Ratings: All Soaps Down in Total Viewers


Ratings Report for the Week of October 31 – November 4, 2016

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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,594,000 (-32,000/-265,000)
2. B&B 3,688,000 (-29,000/+168,000)
3. GH 2,638,000 (-3,000/-239,000)
4. DAYS 2,172,000 (-10,000/-549,000)

1. Y&R 3.36/12 (-.02/-.09)
2. B&B 2.71/9 (-.04/+.17)
3. GH 1.97/7 (-.03/-.2)
4. DAYS 1.62/6 (-.07/-.37)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 596,000 (+22,000/-197,000)
2. B&B 491,000 (-10,000/-57,000)
3. GH 450,000 (-2,000/-109,000)
4. DAYS 379,000 (+8,000/-176,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.92/7 (+.03/-.32) <—— ties low (5th straight week) *
2. B&B 0.76/6 (-.02/-.1)
3. GH 0.7/5 (same/-.18)
4. DAYS 0.59/5 (+.02/-.28)

* Rounded to 0.9

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 144,000 (+4,000/-113,000)
2. B&B 122,000 (+8,000/-38,000)
3. GH 113,000 (-4,000/-72,000)
4. DAYS 81,000 (+4,000/-95,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.42 (+.02/-.34)
2. B&B 0.35 (+.02/-.12)
3. GH 0.33 (-.01/-.21) <—— ties low (4th straight week) *
4. DAYS 0.23 (+.01/-.29) <—— ties low (3rd straight week) **

* Rounded to 0.3
** Rounded to 0.2

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 867,000 (+29,000/-242,000)
2. B&B 723,000 (-1,000/-137,000)
3. GH 620,000 (-24,000/-123,000)
4. DAYS 495,000 (-10,000/-218,000)

Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.42 (+.05/-.42)
2. B&B 1.19 (same/-.24)
3. GH 1.02 (-.04/-.21)
4. DAYS 0.81 (-.02/-.37)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.81/3,855,000
Tuesday: 2.77/3,799,000
Wednesday: 2.77/3,742,000
Thursday: 2.63/3,533,000
Friday: 2.59/3,512,000

Monday: 1.76/2,369,000
Tuesday: 1.61/2,075,000
Wednesday: 1.66/2,228,000
Thursday: 1.57/2,124,000
Friday: 1.52/2,066,000

Monday: 2.07/2,903,000
Tuesday: 2.09/2,803,000
Wednesday: 1.93/2,605,000
Thursday: 1.89/2,458,000
Friday: 1.85/2,419,000

Monday: 3.43/4,699,000
Tuesday: 3.38/4,619,000
Wednesday: 3.40/4,612,000
Thursday: 3.27/4,530,000
Friday: 3.29/4,512,000

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  • Ghlover12

    From Monday to Tuesday, GH dropped each day

    • Triumph The Insult Soap Dog

      Get ready for Y&R under Sally Sussman Morina.

      • Salem Spectator

        If she tries to turn Y&R into “Generations” then she may be referred to as Sally Scissorwoman, cutting the show to pieces! Quite often, you can’t go home again.

        • Triumph The Insult Soap Dog

          She got her start at Y&R in the 80s working under Bill Bell. She helped to create the Abbott family, Lauren and many others before she left. She also was the story consultant at Y&R after she left Days until 2006. She has history with the show. So KNOWS Y&R. Bill Bell trained her well. The show is in good hands. And if she went for a more socially relevant Generations with full integration of the cast, she will be topped off with a lifetime achievement award.

          • Truth

            I read her new interview : Y&R is NOT in good hands.

          • robert

            i read the interview and was a little disappointed. i don’t like their not going to reveal Christian’s real father,after sitting through this storyline for over a year,we deserve a conclusion

          • MaximumUniverse

            Sadly, I have to agree with you. Her vision of Y&R is great if you are a 70+ year old woman. The show’s key-demos are crashing and frankly, SSM’s interview wasn’t reassuring one bit.

        • TV&MovieBuff

          Why in the world would turning Y&R into Generations get her referred to as your nickname. Y&R used to be similar to Generations as it was not perfectly balanced but it was the best of the big daytime shows to have a black family that was regularly featured and had big stories that often put them in contact with the other white families in Genoa City. Taking Y&R back to that would make many Y&R fans very happy including this one. I would love to see the multi-generations within the Winters family reemerge in Genoa City and the family given better storylines than they have given in recent years.

          • Salem Spectator

            I have no problem with the black characters. They add flavor. That’s why I’m enjoying DOOL even more. The problem I saw with Generations is that it lacked a flow of excitement instead of molasses.

  • Dave

    I don’t know what NBC can do with Days. Dena Higley is destroying it like most people expected her to. They didn’t get all the fans back that they lost in ratings last week. November sweeps for Days has been bad. They fired too many good actors. I know they are bringing some back but a lot of fans don’t care anymore. Days has played with them too many times and those fans are just saying ‘screw it’. If Days doesn’t get rid of Dena Higley and reverse everything that she and Josh Griffith did, I don’t expect Days to have a long future.

  • Amie

    Y&R Demos went up little bit but its getting good now the Christian is reveal.

    • charlie bracken

      They did But that reveal was just badly written IMO, I mean yeah Sharon told the truth and what have you But just the ending was not one of those wow moments you Usually Expect from a long drawn out story that has been going on for too long. I Knew it wouldn’t help the show gain any viewers, the writing has been Bad for the past few weeks.

  • Hedda Lettuce

    The storylines on Y & R are awful. GC BUZZ has to be the worst idea ever. Hopefully the new writers will scrap this crap.

    • Amie

      It will be over when next month gets here.Devon should’ve stop her.When are they getting divorce?I wish Hilary will stop this.

      • AvalancheDog

        GC Buzz is probably going to stay. Read the new Sussman interview

  • charlie bracken

    Days Is in trouble, KC is going to have to do something and fast. Those numbers are god awful, DH isn’t bringing in The viewers. I feel bad for Ryan, the poor guy is stuck with a Hack who only writes for her favorites. AS for Y&R I’m too surprised, I had a feeling the baby reveal wouldn’t help much the whole thing was Just Bad. Pratt once again writes a ending to suit his purpose for what to Make Sharon look like a complete idiot?

  • jesse

    Enjoying B&B during the sweeps.Ridge hates Quinn at the fashion show,something will happen between those two.GH loses 500,000 viewers in the week.I’m a fan of MW,MB,but what is the point of watching when Ava,Sonny,Julian always get away with their crimes.Finn with this illness boring.Tyler Christopher definitely is missed.Franco and Liz doesn’t work.

    • monzo

      I miss Tyler Christopher, too, but I hope Morgan remains dead for a long time. Don’t like the fact that Sonny seems to be innocent once again. Would have been more interesting if he was really responsible for his son’s death.

  • Carmel Smith

    GC buzz(Hilary/Mariah’s scenes)- the only thing I currently like on YR. 😪 I watch BB once a week. I have been watching Days, probably because I like the most characters on that show. I can’t say it’s good though…..

  • robert

    doesn’t look like baby reveal improved Y&R’s numbers,it was a poorly written storyline. as for Days yikes

  • Paul

    What is Days problem?

    Nov sweeps and they getting 1.5’s and 1.6’s i am very worried now that Days could actually be cancelled this January it will happen for real this time. Tell you why i never remember Days been in this state in Nov sweeps under 2.2 million viewers and not moving at all each week. Yes they had years that not done so well in the ratings but never as awful as this and we always big bump when it came to sweeps but those days are gone now. Days seem’s to have lost audience yes it still has its loyal fans but so many must of tuned out because every week we not seeing any gains at all well big ones that make a difference to the ratings.

    • trumpdays

      Do not give up! Hang in there! Do not let these low ratings/negative social media outlets get the best of you. Days need its dedicated fan base and Days is strong and resilient. Some people are not watching just because Dena is writing. We saw all the negative publicity on Trump and his supporters and they did not give up. Now he is President and many of the protesters are the ones acting like the “deplorables” that there own party accused Republicans of being! Anything is possible, do not lose hope.

    • diuran

      The deliberately kicked out some of its own viewers/fans by choosing to alienate them to the point of leaving the show. The show is paying for it in lost viewers and low ratings.

  • JBT

    I just read the interview with Sally Sussman. Her pledge that we will see a difference on day 1 of her writing has me thinking that Christmas is coming early to Genoa City this year. December 7th. Save the date.

    • richie

      Just wondering, where was Sallys interview? I thought the exact same thing, early Christmas in GC. I know Tracy & Gloria are returning which is a good thing.

      • JBT

        Hi Richie,SON doesn’t allow links but I read it at tvinsider dated Nov.11th. Just google her and tvinsider.

        • richie

          Will do, Thank you.

  • Salem Spectator

    Horrible numbers for soaps in general, especially considering it’s the first full week of Sweeps. Still loving DOOL. Maybe the nice weather is killing the soaps.

    • robert

      the warm fall may have affected the soaps. i remember this time last year some parts of the country was having snowstorms

    • vivien

      I was very excited to learn that DAYS is bringing Greg Vaughan (Eric) back for Nicole because Nicole&Deimos weren’t working out. Jeesh, ya think?

      • Salem Spectator

        I was shocked (and happy) to hear he’s back long term! They said he would have to have a little time off here and there for ‘Queen Sugar.’

        • vivien

          LOL, who’s that? (or do I not want to know?)

  • Pete Ra

    Days is getting real close to getting under the 2 million viewer mark. 🙁

  • Andrew Hass

    Even though 4 soaps dropped in total viewers from the previous week the drops weren’t that bad and some of the soaps went up in the key demos.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Mal Young continues to lose viewers. This is a sweeps month and viewers are WAY down in the demos. Budget cuts coming soon.

    • charlie bracken

      Again Putting the blame on Mal, Honestly Give the Man a BREAK for God sake. I knew the Baby reveal wouldn’t give the show a Huge boost, the story was Poorly written. I mean Pratt wrote these God awful Stories, The NUMBERS Have been this way for Months so I’m Not surprised. You can’t Expect Miracles In One fell swoop, Mal is doing his JOB trying his best to get those Fans to come back and watch even if the Stories are bad. IF CBS and SONY didn’t think he was Up for stirring the Ship (Known as Y&R) we would have someone else running it would be better or worse?

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Again, Mal is the Executive Producer. He is responsible for the writing as well as everything else. Mal has not improved Y&R at all!

        • charlie bracken

          Sorry But IMO he has “Improved Y&R” I mean good God what do you expect a Miracle to happen in a short amount of time, Mal Maybe responsible for the writing But there is also a limit of what he can and can not do, He may rewrite a few things but will it Make it better Or worse? Pratt made this “Mess” and He is now gone But Mal Gets raked over the coals for what Pratt left him with a badly written story that wasn’t any good at all Plus it wasn’t a ratings Booster either. Now we have Sally and Kay coming in next month, they have a a lot work ahead of them as does Mal.I think with these two ladies by his side he should be fine.

          • FoxyRoxyy

            Mal Young’s ratings are terrible.

          • charlie bracken

            Now it’s Mal’s “Ratings are terrible”! I see when In fact Pratt’s “ratings” have been this way for MONTHS, They haven’t had a Huge boost since Last December. I mean What In hell do you expect him to do, He is doing everything he can at the present time. His New writing Team (Sally and Kay) start December 7th and that is also when Sally will be His Co-Ep. But as of Right now He doesn’t have a writer to deal with everything we are seeing is still Pratt’s Handy work, even this Baby story is still His. Let me ask you this question, WHO would be your Pick for EP of the show since you dislike Mal so Much?!

          • ScottinPhilly

            I’m glad someone understands how the production structure works on the show. Good response!

          • FoxyRoxyy

            Mal is the Executive Producer. He is in charge of ALL aspects of the show, including the writing.

          • ScottinPhilly

            That is not correct. Previous EPs have actually been in trouble for re-wriitng HW stories. Just ask Ed Scott and Josh Griffin.

            CP: is still an EP in change of twriting and Mal Young in charge of production. Sony/CBS/MY can request changes to story from CP but can’t dictate it.

            The sky is not falling and likely Sony and CBS planned for a ratings dip this sweeps period. The show is saving a bunch of cash without JH and the new EP/HW combo is likely less expensive than JFP/CP.

          • charlie bracken

            Exactly!! JG and Ed were both caught with their hands in the cookie jar and look what happened to them. Mal can make suggestions to Sally but that’s It, she may like it or she may not.

          • ScottinPhilly

            Please see above. Mal is not writing the show.

    • Amie

      U need to shut up with your complaining.Mal is his job.New writers will be here next month.He is turning Y&R around now.Take a chili.It was Charles who is terrible writer.Just enjoyed the show.

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Exactly how is Mal turning Y&R around? The ratings are way down from last year during sweeps, which is very important.

      • charlie bracken

        Amen to that Amie I couldn’t have said that better myself !!

  • Joeonhold

    I remember when this used to be called the November Sweeps, it’s more like the November Sleeps.

    • ro

      not much had been happening. the soaps need to step it up

  • FoxyRoxyy

    With Mal Young at Y&R, the show is DOOMED! Terrible ratings, Mal!

    • charlie bracken

      “DOOMED”?! WHY is it “DOOMED”? HMM I mean good god you have something against Mal? The Man was Given a “MESS” and he is Doing his Best to clean It up, His new Writing Tan starts in a few weeks. Pratt Left him this “Mess” and he is being raked over the coals for what something that IMO is TOTALLY OUT of His control. I think the show Isn’t “DOOMED” It’s going to be fine, once all these stories are wraped up and we can start Fresh. Seriously if you dislike Mal so much who would you pick to be the EP of the show HMM?!

      • TV&MovieBuff

        I don’t know who that person would pick but since we are all wanting old school Y&R I would love to see someone like Edward Scott back. Y&R still has some great producers out there still working who lead it through its glory years who could still do the same today if Sony would give them the chance.

        • JBT

          I liked Edward Scott also.

        • charlie bracken

          If Sony had wanted Ed Scott Or any of the older Producers we would have seen a List of those people before JFP was let go But Sony and CBS gave it to Mal so he is in charge. I see nothing wrong with New blood stirring the ship, The fans have been wanting new blood to write their respected shows But the networks go back to those people who know the genre.

          • FoxyRoxyy

            You are very inconsistent Charlie. Mal’s in charge but he is not responsible for the ratings being so low? Makes no sense.

          • charlie bracken

            He maybe in charge But It’s the Writing that Pulls in the viewer Not Mal, he is only the production side Not the writing. Mal can only do so much with what he can and can’t do, I mean what more do you want out of this man Huh? you keep raking him over the coals week after week, The man Is doing his Best to stir the ship. If CBS and SONY were not happy With the way he was doing His Job he would have been Gone by now and we would have a NEW EP But we don’t Now do we. The writing is what brings in the viewers, Pratt’s stories thus far haven’t done that which is not surprising.

          • FoxyRoxyy

            Mal is in charge of the writing. As Executive Producer, Mal oversees ALL aspects of the show, including the writing.

          • charlie bracken

            Yes he does But remember when JG was the EP and he rewrote all of MAB’s scripts Hmm dare we forget he was Fired because of that. Mal Can’t just rewrite any of the stories even if he wanted to, he can Make suggestions and all that.But He can Only do what he can it comes to the writing, With Sally coming next month she will be the HW and she overseas the stories. Mal can offer any ideas he may have but will they Be put on screen who knows, as I said mentioned before If CBS and SONY didn’t think For one second He wasn’t fit ot be the EP of Y&R he would have Been shown the door after Pratt and we would have someone else stirring the ship.

          • FoxyRoxyy

            Charlie, you’re all over the place. Stirring the ship doesn’t even make sense.

          • charlie bracken

            I’m Not all over the place, I’m trying to get my Point across to you as what Mal can and can’t so when it comes to the writing.He can offer suggestions and ideas to sally and she may reject them or she may say okay let;s try it and see where it goes. He can’t rewrite any of the scripts or he will be Fired just JG was when he rewrote all of Maria’s stuff when he was Ep.

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Wendy Riche, Ed Scott or David Shaughnessy would all be better picks than what we’re seeing now. What are you going to say once Sally starts and ratings continue to drop?

        • charlie bracken

          Those are Good Choices But Wendy is doing the “Bay”, ED is on their Sister Soap B&B, Not sure about David. AS For Ratings when Sally Starts Who Knows, there is No Crystal Ball to predict what kind of Numbers The show will get once she starts. I mean Good God, I’m Not going to Judge a book by it’s cover for something that is IMO totally Stupid.

          • FoxyRoxyy

            You do enjoy cliche’s don’t you? The fact is that ratings under Mal have been terrible. He has not helped Y&R raise the ratings, which is so important to its future.

          • charlie bracken

            TO the “Future” How man times Must I say THESE are PRATT’s NUMBERS NOT MAL’S, I mean MY god You think the world is going to End because Y&R’s Numbers are a Bit Low at the moment. Seriously Have you NOT followed the show’s Numbers the past few months they have been like this since then, Mal can ONLY do so Much in getting the Numbers to were they where before JFP and PRATT came into the Picture, The Fans Have not been watching. WHY you may ask the Stories that’s why, This Baby thing has been Bad from the start to when it finally ended. What else do you want out of the Man, He has Two Bill Bell writers coming in to help him get the show back on track.But All I hear from you is Mal is to Blame for the show’s troubles well sorry to Say NO He isn’t, He got this “Mess” Back in July and has tried His Best . You can’t expect a Miracle to happen. These things take Time, it’s only been a few short months since Pratt was let go and Sally and Kay were announced to be his replacement.

        • ScottinPhilly

          The ratings won’t drop. SSM/KA have a good deal of good will built up and there’s been a ton of publicity about them being hired. So, initially ratings will go up and if the story is engaging, then they will grow into February sweeps.

    • Secret Squirrel

      Jill Farren Phelps is that you?

      • FoxyRoxyy

        lol I am NO fan of Jill FU Phelps. But, she did have higher ratings than Mal Young.

  • cab

    All of television is experiencing an erosion of viewership. Even the most popular primetime shows have lost viewership from the year before. The networks have got to take consideration for downloading, viewership on it’s apps and other things. The music industry has suffered the most. Advertisers are now using social media more than television to get their products out.
    Viewers complaining about the writing team at Y&R and blaming them for it loses are ridiculous. Soaps are what they are. I wish Days would have those kind of numbers, at least they would be safe for a long time.
    Days’ numbers were also higher last year due to it’s 50th and then crashed in January. Hopefully this years numbers will be higher compared to those.

    • Happy Accidents

      The severe collapse of DAYS viewers since the end of January has nothing to do with general trends – and everything to do with the show itself! They have LOST A FAR GREATER PERCENTAGE OF VIEWERS since January than any other soap!

      Actually the heights of January – which were blood-ratings thanks to characters being killed off and written out – show that there could still be a good broadcast audience for DAYS if the show hadn’t destroyed the trust of so many of its audience.

      The graph clearly shows that there is a huge drop in viewers, not just between this year and last year, but previous years as well. This was the worst October ever for Days of Our Lives, and this is set to be the worst November sweeps ever. And again, not because of general trends, but because the show has alienated a large chunk of its previous audience with very poor decisions.


      • tobert

        look at that huge viewership drop

      • JB

        Ouch for DAYS.

      • cab

        That is a great chart. Can you make one up for Y&R, or any other soap so that I can compare?

        • Happy Accidents

          Thank you!

          However, to take create such a thing you have to go through four years of SON webpages, and record the data. That takes a LONG time!

          My interest was Days, so I only recorded Days data when I did that. The best I can do for you is provide you with the web addresses for the pages (as I also recorded those), which would save you a bit of time if you wanted to do that yourself.

  • MaximumUniverse

    Y&R’s appearance and production have greatly increased under Mal Young, but the storylines are beyond awful. I know Pratt’s writing is now on the screen, but after I read SSM’s interview about her plans to focus on eight key-characters and discard Adam Newman for good, then I realized this show is headed for disaster. I think it’s very sad to see Y&R staying with those characters that people are sick to death of. Victor, Nikki, Jack, Ashley, Nick, Sharon, Victoria, & Billy are already overplayed. Jill, Lauren, and the Baldwins will be the secondary characters, with many of the current characters probably on the verge of being cut. My sense that Chelsea may be sent to Paris to raise Connor off-screen, much like Reed & JT. Out of sight, out of mind, off the canvas.

    • Pau

      Paris doesn’t want her !! Signé a parisian.

      • MaximumUniverse

        I just read that Y&R is on the verge of cancellation in France.

        • Kevin Little

          Chelsea is one of my least favorite characters so if it’s true that her days in Genoa City are numbered, I actually may tune in more often. Post script: Dullan leaving is one of the main reasons I am thinking about watching the show regularly again.

    • robert

      i lost some hope for the show after reading the interview

  • ctshar

    GH’s november sweeps stories are about funerals, grief and a creepy romances. This ratings drop is only surprising to Jelly and Frank but they should grateful to their loyal audience. I’m shocked they retained as many viewers as they did. Terrible storytelling and Jelly have GOT to go.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Using the current trends of viewing television and the current erosion of television as reasons why the ratings are down for soaps have to me been proven just to be excuses with the last few seasons of television.

    Shows like The Walking Dead, the 1st season of Empire, the prime time version and daytime versions of Family Feud, Duck Dynasty, Game of Thrones, etc. have all proven that shows can still get great live plus 1 ratings because fans will make the effort to watch them live or quickly when they are offered something they want to see. The extra forms of viewing just add even more to the success of those shows.

    Most of these shows have set records in live viewing when other shows have been dropping viewers right and left.

    The soap operas biggest problems are not how viewers watch them or even the fact they air in the daytime. The biggest problem is they just aren’t offering what viewers want to see anymore. They are all down to a basic die hard set of fans who watch with a small extra set who watch when something excites them enough to watch. There are way too many ways people can watch these soaps now. And long term DVR viewing up to 7 days is added into the season to date ratings of each soaps and when the season to date ratings come out — yes the ratings go up for the soaps but not dramatically. That means none of the soaps are really adding a lot of viewers even in DVR anymore.

    The soaps have overused characters cramming them down our throats ad nauseum (all 4 are guilty). They have used the same characters over and over until there is just nothing new to do with that character anymore. Characters are not themselves anymore and act according to plot instead of in character. The writers have concentrated on writing for the fan bases for so long they quit writing for the fans of the show and with the best intent of the show in mind.

    The soaps are all suffering because they’ve done it to themselves. And if they don’t all learn lessons from the mistakes they have made it won’t matter what writer, producer, etc. they bring back or bring on — nothing will change. Just look at GH they went from Pratt/Guza finally to Cartini with fans #1 hope that the mob would finally be downgraded on the show and Sonny and Jason’s importance to the show lessened. By the end of Cartini nothing had really changed and it cost Carlavati his job. New writers were brought in but nothing has still changed.

    Days never learns either — through multiple writing teams now. Brad Bell at B&B never seems to listen to fans and keeps repeating many of his mistakes over and over. And Y&R now has some hope but we have thought that with each and every change since we got rid of Latham. Y&R needs big changes in the writing department. That is the place that will make the most changes in the ratings. We can only hope for the best.

    • Kara

      I don’t miss soaps at all. As a woman hitting her mid 20s who started watching soaps as a pre teen on my own( no mother or grandmother passing these shows down to me) one summer I noticed that while I’ve grown up and my tastes as well as the tastes of those around me have changed, soaps have not followed suit. The stories are all poorly written even when they try to be relevant and those favored by casting usually have no appeal outside of the die hard set in their ways types of fans. I’ve noticed most of the actors they hire in my age range don’t have any type of screen presence or ability to appeal to non soap watchers. Because an actor doesnt need to be the best actor but they need to be able to sell me a reason to tune in. The writing on GH is bad, the casting is bad, the production is bad. Its bad enough when the characters are horribly written but in this day and age of social media an actors personality outside of the show can be a turn off. As a minority woman I don’t want to watch bland white rich characters whine like children over relationship woes all the time with all the important issues going on in the world. Even more annoying when they’re played but white privileged actors consumed in themselves who like to pretend to be fake deep.