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Avery’s Ex Headed to ‘Y&R’s’ Genoa City

Jennifer Graylock/JPI Studios
Jennifer Graylock/JPI Studios

” is cooking up even more drama for Avery (): The hubby she cheated on with Dylan () is headed to the canvas!

TV Guide broke the news that former “” star has been cast in the contract role of Joe Clark, whom Avery hoped had found happiness after her betrayal. But it seems that hasn’t necessarily been the case. “Viewers can expect Joe to have more than a few tricks up his sleeve as he crosses paths with several key ‘Y&R’ characters,” a spokesperson for the show teases.

In addition to ABC’s comedy “Men In Trees,” Elrod has appeared on “” as well as in the 2012 Best Picture winner “.” Look for his first “Y&R” appearance in early October.

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  • Whoa he is gorgeous! He sort of looks Tyler Hoechlin, but please don’t waste him on boring Avery. I hope he breaks up Davery, then moves on to someone else. Chelsea is my pick!

    • sands of time

      He’s already been on Y&R as Adam’s hands and feet. I hope JFP doesn’t give him the finger!

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m not surprised that the show is bringing on Avery’s ex-husband.Plus if i remember correctly he’s a businessman.So he could get involved with Newman or Jabot.

  • ButterflyFX

    Well alrighty then… 🙂

  • Joel

    I’m excited about this! This is such a great casting choice!

  • Fox

    Kevin’s free … and there has to be a reason why Avery would cheat on a guy who looks like that. .. lol!

    • Joel

      I actually wouldn’t object to that storyline at all!

  • PassionQueen77

    Maybe he will be Sharon or Kelly new love interest. Sharon needs a new boyfriend. Sharon should not be with Nicholas. There relationship is so boring. The show needs more guys and more woman on the show. As for Avery ex-husband i don’t think he should come between Avery and Dylan. The reason why Avery was with Dylan because she loves him and wants to be with him. But the writers needs to wrap up the old storylines by this fall. How about let Cane find out about Colin gunpoint situation of what he did at the atheltic club that would be a good idea. The others needs to know of what Colin did in April. Old storylines needs to go because it won’t go anywhere. For the dylan father storyline that drag on for months.