Ratings: DAYS Up For The Week

Ratings Report for the Week of November 28 – December 2, 2016

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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,677,000 (-78,000/-44,000)
2. B&B 3,776,000 (-33,000/+196,000)
3. GH 2,671,000 (-95,000/-145,000)
4. DAYS 2,303,000 (+2,000/-161,000)

1. Y&R 3.39/11 (+.01/+.06)
2. B&B 2.76/9 (+.02/+.23)
3. GH 2.02/7 (same/-.07)
4. DAYS 1.75/6 (+.03/-.08)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 592,000 (-11,000/-141,000)
2. B&B 483,000 (-18,000/-75,000)
3. GH 479,000 (+1,000/-49,000)
4. DAYS 430,000 (+22,000/-22,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.92/7 (-.01/-.23) —— ties low (9th straight week) *
2. B&B 0.75/6 (-.03/-.12)
3. GH 0.74/6 (same/-.09)
4. DAYS 0.67/5 (+.04/-.04)

* Rounded to 0.9

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 143,000 (same/-94,000)
2. GH 122,000 (-11,000/-45,000)
3. B&B 115,000 (-1,000/-44,000)
4. DAYS 86,000 (-1,000/-32,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.41 (same/-.29)
2. GH 0.35 (-.03/-.14)
3. B&B 0.33 (-.01/-.14) <—— ties low (3rd straight week) *
4. DAYS 0.25 (same/-.1)

* Rounded to 0.3

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 885,000 (-11,000/-124,000)
2. B&B 722,000 (-21,000/-110,000)
3. GH 667,000 (+16,000/-61,000)
4. DAYS 554,000 (+17,000/-46,000)

Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.45 (-.02/-.22)
2. B&B 1.18 (-.04/-.2)
3. GH 1.09 (+.02/-.12)
4. DAYS 0.91 (+.03/-.09)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.77/3,794,000
Tuesday: 2.82/3,927,000
Wednesday: 2.91/4,002,000
Thursday: 2.67/3,635,000
Friday: 2.62/3,523,000

Monday: 1.90/2,530,000
Tuesday: 1.75/2,318,000
Wednesday: 1.72/2,295,000
Thursday: 1.76/2,307,000
Friday: 1.60/2,066,000

Monday: 2.07/2,858,000
Tuesday: 2.12/2,814,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,561,000
Thursday: 1.98/2,586,000
Friday: 1.95/2,538,000

Monday: 3.35/4,618,000
Tuesday: 3.45/4,843,000
Wednesday: 3.63/5,033,000
Thursday: 3.38/4,569,000
Friday: 3.17/4,322,000

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  • charlie bracken

    Nice too see Y&R actually gaining Viewers again, That was the final week of Pratt’s stuff. Not surprised by the 18-49’s they have a lot work to do in that area but all and all Good week for the show. I’ll be interested too see how they far Next week with that being when Sally and Kay started, the past 3 days the show has turned a huge corner.

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Did you sniff too much pinesol at the nursing home today? Mal’s version of Y&R is not gaining viewers. They keep losing viewers, especially in the important categories. Way down from a year ago.

      • charlie bracken

        Here we go again It’s getting Unnerving trying to Make you listen to reason but you still are on your “let’s Blame Young” rampage week after week. Need I remind you That this was Pratt’s last stand and he was still credited as the Ep/HW and also these are NOT Young’s Numbers as you so “proclaim” these are still Pratt’s Why you ask I will say it again he is The (or was the writer of the show) His stories bring in the Viewers, Not Young.But with your “logic” it’s always Young this and Young that, when are you going to stop Beating the man up huh? Have you not watched the show at all, The show from 2 years ago is gone.IT has turned a Huge corner as far as Direction goes and the way it’s being written.

        • FoxyRoxyy

          Mal is the Executive Producer. He’s in charge of the entire show, including the writing. Viewership is down under his influence. Fact.

          • charlie bracken

            I know young is the EP and Yes he is in charge of the whole show But as far as the writing goes and I have also said this repeatedly as well and your still not hearing me. Young can Only make suggestions and give his ideas to who ever is the writing the show, If the person or Persons like what he has to offer then they run with it if not that’s fine. It’s the writing that pulls in the Viewer not the Ep, he is in charge of The budget, actors, production and yes the writing But as far as that side goes (the writing) he can’t rewrite anything that is on the page or he will be fired.

          • FoxyRoxyy

            Mal sits in story meetings – which happen before anything is written. He does not do rewrites. His numbers are all down from a year ago.

          • Triumph The Insult Soap Dog

            Mal was not the sole EP he shared it with Charles.

          • JayTN

            Don’t feed the trolls. Blocking them is much easier.

          • charlie bracken

            Idid block her

          • jesse

            Good.Sally/Kay/Mal will make a great team,no need for trolls and their negative comments.

          • charlie bracken

            They have made a great team, the past few days have been outstanding

          • jonboy

            With the exception of idiotic GC Buzz.

          • jonboy

            Not so sure how accurate that all is. One would think if youre the head honcho everything is under your umbrella.

        • richie

          Charlie, dedicated Y&R viewers like you & me (30+plus years) will notice the changes for the better or worse as we see them. I saw a change from the start, for the better, with the new writing & production team intact, as I mentioned in an earlier post. The above poster, knows they can antagonize you & I believe that is the trolls intent. I know it’s hard to do, but try to ignore it. The past 3 days, have really been amazingly well written & paced, considering what Sally & Kay have to undo. Kudos to them!

          • charlie bracken

            I know It’s been like watching Bill being risen from the dead,I keep pitching myself like is this happening? (almost 15 for me 2003-present) I haven’t Been this excited about the show in forever, Sally and Kay have done wonders with what they walked into.

          • jonboy

            Yes, seriously, what do you care what someone else thinks? Long as you are enjoying it, thats all that matters.

  • loveUall

    Days is improving each week! The writing and story lines have been good lately. Make Days Great Again!

  • missmeka1987

    Days fan over here 🙂 RIP JOE 🙁

  • Derrick

    Sally M’s writing has started and we’ll see if people came back………….Her writing this week has been refreshing! DAYS is getting better!

    Found out Joe Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) has passed away! RIP 🙁 🙁

    • charlie bracken

      I know right, i Keep pitching myself saying where were these two ladies two years ago when we need them, they have taken what was the JFP/Pratt hour and have Turned it into the Bill bell is Back from the dead hour.The feel of show has been wonderful, the direction is getting there but it’s going to take time.

  • Lemons-Lymes-N-Lies 🍋💉😷

    Go head Days. I think the show is getting better by the week. It’s back to the Days I enjoyed before Josh Griffith and Beth Milstein went all dark and lost their minds most the year. My only request with the show is add morr romance to the show. This is love in the afternoon after all.

  • Alex

    I am overjoyed with Sally and Kay’s work on Y&R so far. It’s like they flipped a switch and the show went back to the classic Y&R that I grew up with. Gonna take some time to sort out what’s left of Pratt’s storylines, but I’m excited for the future. It’ll be interesting to see next week’s numbers and how many tuned in to the new writers.

    • charlie bracken

      Exactly, I loved the past 3 days the whole feel of show has changed. It’s like the past 2 years never happened and we are going back to when Bill was still with us.

    • jonboy

      At times the cuts from scene to scene have appeared awkward. Anyone else notice this?

  • Diuran

    I’m starting to enjoy Y&R again and glad that Sally and Kay were brought back to the sow while Days is still very painful, boring and awful to watch.

    • cab

      Your opinion means nothing to me. I find Y&R boring and uncomfortable. Usually they have scenes with just 2 characters talking, and then the close ups, EWW.

      • jonboy

        I love two character, close up scenes!

  • David

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Joe Mascolo. He was one of the main reasons I would turn into Days. I know he had been sick which lead to his departure but very sad. One of the best villains on daytime. RIP!

    • stanelo

      Thanks for posting. Remarkable how sad i feel. I was a lot younger when Tom and then Alice (the actors) passed away and it didn’t really phase me as much as Joe’s passing. I am happy Days is still on the air. It has been 30 years for me of watching and I hope it will be 30 more.

    • lanyfors

      had noticed a good while back that he had started reading his lines
      more (to me it was noticeable) so I researched and found out that he
      had Alzheimers and it broke my heart. He was a great actor that I grew
      up hating but that just proved that he was great at his job. He will be
      greatly missed…..the one and only Stefano DeMera!! Rip Joseph

  • Happy Accidents

    It’s normal these days for Days to get more viewers after a break, and then lose them swiftly. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and then people remember what it is like!). It’s happened this week: Days get a peak on Monday (2.5) and by Friday all their extra viewers have hemorrhaged away, and they’re back to a measly 2.0!

    Both B&B and Y&R gained viewers Mon-Wed, whereas Days lost viewers Mon-Wed, so it’s definitely a Days thing.

    • MrsClauze

      You’re always such a downer..Geesh! Turn the television off or change the channel if you do not like Days! You sound redundant week after week. Take a walk my friend, enjoy the holidays, do things that bring you some joy.

      • Happy Accidents

        Stats are fun! 🙂

      • Happy Accidents

        Generally, week-by-week, I’ve pointed things out about the stats, and ADDED INFO about the stats, and SHARED GRAPHS of the stats (which enable folks to see the weekly reports in a bigger context, and to see for themselves what the data REALLY says). People’s reactions to the stats are their own reactions.

      • Happy Accidents

        It’s remarkable for a show to lose a FIFTH OF ITS VIEWERS in the course of a week!

    • Happy Accidents
    • averagefan

      I always enjoy your comments and stats. I am your average soap viewer that occasionally views this board. To me, when i look at the ratings they are just a bunch of numbers to me. But I like how you break things down and back up your comments with facts. They is room for everyone on this board and thanks for posting.

      • Happy Accidents

        Thank you very much for saying so! 🙂

    • cab

      Days has had gains in viewers for the last 4 weeks, some higher than others.

      • Happy Accidents

        It’s NOT TRUE that Day “had gains in viewers for the last 4 weeks”. NOT TRUE AT ALL!

        Just two weeks ago Days FELL across the board: in totals, households, share, and in each demo total!!

        Is there no escape from this POST-FACT insanity? It seems not!

        • cab

          And so did all the other soaps. What is your point?

          • Happy Accidents

            I am making no point here, just countering cab’s untrue statements.
            Which keep coming!
            To wit: GH went up across the board that same week (Nov 14-18) that cab says all the soaps went down.

  • Amie

    Y&R is doing good in total viewers now its Charles last week.Good bye Charles and Welcome home Sally and Kay Alden.

    • jonboy

      And dont come back!

  • diamme

    I watched Days all last week and this week and i liked it! I have not watched a whole week of Days in a while. I guess I am liking these changes. I hope Joe realized that what a big effect he had on daytime and how much he is loved and missed by many that grew older watching him through out the years.

  • I’m hoping for a big jump in ratings for gh this dec and jan!!!!

    • scott16475

      It won’t happen. The show is tired. They need new blood behind the scenes.

  • jesse

    Sally is off to a great start at Y&R.No need for plane crashes,characters like Marco,building’s caving in.Good dialogue with characters that fans have watched for many years.I hope they can get rid of GC buzz and Hilary in the near future.

    • Fox

      Unfortunately, Mal Young is a big fan of GC Buzz and talked about it in his latest interview in Soap Opera Digest. It sounds like he wants to feature it regularly. ugh.

      • charlie bracken

        the GC buzz isn’t that bad, I’m loving The small cat fights Between Hilary and Mariah! Loved Devon He really told off his wife even after she said she wanted to host and he was like “no your still fired”.

        • JBT

          I don’t like GC Buzz. It doesn’t make any sense. Is it a web show or a tv show? It’s very Procter and Gamble.

          • charlie bracken

            IA with you on that but this is probably the only thing we have from Pratt that we have left everything else is sally and Kay. Let’s see what happens they might get rid of it down the road, you never know.

          • JBT

            Good writing changes everything. If they could make it less silly and more realistic it would be great. Just feels like its for kids.

          • charlie bracken

            IA i think they will , i mean it’s only been a few days give it time. WE had 2 years of Bad writing and Sally and Kay still have some work to do

          • JBT

            overall. so far so good.

          • charlie bracken

            Right everything is coming together slowly which is good, you don’t it too be too fast.

          • robert

            it’s stupid

          • JBT

            Its like WOAK in oakdale. Tv shows within tv shows should be avoided. Especially daytime.

    • jonboy

      I say a murder mystery, with Hilary as the victim. Fun villainesses are ok, but shes not even the type you love to hate. Should have expired in the stupid plane crash.

      • jesse

        Don’t know what the EP/HW see in this awful character.Agree Hilary definitely should have died in the plane crash.Jill and Katherine had classic fights,this stuff with Hilary and Mariah is a joke.

  • Paul

    Days is still doing badly but this week is all about Joe’s passing a very sad day for the show he was the greatest lets all think about him this week he was a legend.

  • Secret Squirrel

    Jack making Ashley feel like she’s not a full Abbott. Great scene and something we only get from Sally and Kay. Very encouraging start!

    • Fox

      Actually, the last writer raised the issue of Ashley’s paternity ca. 2015. Ashley was telling Jack that she didn’t think the Abbott Family had any secrets that Victor could exploit or use against them, and Jack reminded her of that one. As I recall, it was similar in tone.

    • charlie bracken

      IA it was nice too see the history actually being used, I also loved the Billy and Jack fight that was spooky to watch In a good way. Sally and Kay have really Made some great changes but there is still work to be done.

    • JBT

      I watched Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I think Sally and Kay are getting back to building the relationships between the charactrers so we can once again care about them. Great start. Loving the Lauren story also. Wow.

      • charlie bracken

        I’m also loving the Lauren story Myself, interesting start for Sally and Kay.

    • jonboy

      Theres been several emotional moments since SS came back aboard, something this show has been lacking for years. The actress playing Mariah is so good!

  • Salem Spectator

    I can’t be happy with DOOL’s gains because we lost Joseph Mascolo. He was so much fun and I will miss him.

    I’m requesting no replies to me pertaining to ratings in this week’s thread. I don’t care if DOOL went up or down 2 million. Life is worth so much more.

    • JBT

      RIP Joseph Mascolo. He will be missed by many.

      • sammydays

        I really thought we’d have him for so much longer with his great genes — his father died @ 106! And his mother was 100.

        • JBT

          He left a unique lasting impression on his fans. Though he died too young he was struggling lately.

      • thomasss

        One of the most memorable characters in daytime history played by an
        exceptionally talented actor. My late boyfriend loved him — he really
        was the bad guy you loved to hat. Condolences to his family and
        friends. He will be missed.

        • JBT

          My partner is also a big fan. I think he was great also.

      • pepper

        RIP The Phoenix!! May you rest in peace! Your many years on Days of our
        Lives has brought me so me years of fun and enjoyment watching the
        antics and wicked deeds and seeing what he would do next to protect he
        family or “empire”.

    • teresa35

      Stefano was a very interesting lead character on “Days of our Lives.”The
      show will clearly be left with a huge emptiness that no other person
      can fill. There was always something interesting going on while he was
      around.R.I.P. Joseph Mascolo,and prayers to the family as he will
      surely be missed.He was one of a kind!

    • peteruv

      Arguably the greatest single daytime soaps character of all-time was
      Stefano. Mr Mascolo you were the best. Incredible actor he was, he was
      the reason so many people watched Days of Our Lives including myself.
      The only reason why they killed him off was because he just couldn’t do
      it anymore, he had Alzheimer’s and was in wheelchair. Great run he had,
      rip Joseph.

      • Fakersrule

        I wish they had let Stefano leave in a more dignified manner. Having his corpse thrown in a trash bag and kicked by the “heroes” symbolizes everything wrong with the show under Josh and Dena. Stefano deserved an epic ending, even if Mr. Mascolo was not at his best. I will always have fond memories of the character.

        • truth

          And what would be an ‘epic ending’ ?? Stephano who manipulated an ‘heroine’ to kill him because he did not want going through an awful disease totally fit his character..

        • HopeIsInnocent

          We do not know if Hope really shot him or it was someone else doings or his own and who knows if Stefano is really dead on the show.

    • hankster

      A hero is only as good as his villain and Joseph Mascolo was the best
      villain on Days. RIP Joseph, you were one of the greats.

      • danor

        Mascolo was genius with what the writers threw at him – endearing,
        ruthless, evil, and just damn hard to not watch. You actually enjoyed watching him toy with the “heroes” on the

    • debrawell

      I’ve watched “Days” since its inception, through the good and bad,
      interesting and boring, but Joseph Mascolo’s Stefano was always a
      shining light in any storyline he was part of. Amazingly, he was able to
      capture the human side of an otherwise thoroughly despicable character
      and turn the classy and classical villain into the one everyone tuned in
      to see. I am not surprised he has passed, having had the thought Friday
      as I watched the show (and hoping to be wrong), but that doesn’t lessen
      the sense of loss. As with so many of us, I’ll somehow still be waiting
      for the rebirth of the Phoenix. I can only hope that, despite the
      inevitable ravages of Alzheimer’s, he understood that the fans felt
      enriched by the quality of what he gave to all his roles. Having passed
      the “Days” legacy to my own children, I can speak for all of us when I
      say that I hope you know how much we cared and how much we will continue
      to miss you. Blessings.

    • JoennM

      How fitting that i read this while watching this weeks episodes. Im sad to hear it. Great actor…iconic character. Rest in peace

    • oldfriend

      have memories of four generations of women sitting around watching days
      and fussing over Stefano, I loved the way his character was! You loved
      to hate him and hey he had some pretty funny lines ! Every town needs a
      meanie and he was great for Salem. …he’ll be missed

  • diego

    RIP Joe you made Stefano evil and I love it!!!

    • JenJ

      Awww, I’m so sorry to hear this. Haven’t watched DAYS in years, but one
      can never forget the great Stephano DiMera. What a great actor Joe
      Mascola was. R.I.P. Joe

    • MbHD

      From one Phoenix to another… Always brought such a gleeful twinkle to villainy.

    • tanyamre

      Next to Asa from One Life to Live, Stefano was one of the best daytime bad guys. RIP Joseph Mascolo.

  • JBT

    Did anyone see BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Friday? That was a very high impact ending.

    • AvalancheDog

      It’s a Quinn fantasy clearly. If situation hasn’t been ‘beat to death’ (haha) with repetitive dialogue for days or weeks, not happening. Plus B&B doesn’t do murders and the last death was a major disaster- Aly.

      • JBT

        I never thought I would say it but let’s hope it is a fantasy. I would hate to see Quinn lose it this early.

  • Andrew Hass

    A gain is a gain and it might be good that Dats was the only soap to go up in total viewers.Plus even though Days went down in the 18-32 demo they only lost a 1,000 viewers which is not that bad.

    • kateby

      Yes and one should note that the numbers are being compared to last years are during the Salem Strangler Story line which bought in many viewers whether they hated it or loved it.

  • sherriw

    Been a Days fan for 30+years… Joseph was always one of my favorite cast members. Salem will no longer be the same. Stefano will live on in all of the future DiMera men. Long live “The Phoenix”!

    • miah

      While other moms had their kids watching Barney, mine watched Days with me. I’ll
      never forget when my then 4year old daughter told her teacher that her
      daddy was Stefano Dimira. The teacher responded that she wasn’t
      surprised and asked me if the lab results had been switched LOL. Rest In Peace Joe Mascolo.

    • memories

      my grandmother and mother generally practiced very good parenting …
      I’ve been watching DOOL with them since I was 5 … I will miss you
      Stefano, my grandmother would love to meet you up there.

  • blandins

    I could never get enough of Stefano. He captured my attention immediately when I started watching Days in 1995. Joe turned what could have been an over-the-top, cartoon villain into a multi-layered character whose love for his family came through, even during his worst misdeeds.Joseph was one of Days’ biggest assets for decades and will forever be a part of its fabric and history. The show was never the same without him. I’m deeply saddened to hear of his passing and to know that we’ll never be able to see him on-screen again, even briefly. Thanks for the memories, RIP.

    • Christen91

      I can’t believe it, he reminds me so much of high school, when we used
      to ditch school and go to a friend’s house, that’s where I first watched
      Days of Our Lives, it was during the time when Marlena was possessed
      and he was such a good villain as Stefano DiMera. R.I.P. Joseph Mascolo.

    • truth

      I enjoyed Stephano Dimera more than once (above all because the actor had charisma and seemed to have fun in his scenes) but he was not multi-layered..and while he loved his children… a twisted way..he did not treat them well at all..except maybe the last one : Chad.

  • Fakersrule

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Mascolo. Stefano was an iconic character. I do wish the show had sent the character out with a more dignified story. Still, the memories of his character will live on.

    • hmartin

      Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives. Rest in peace, Joe.

    • MaureenM

      Last year we lost Mr. David Canary and today I read that Mr. Joseph Mascolo has died. So many fond memories I have watching these villain actors on tv, May You Both Rest In Peace In Paradise.

    • parkars

      cannot compare. Isn’t it
      about time for EJ and Kristen to miraculously return? Thanks for lots of
      great acting Joe. You were dastardly good.

      • lulu

        Leave Ej the freak alone for pete’s sake !! Dena Higley bad writing doesn’t need to taint again his character, he is better offscreen with Sami and their children..far far far away from Days awful writing. ps: Ej is not Stefano jr, thank you very much, you have Andre or Chad (if they want to give him a personality) for that !

        • franli

          I read James Scott was fond of Dena Higley. I think he is on some cable show now..

          • lulu

            Euh NO he was never fond of Dena Higley..never..and who would be, to be honest ? This hack write TRASH and always tried to destroy his character as much as she could, in favor of her pets (Rafe and Nicole’s characters for a lonnnnnng time). You ‘heard’ total bs.

    • realisticfan

      My memory of him will forever be in the Elvis costume in his seduction of Susan. To each his own i guess. You have the right to your opinion but i tend to separate make believe (scripted television) from real life. The show must go on. He was a great actor and a very popular daytime villain.

    • galejin

      There was only so much they could do with an 87 ill actor! You could tell he was reading his lines in the end and could hardly sit or stand. I am sure safety and fear of law suits (insurance issues) played a big role in the end of that role for this actor. Perhaps you meant a week of him lying in bed at a hospital with his eyes closed surrounded by doctors, Andre, chad and theo (the few that would care). I am sure they used a stand in when they dragged his body and dumped him under some garbage. My whole point is that you either have the actor being wheeled around like a vegetable every three months or hire a new actor and say Stefano implanted his brains in a younger body. Hope shot him, lights out for Stefano (until maybe we find out it was a body double and he comes back looking 30 yrs younger because a face transplant).

      • jonboy

        Quite cynical.

      • Fakersrule

        No, what I mean is that they didn’t have to desecrate the characters corpse onscreen. Stefano should have gone out as the powerful villain he was and with dignity, not having the so-called “heroes” murder him and throw him out with the trash.

  • soapunity

    I think some of the slight increases and steady ratings for Days are due to better story lines and good casting choices. Marci Miller’s portrayal of Abigail has been a success and may have drawn in viewers. However, Miller’s portrayal and overall persona reminds me of a lesbian and I think the show would be wise to take that route with the character of Abigail. This is my opinion. Before I get “booed” on this site, I would like to say that I have known some people who have fallen in love with someone of the same sex despite never been gay or labeled themselves as such after. I have known open minded woman in particular who fell in love with a person of the same sex and had a relationship where as for the men it was the result of finding instant sexual satisfaction and a friend. Also many “straight” young people nowadays do not care about labels and also find them selves attracted to trans people. They can always find a female to male trans person as a perfect fit for Abigail which would be remarkable for days and would bring it back to the spot light.

  • JayTN

    Unless the ratings for “Days” are good enough to automatically trigger a one-year extension of NBC’s renewal with Sony (I would find it hard to believe that they would be), we are only about six weeks away from renewal talks starting. “Days” needs to get its ratings up so that Sony has a stronger hand to play when going against NBC.

  • Harvey

    Let’s not forget Days hit an all-time low just 5 months ago: 2,045,000 viewers the week of July 4-8. That means a growth of 258,000 viewers or 13% between then and now.

    • cab

      Thank you.

  • soapbunch

    I was so sad when we lost Florence Henderson in November and now Joseph Mascolo this month. Bill Hayes (Doug) is 91, Peggy McCay (Caroline) is 89 and
    John Aniston (Victor) is 83. Good for Days for keeping these senior
    actors employed. We should all be so lucky to be working at those
    ages. Sometimes all these commenters that would like to see Days end
    forget that many people in front of the camera and behind the scenes
    will lose their jobs. If Days is cancelled, only a handful will stay in
    the acting world. Yes, we might see a few trying to sell a beauty
    cream or depends diapers but the majority will be forgot until they
    leave this earth and we read about them in a some small article at the
    end of a newspaper. By then, most will be a distant memory for us soap
    fans if Days is cancelled.

    • jonboy

      Hayes is 91???!!! How old is the wife?

      • memlu

        Susan Seaforth Hayes who plays Julie is 73. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) is also 73. Most of these actors look younger nowadays because of advance laser technology and fillers. You also have those which resort to plastic surgery which has been around longer. I wish i could afford all of the above.

        • jonboy

          Well Bill must have had a great life, especially with a much younger woman! Never watched Days but I liked her as Lauren’s mother on YnR.

    • tictock

      We all kind of new why Andre was bought back to life and with some of these current actors it all makes sense as to why they introduced Deimos Kiriakis. Deimos is the new Victor. Brady and Philip are too young and don’t fill the characteristics to take over the Victor persona one day. Kayla, Kim, Jenn and Hope can always one day take on the Carolyn and Julie older mom/grandma role.

    • truth

      And we should watch the crap onscreen in order to keep these people doesn’t work like least in the entertainment industry where the audience has to be you know…ENTERTAINED otherwise it is game over..I have much more sympathy for people who don’t have any job or even any house left in the rust belt !! These are people who need help and who need their job in order to live and stay alive. Many of these soap actors don’t need to work anymore with their comfortable paychecks and the crew can be hired in other type of shows.

      • scelestecali

        Yes it is so sad how these people in the rust belt live. I mean it is 2016, they need better education to get better jobs. You cannot expect to get by anymore by working in some factory or coal mine for a life time. I see them on television, my husband calls it them Hoarder porn. Maybe ratings for soaps are low because they cant afford cable.

        • donnaka

          They have some good reality shows in which they show lots of people living from the northeastern and midwestern US. Shows include: Hoarders, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, Toddlers & Tiaras, My 600 lb life, Intervention, Deadly Woman, Nightmare Next Door, Who the (Bleep), Unusual Suspects, Sister Wives, Breaking Amish, Extreme Couponing..etc. I am sure soaps get some ideas from some of these shows..they are such a great bunch of people to watch.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Well aren’t the gay fans the most precious thing ever. Except, gay men aren’t soaps target audience.

    • cab

      We are precious, and advertisers should realize that most of us have higher earnings and the potential to buy their products.

      • jonboy

        The whole system is outdated.

    • rainbowcrews

      Get a grip, get a life and get over it! Now sashay away if you do not like it because we are here to stay!

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Well aren’t you just a little precious.

        • jonboy

          Now girls, fight nice.

  • cab

    My heart broke today when I learned that Joe Mascolo died. He was a formable actor. Everyone soap opera fan knows his name and character. God bless you and your family.
    Days the only soap to gain this week, no matter how small means big news. Numbers should hold steady and given the low numbers they had for January 2016, they should see increases from last year. NBC and Sony, please give the fans at least one more year.

  • Dianne

    Late in posting here, but I was also saddened about Joe Mascolo.
    He also left his mark on BB as Massimo Marone.
    A few months back when somebody posted he had Alzheimer’s, I researched him and was shocked to learn he was 87. I shouldn’t have been shocked, the age did make sense, it just that it was hard to think of Stefano/Massimo as 87. So not to sound morbid, from that point on I was expecting this news. I was more shocked when David Canary died, since he was a decade younger and I wasn’t aware of any health issues.

    • roofies

      The Daytime community has truly lost a legend.

  • JJBond

    Just from being a new soap fan for over a year now, I can say that Soap fans have no loyalty to their shows. I Mostly watch GH, and yes at times the show gets boring, and then becomes great again, but the ratings will still stay down.. It’s time to stick to your shows. Before there all gone, and you people have nothing to complain about…

    • jonboy

      I’ve always wondered about that. If its your show you watch it faithfully, I would think. If so, why the fluctuation? Not to say I havent been guilty of taking a long sabbatical when the show has really pissed me off, but never this week to week thing.

    • truth

      Not hard, people will watch something else; right now tv fiction is evolving..soon we will only watch tv shows on platform like netflix and/or online and with one way : binge watching. C’est la vie.

  • JJBond


  • sadnews

    Alan Thicke (best known for his role as Jason Seaver, the father on the ABC television series Growing Pains, which ran for 7 seasons) passed away yesterday at the age of 69 of a heart attack. Allan was the former spouse of Gloria Loring (known for playing Liz Chandler on Days of Our Lives for five years). Alan and Gloria are the parents of Brennan Thicke and Robin Thicke (American singer, songwriter and record producer). RIP Alan.

    • truth

      yep so sad and nowadays 69 is still young…RIP Alan.

      • frandin

        It was nice that they both had an opportunity to be in the spotlight (tv) before they passed away. We should all be so lucky to live and work at 87 as in Mascolos’s case! Now I know how my mom felt when Michael Landon died and I could care less. I grew up watching these Joe an Alan and it effects me more now. Even when MJ and Whitney died my younger children said “who cares” and i was in tears. lol

    • solong

      Stefano was the BEST villain EVER on Days. We love you, Joseph Mascolo. Rest with the angels, television friend. Thanks for the memories Alan Thicke, loved watching Growing Pains reruns in my university days! You will be missed!

  • Kevin A.

    Work it Days!