I mean THINK about it – This is a show that has the sound effects crew insert CRICKETS outside 365 days a year, come sun or snow. WHO does that, and WHY??!

          • ctshar

            I think you PROVED your point by the evidence of how LONG he let dena’s destruction continue. I’m hoping that nearly getting cancelled woke him up.

    • garyt

      Why do I have a feeling that Massey’s return will be short? Do we know how long his contract is? Could Guy Wilson later be called in to replace him? I guess we all have to tune in to find out.

      • Ang

        Camilla Banus, who plays Gabi, gave an interview recently and spoiled that Chandler isn’t back long term. She said it’s not one or two episodes but she said he’s there for “a little bit.”

        • Salem Spectator

          That’s laughable, Ang. She’s not in a position to confirm his length of stay. A little bit could be 3-12 months. Maybe he signed on for an X amount of time and then has to finish school before he comes back or he signed on and then the length of time be extended. We just don’t know, but I’m waiting for an actual confirmation from CM and/or TPTB. BTW, I think the very same site reported CB returned for a short visit. I sometimes wish they’d been right.

        • soaprealityfan

          so then WHAT ON EARTH IS THE POINT?? Typical Days!!

    • xristof

      Knowing this show, he’ll probably come back as his identical twin(k)..lol

  • Jen

    The interruptions and pre-emptions are killing the soaps. It’s OJ’s trial all over again which some soaps never recovered from. I know at work instead of soaps on during lunch they have the news channels on now so people can watch Spicer’s daily briefing. Then with almost daily breaking news I’ve talked to a few longtime soap fans who are tired of the interruptions and have gotten out of habit of watching. One more reason to dislike the person in charge if we lose our stories because of him too…

    • TV&MovieBuff

      Interruptions are not the only reason people are turning out. It is about the stories and what the soaps offer in comparison with the competition that is out there. During the Vietnam War and the Nixon/Watergate trials etc. there were daily interruptions for at least a year. Viewers came back in part because there was no competition but also because the soaps gave them a reason to come back. Today the writers have got to work harder knowing that if they don’t folks are going to find something else to watch because it is out there. But the writers and the producers are not doing so. People will alter their schedules if they want to watch something. They do it for prime time shows, the Olympics, sporting events, etc. all the time. Right now the soaps and I mean none of the 4 are offering fans anything to make them want to tune in. The interruptions are only giving them the excuse to find something else and when they do they realize just how bad things are or have been and they don’t want to come back. The powers that be behind these soaps can’t depend on fan loyalty anymore — they’ve got to give fans a reason to tune in. And they just aren’t doing it anymore.

      • Kristin

        ITA! The reason the demos are in the trash have nothing to do with preemptions and everything to do with soaps having nothing to offer women.

        • Michelle

          The soaps have nothing to offer period.

    • richie

      Yes, lets blame the President for this too. And you are one more reason for me to dislike liberal, DUMBOCRATS more…HA HA HA ….

      • BoomBoomBoomerang!

        The interruptions aren’t helping and neither is name calling. JMO

      • -sHaNnOn-

        Wow. You give someone such great power over you….and so easily. You probably need to quit politics and soaps, and just work on you.

    • soaprealityfan

      The pre-emptions are more interesting than what the soaps have to offer. I think the soaps are deluded if they can really blame ratings below 1.5 on Trump and Sean Spicer. People just aren’t interested.

  • SoapArmageddon

    Days has had a lot of good publicity lately, but people know they won’t see any changes on their screens for a couple of months yet. There are no words for how terrible the show is right now.

    • keephope

      NBC may have to contend with relatively low ratings for at
      least a couple of months before executives know whether the new writer is a success
      or a failure.

      • SoapArmageddon

        Maybe even more than a couple of months since Ken Corday has said that the change won’t be immediately noticeable.

      • soaprealityfan

        You think these ratings will ever permanently recover? At this point 1.7 is shooting for gold. I doubt they will ever often get much above 1.6

    • soaprealityfan

      Days has had a lot of good publicity lately, but people know they won’t ̶s̶e̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶g̶e̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ ̶s̶c̶r̶e̶e̶n̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶s̶ EVER see any worthwhile changes.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Sally Sussman and her boring writing continues. Y&R is so lifeless and boring. Time to fire Sally. She hasn’t done a thing to help improve the show.

    • robert

      she’s yet to produce one good story

    • soaprealityfan

      People improve the show by having normal realistic writing with conversations, not by writing stupid doubles-clones stories, with Victor getting away with it all the time. The reason that YR ratings don’t go back up is because JFP and CP chased away all the fans and they don’t want to give YR any more chances. Many people don’t even know there is a new EP – they just got tired of the show, no matter what TPTB do anymore. YR was scheduled for a HUGE dip at some point, as ALL soaps lose viewers.

    • soaprealityfan

      btw, I absolutely LOATHED this show for the last several years. When I checked in to see what Sally was doing, I couldn’t believe how amazing the show is now! The thing is, newer viewers don’t like old-style soap opera. And the other thing is, by “updating the soaps” they cease to become soaps as we knew them. So there it is.

  • Salem Spectator

    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

  • jesse

    Soap writers/ep’s on GH/Days use recycled predictable plots.They have no budget,look at past scripts to bring back characters from yrs past.Serious issues are lacking just doppelganger, bad mobster scenes,ridiculous stunts.Their ratings are going to tank pre emptions or not.Y&R has gone through writers/ep’s every couple of yrs if Mal/Sally don’t deliver like the others they will be replaced.

  • Tracy being gone didn’t help!! Sad??

    • MemphisGuy

      Tracy’s exit storyline had to be one of the weakest (read: worst) I’ve ever watched on a soap. The character has been around for nearly 40 years, and this was the best Jelly could come up with for the great Jane Elliot. Yes, sad time for soaps.

  • Salem Spectator

    The sands are running out, the hospital is closing it’s doors, the fabrics are fading and the lipsticks are drying up.

    Sad times for the soaps. On the bright side: Maybe the soaps will become available for viewing from their beginnings!

    • melma

      These ratings are so low that they are bound to increase in a week or two.

      • soaprealityfan

        Really? With Days now at weekly ratings in the 1.4 range, what is your definition of rebound? They will be lucky to see a few 1.6 averages again..

  • Martin

    I’m happy YandR ist starting to fall below 4 min viewers! It’s about time! Hopefully CBS and Sony get rid of Mal and Sally soon so that the ratings can rise again!

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Mal and Sally are a horrible team to lead Y&R. Both should be fired.

      • Martin

        ITA with you!

  • MemphisGuy

    I hate to see the numbers fall so low for Y&R, but I completely understand why it’s happening. I stopped watching daily over two months ago. I watch now for about 5 or 10 minutes a day every other week, and I have missed absolutely nothing. There is a dearth of strong storytelling. Sally Sussman is not a horrible writer. That written, I strongly believe she is incapable of keeping up with the wants of today’s viewers. Too often her shows are languid and plodding with little payoff.

  • John Stone

    Bring back one life to live.

    • Salem Spectator

      It already had two lives to live. Some people are taking comfort in knowing Ron Carlivati, who wrote for OLTL, is now writing for DOOL. His work starts airing in July. He was also instrumental in saving GH a few years ago.

      Most people concur that no new and/or former soaps will be developed for five days per week network television in light of the condition the present soaps are in.

      • Happy Accidents

        I think Corday originally said July, but he said at the Emmys that it would be August.

        • Salem Spectator

          A DOOL breakdown writer said mid July. Ken Corday said Ron’s material starts airing in July with the wrapping up of Dena’s stories until August.

          • soaprealityfan

            Why the hell would I want to see DAYS if it was written by the man who wrote GH ????

          • Happy Accidents

            Ron’s just tweeted #July #ComingSoon. I guess that’s settled then! LOL!

  • Linda Williams

    The ratings are low because the storylines are stupid and ridicoulous.

  • TruthSquad

    I go back and forth with how I feel about Y&R. No doubt less exciting but am enjoying the characters much more. Have thoroughly enjoyed the last week or so after a week of total boredome. Pratt’s stories were like a sugar high. Sally’s are less exciting but the characters are more interesting. Hmmm. I still watch most everyday unless breaking news interupts.

    • jesse

      Same here some days are interesting other days don’t watch.I checked out Justin Hartley on This is Us.I like that it has soap like stories mixed with light hearted tales. A quality program that is character driven.I feel Sally is on the right path character driven instead of the Higley Pratt crash and burn stunts but she misses the mark.Jill’s heart attack s/l s gone too soon.I like Phyllis/Billy got back together only to have a tired triangle.Things like that are annoying.Going back to JFP/Pratt like s/l’s would be a huge mistake.

      • TruthSquad

        I agree. Some days are great but some days completely miss the mark. It is like watching 2 different shows. I think she is on the right path also and I prefer her vision to the sugar high of dobblegangers and the stunts that got us here. I really do think the constant breaking news is reminicent of the OJ trial and very hard to compete with.

  • lopos

    A lot of Days fans were furious at how the show killed off such a legacy
    character so hopefully Will’s return will bring back some of those
    viewers who fled.. Days was one the few daytime soaps that had featured
    gay characters at the forefront early on and didn’t regulate them to
    the back burner… But once Days began to diminish the on screen time of
    it’s gay characters then the exodus of fans began.. Add the lousy
    writing into the mix the past few years and getting rid of fan favorites
    and it’s no wonder why Days of Our Lives has lost so many viewers..

  • BoomBoomBoomerang!

    Show runners are afraid of offending viewers by doing stories that stretch the imagination and enlighten… so the soaps are stuck in a bygone era. As things stand, the remaining soaps will never evolve beyond where they are right now and will not survive. The shows may not be changing, but something is: Soap viewers are leaving them behind. Lots of soaps to view online now, shows that go beyond the ‘vicious circle’ of a half dozen are so soap staples for SLs. They did baby switch SLs to death and now that got nothin’! The answer is right in front of them, but it’s the consequences that they worry about! Soap fans are also somewhat to blame: Some soap runners (Days before Griffley destruction) tried giving everyone something to chew on, but some fans wanted the whole meal for themselves so the replacement soap runners went scorched earth and burned Days almost into the history books! We have what we have now. We’ll get bites here and there but snack time is OVER!!! Will Horton was proof that soaps MUST change course or become extinct. BTW If Will comes back as ghost, Days can count me out forever as a returning viewer no matter who is writing the show. JMO

  • soaprealityfan

    These new big dips for DAYS are hugely catastrophic. Household ratings for the week now below even 1.5 for the first time ever. Three out of five days have numbers in the 1.4 range. Total viewers at an all-time low, and it beat that record by more than 100,000 viewers to boot – not at all a subtle drop. Less than 2 million registered viewers for the week. Demos for 18-34 female falling to only 60,000 for the entire country. As they say, and it really fits here, read it and WEEP!

  • Alex

    Kill Sonny! I’m so sick of Sonny always getting the best of everybody in Port Charles. He’s a mobster!!! Ava isn’t much better either, but both of them should be treated the same way. Both Sonny and Ava have done heinous things. He is treated like a god on that show and she’s treated like trash. It makes no sense.

  • Dan O’Malley

    Soaps are dying. There’ll never be another soap who can boast longevity such as GL, for instance. Not in these times with low viewership and predictable writing.

    • Joey Morin Brophey

      It’s not really “low viewership”. It’s a severely scattered viewership. I think the biggest mistake looking back for the current batch and sadly, the ones that went before these ones, is the utter LOSS of name recognition. I’m 48. I just started streaming about 1 1/2 ago with my husbands help! I grew up on soaps and adored them. The thought of watching All My Children on Hulu made me sick because it was something totally new and not easy for me personally. Also, the technology has some hiccups. However, Netfilx has me ADDICTED. It’s some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. One could only imagine an updated Another World. reformatted, produced freshly with studio/location hybrids, new, young, hip, and fresh writers, available 4 days a week when I felt like seeing them? Hell, even if only for half the year etc. However, 2 years ago, I couldn’t have fathomed something like this. People my age an younger could have gotten this. By keeping these remaining shows on the networks, it sadly has only reinforced the idea to younger viewers that they are outdated, badly produced, crap. And, from what I’ve seen as a lifelong soap viewer, that assessment wouldn’t be that far off. It could have been so much easier to make the transition with name recognition of All My Children, General Hospital etc. but I’m afraid when Prospect Park tried it, they were JUST A TAD ahead of their time. I think we will have to start all over with new titles, etc. and recreate with brand new people behind the scenes. Best hope? Get our big stars…the few that are left, out of their current nightmares and into something HOT, NEW, AND FRESH, while hoping to bring their fans from their current jobs with them. Network TV is dead. Hell, after enjoying Netfilx as I have, I’m even saddened that the Will and Grace reboot is on NBC and not on Netfilx. The format is just so much better and also, it’s where the bulk of todays youthful audience is at watching on their computers, phones, TV’s, pads, on planes, cars, etc. It certainly is the the new age. Sadly, the owners of these current soaps ran them into the ground instead of saying no to the networks. They should have said no, we won’t produce crap. No, we won’t have sets consisting of fake trees, no we won’t hire “talent” that can’t act because they are cheap. We’d rather save the quality of the Name of the soap for future use when this day of new formats finally finds its groove and settles down a bit.

  • Days4eva

    It is being reported that Michael Easton of GH might be joining the cast of Days once again. Easten played the role of Tanner Scofield from 1991-1992 on Days. I know he is very popular Daytime actor and this is a smart move from Ron if it is true.

    • scott16475

      Good! He’s a good actor but his current character isn’t doing anything for GH so I’d be glad to rid the show of the character. I don’t watch Days nor will I but I home ME does well.

  • cab

    Viewership is down across all of television. Wonder if the networks are kicking themselves now by going digital. Some satelite providers are making hard for the networks to offter themselves to the provider; ie asking for more money to braodcast them. Like what happened with Direct Satelite and other satelite providers. NBC has been dropped as well as ABC. I do not know if they are available again to their customers, but that is the price we pay for progress.
    May sweeps has been horrible for all remaining soaps. Interuptions can not be the only reason for their drop as that only makes viewers want to see the show even more the next day.
    What NBC finally realized that it has to promote Days every way possible, like CBS does for its’ soaps on its programs. Having some charaters from Days show up on Great News, is a start. Even ET Tonight which is CBS entertainment owned, promotes CBS soaps. Promotion and support from the networks will help the remaining soaps.

    • NeronWillRise

      I’d like to know what you meant by TV networks kicking themselves for going digital? They didn’t have a choice.

  • Dianne

    Life is always divided into things you can control and things you can’t.
    For the remaining soaps, there are a few things they can’t control – i.e. scattered viewership, but what they can control is the writing. All the outside factors, do not excuse Bell’s horrendous writing on BB. Bell’s staples – stories done just for the shock value and repetitive storylines, it looks like his luck has run out.

  • TruthSquad

    This week was stellar for Y&R story-wise. No complaints for the last 8 episodes or so, Keep it up.

  • -sHaNnOn-

    Not so long ago, DAYS was in crisis mode and brought back Kristen (E. Davidson). She saved the show and gave it the “shot in the arm it needed”, per Ken Corday. IDK why, but Corday cannot maintain it for s#&! Once DAYS gets it right. D. Higley should’ve never been invited back! I cannot watch it right now, it’s terrible. I’m going to resume once Morgan Fairchild debuts as Angelica. (Has anyone else heard the rumor of her being Ava’s mother?). Ron C. Has his work cut out for him that’s for sure. 1.5 is critical ratings results. Once GL, ATWT etc. Hit there it was only down hill. IMO Corday should’ve slashed much of the old writers material and had Ron’s begin ASAP. I’m excited because I know 2 things:. 1- DAYS has a deep history filled with material/characters to pull from. 2. I saw how Ron handled OLTL and it was a shame it was canceled. I also saw how he saved GH. So, I do have hope for DAYS, but I don’t have much patience, and I’d be willing to bet that’s how NBC is feeling. If they get it right, Corday will have to maintain it or it’s gone, for sure.