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‘DAYS’ Recasting EJ DiMera?

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Last week when news broke that actor had completed filming his 8-year run on NBC’s “” as EJ DiMera, fans couldn’t help but wonder if that meant the end of the road for the popular character, or if there were plans to recast, considering the actor himself cited “personal time” as the reason for his departure.

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While it is the soaps policy not to comment on actor contracts or casting, a representative for the series tells Soap Opera Network, “It’s a soap opera – you never know!” when contacted on the status of the character post-Scott.

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  • shannon smith

    No one could replace James Scott IMHO!

  • Andrew Hass

    My guess is the show will write EJ off for a bit and let James Scott have his personal time.Then maybe in a few months they’ll approach him about coming back.However right now i don’t see the show recasting EJ but they could be planning for the future just in case.

    • rachel

      Let James and Ej move on from dull and boring Salem.

      • sands of time

        My DAYS are exciting! I don’t know what you’re watching, but Days of our Lives is heating up…BIG TIME!!!

        • rachel

          good for you, i find the storylines awful and really boring for the most part, the cast deserve so much better imo.
          James and Ali and Blake can do so much better and find success elsewhere. They can keep their boring Jennifer, Daniel and Abby..i am sure they will make this soap so exiting by

          • Boddicea

            So why do you keep watching if it’s so boring?

  • Kay

    I would not be surprised to hear of a recast in a few months or so.

    • shannon smith

      It wouldn’t surprise because look how many good decisions they made….

  • Char

    Days is the best soap ever! Please keep it going for years and years and years!

  • Char

    Please keep all of the characters, except for Nick!

  • sands of time

    Michael Muhney would make a good EJ, but he would have to be under watchful eyes!

    • shannon smith

      Let him have Abby

      • truth

        And given MM’s rumors it is even more ewwwwwwwwww.

        • sands of time

          You need to extend that “ewwwwwwwww” to Y&R for creating and maintaining that type of environment for many years.

        • TV&MovieBuff

          I totally agree. Given that actresses like Kristian Alfonso and others at Days went through all the sexual advances and molestation from one and maybe two actors in the past — I don’t think they would welcome another actor with that possible behavior. I know they had to refuse to work with one of the actors before the producers ever got rid of him.

          Plus it is ridiculous to even think that Michael Muhney would come to Days of Our Lives in any role. If Sony fired him at Y&R then why in the world would the same company hire him on another one of their shows. Talk about a lawsuit if he went to Days and did the same thing there. Sony would be bankrupt by the time the women got through with them.

          • Bexx

            We both know the orgianal comment has nothing to do with any actual interest in MM or DOOL for that matter. Just read the comment below.

          • sands of time

            I’m for second chances. Don’t be a fool, you know I love DOOL. MM is scared now. He’s unemployed. Not many would hire him. He knows he’d be watched. DAYS has a fast shooting schedule. It would be perfect for him!

          • truth

            exactly and when i said eww..i talked first about the horrible Abby’s character (MM deserves better than a character like that to be paired with, for rea, and the actress is awful and quite scary looking imo) and her slutting attitude towards taken and older men..another ew and finally MM real life problems give the ultimate ew. LOL.

          • sands of time

            Yeah, I knew I didn’t like RKK for a reason.

    • Andrew Hass

      Since Sony produces both Y&R and DOOL i don’t think they want Michael Muhney on either show.However i could see Muhney on DOOL down the line but with very strict guidelines he would have to follow and maybe with a warning that he’ll be fired immediately if he messes up again.

  • realitycheck

    It is NOT a good idea Days, i repeat it is NOT a good idea at all !!
    Try writing a new successful character for once, for pete’s sake !
    James Scott is Ej Dimera, the same way Alison Sweeney is Sami Brady. Did you recast Deidre Hall as Marlena ? For real…stop being dumb. Audience will not buy a recast for characters portrayed by actors equally important. jeeeeeeeezzzz.

  • Happy Days

    Model/Actor David Gandy would make the perfect EJ 2.0

    • curious

      Why Ej ? why can’t he play a new character ? And you really think he would like to play on a daytime soap ?

      • Happy Days

        I would prefer him to play a totally new character, actually. I didn’t clarify that. I love James Scott as EJ and want only him as EJ, but if for some reason he never comes back I would want the role recast to someone else because I think the character is too important to days to close out. David Gandy would be great any way we could get him! 🙂 Doubt he would ever do soaps, but that would be a dream come true!

  • alistaircrane

    I would like to see EJ recast because I want Eileen Davidson to reprise the role of Susan and interact with her son.

    • truth

      And what would be the storyline ? They never did explore Ej’s childhood, which is a total shame by the way..but what make you think they would try now ? Susan would be used for some ridiculous wacky short stint and Ej the character deserves better imho.

      • alistaircrane

        First of all, “ridiculous” and “wacky” are exactly why Susan needs to return! Days desperately needs more characters like her. I would to see EJ embrace his Banks heritage.
        As for stories, Kristen should return to Salem this summer disguised as Susan, for one thing. She could hide out at the DiMansion under the pretense of visiting her “son” and no one would be the wiser, although Marlena would be suspicious. Then the real Susan would arrive and all hell would break loose. All of Eileen’s best stories involved Susan impersonating Kristen or vice versa.
        I am still stunned that they didn’t have Eileen reprise the roles of Susan and Sister Mary Moira in 2012-13. They *finally* get Eileen back, and now her character’s son is the show’s leading man. That was absolutely the best opportunity to have Susan re-enter her son’s life and meet her grandchildren! Yet they didn’t do it! Even though they had that lame recast appear in 2011. Also, Sister Mary Moira could have been part of the Eric storyline.
        By the way, I would have taken the opportunity to say that the “Susan” that Hope talked to on the phone in 2011 was actually an actor hired by Ian McAllister as part of his revenge plan.

        • Andrew Hass

          When Eileen Davidson returned in 2012 she did think she would be playing Susan too and even reportedly had it put in her contract that her stunt double from the past would have been her stunt double this time too.With EJ leaving this would be a good time for his mom Susan to return and maybe even help him leave somehow.

          • alistaircrane

            Yep. I remember when Eileen’s return was announced, everyone was reporting she’d be playing Kristen *and* Susan, then it never happened. The only exit that makes sense for EJ would involve returning to England for Susan. My hope is that Susan will at the very least appear in his final episode.

          • sands of time

            Well, what I read was Eileen said she didn’t think Susan would show up because James Reilly was no longer associated with DAYS because he was no longer alive and DAYS was way different then when he was head writer. I would have loved to see Susan and Sister Mary! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this time!!

          • alistaircrane

            Yeah but it’s bad writing on the part of these writers to not have EJ’s mother appear, especially when the actress is already on the show and EJ is the leading man. Days was way better when JER wrote the show. I no longer watch, but I would absolutely tune in to see Susan again.

      • alistaircrane

        As for EJ’s childhood, they need to fix it, ASAP. Eileen Davidson’s magnificent “The Killing Pool” exit storyline was one of Days’ best stories ever. Kristen was presumed dead (actually imprisoned) and Susan had fled with Elvis. I HATED when EJ was aged and it turned out Stefano had raised him. What a slap in the fact to Susan fans everywhere! Susan’s happy ending was ruined! I would do a story that reconciled EJ’s original backstory, and Susan would return to help explain it.

        EJ would have been raised entirely by Susan and Edmund in England. Then he would have pursued a law degree all the while pursuing his passion of racing cars. Susan and Edmund would have given him the legal name of “EJ Wells” (Wells being the maiden name of Edmund’s mother Violet) to avoid drawing attention to him from the DiMeras. But Stefano would have gotten wind of this hot new race car driver and realized he was Elvis.

        Stefano would have ingratiated himself into EJ’s life and then revealed he was his father. Then he’d give EJ an ultimatum: leave England to take his place as Stefano’s son, or Stefano would kill Susan and Edmund. EJ would have chosen to leave, but the pain of leaving his mother would have been too unbearable, so he asked Stefano for help. Stefano agreed to have Dr. Rolf implant EJ with false memories of being raised by Stefano at Maison Blanche so he wouldn’t be reminded of his mother.
        EJ would get his real memories back of being raised by Susan and Edmund. Together, he and Sami would take the kids and move to England to be closer to Susan and Edmund.

  • GH DAYS fan

    That would be totally ridiculous. I can’t picture ANYONE else to play EJ DiMera than James Scott. DAYS should have given him a better contract with more flexibility and better writing, then they could probably have kept him. The same is true for Alison Sweeney.

    DAYS seems to be chasing away all the great actors that got people hooked on DAYS over the last years: Chandler Massey, Camila Banus, Blake Berris…and now James Scott.

  • JayTN

    I have heard the complaint that “such and such soap should have given him/her a better contract, etc. to keep him/her” a lot lately. Some actors just want to move on. James Scott has been in the same role for 8 years and had appeared on “All My Children” before that. Perhaps he just wanted a break, or wanted to explore opportunities in other areas? Take a look at Mandy Patinkin. Has he ever stayed on a series for its entire run?

    Recasts are always a crap shoot. Sometimes they are successful (think Peter Bergman replacing Terry Lester as Jack on Y&R) and others aren’t (think Hartley Sawyer replacing Blake Hood as Kyle on Y&R). EJ seems to be so intertwined with Allison Sweeney’s Sami that producers may have decided to go ahead and allow Scott to leave, instead of keeping EJ around with nothing to do. Think about it, does he really have any deep ties or connections to people other than Sami (not including his father, who is basically a recurring character who pops up every six months or so).

    • Andrew Hass

      Plus maybe DOOL knew with Sami gone they would have to pair EJ up with someone else and the EJAMI fans might have been against that.Now with James Scott leaving by his own choice the show don’t have to deal with the fans protests.Then if and when the show brings EJ back the fans might be more accepting of him getting paired with someone besides Sami.As for how EJ might leave i’m wondering he disappears or even fakes his death to protect Sami and his kids from something or someone.That way he could go out a hero in a way and later if the show has to recast EJ disappearing could be a good way to explain him getting plastic surgery.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      Many are saying online that Scott had said he wanted to only work with Sweeney. So I’m sure her leaving had a lot to do with it. But I remember reading interviews with him a few years back where he talked about just moving to New Zealand someday and giving up acting.

      I don’t think with him it would have mattered what Sony offered, he wanted to go esp. with Sweeney gone.

    • son reader

      gosh, how much are they paying you to write these lengthy, but meaningless comments on virtually any thread?

      • JayTN

        If you don’t like what I post, nobody is forcing you to read them. Simply ignore them.

  • Bexx

    Is James really that great of an actor? I remember seeing him years ago when he was on AMC, and his acting was so-so back then. He’s good looking, and has the accent thing going on, but has he improved over the years?

    • Rachel

      Yep he has and his chemistry with Ali Sweeney who plays Sami was/is like no others despite the really really awful writing. The popularity is thanks to James Scott’s charisma and his chemistry with Ali Sweeney, certainly not thanks to the show and the ‘writing’.

  • MeganLA

    DAYS writers and producers have gone crazy. They’re chasing away all the great actors by totally ruining their characters. They are dead last in the ratings and then they kill off a character played by one of the most outstanding young actors out there as they just did with Nick (Blake Berris). Soon, there won’t be any reason to watch DAYS anymore.

  • hez

    No, no, no. I will definitely stop watching if they recast him or Sami. Recasts for main characters just don’t work. These characters have been on the show too long. Ridiculous idea.

  • Ali Wichrowski

    Instead of recasting EJ let’s bring on, another Dimera I would love, to watch Tony again. And make him “EJ 2.0”. So we would get a Dimera on show at least. Whenever Thaao has time from General Hospital. To tape at dool. And pull double duty of doing both. The way I think EJ will plan a getaway for himself and Sami. Once she finds out about Abigail, EJ will come clean and move to Europe alone.

  • SuckaButt

    Sucks that JS is not going to be on the show anymore. My wife got me into watching DOOL a few years back and now it has become a routine in our household. My favorite character is EJ, and always has been since I’ve started watching the show.

    Perhaps since Nick Fallon got his stupid face shot off, that is how they will write EJ off the show. I’m guessing that it will either be in the realm of him fleeing because they’ve figured out that EJ was the one that hired the contract killer to shoot Fallon’s stupid looking face off. Or, he will end up getting killed by one of Nick (stupid face) Fallon’s relatives.

    At any rate, the BEST SCENE this year is:

    EJ dreaming that Sami found out about him and Abigail, then stormed over to her house and threw Abigail over the stair bannister…HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Splashes

    No, they won’t recast EJ DiMera, they will bring back his young brother who will then have another tryst with Abigail while Abby can’t decide between him and Ben. So it looks like Abby will be kinda taking Sami’s place as the centerpiece of Salem. We’ll see …

    I do think that Sami/EJ & 2 of the 3 kids will leave in a blaze of glory this fall, not be shot or imprisoned. Both of them will probably return at a later date, perhaps around the 50th anniversary of Days of Lives or before that. I think it will be found that Gabi shot Nick and she leaves the show soon for prison. I’m supposing the hitman will never be found and no one will know Sami/EJ had hired him.

    • jules

      Ugh. The uly boring bugged eyes bland slutty and whiny and dyed haired ‘Abby’ could never EVER EVER EVER replace a character like Sami Brady…NEVER. They can try to make her ‘happen’ they already do actually but mark my words it will be a total failure…i almost laugh at the is just too she is even worthy to lick the shoes of a character like Sami Brady..lmaooooo

  • Carolyn Levesque

    Impossible to recast James or Ali. They are unique. Sometimes there are shoes that
    can’t be filled.

  • Fox

    I somehow doubt they will recast (mainly because Sweeney is exiting as well). And even though I love James Scott, the role is recastable. Just give it some space and time and hire another gorgeous Brit like, David Gandy.

  • Graces Girl

    For 30 years I have watched DOOL, and countless times I have said “I will stop watching if..this happens..or this person leaves..and I may stop for a week or two but always get sucked back in as was the case when the mysterious EJ Wells came to town. Unfortunately this time I will stop because James and Allison were the only reason I watch. I will miss it a lot.

  • Gina

    HELL NO! Plan on bringing him back again. He was such great part about Days. Its hole after him I feel. James wants to take personal time off. But he can still come back after that.

    • elsa

      Or he can chose to work on a show who is well written and not with a team of writers who want to destroy his character every chances they get. ha. He deserves better than daytime by the way.

  • Damian

    I hope they recast Sami.It could work, really. Who here watched Another World.The character Victoria Hudson was recast a few times. Each actress had great success with the role

    • realitycheck

      nope they can’t. Vicky Hudson was not played by the same actress for 22 years for pete’s sake ! Would you want Deidre Hall to be recast as Marlena ? It the same damn thing. Think next time, Damian.

  • Timmy Wright

    I think they should just recast,,, even though it won’t be the same (just like it took us a long time to get used to the new Will) we’ll get used to it,,, it sucks a$$ the way they are leaving things,,, maybe Marlena will start writing again instead of trying, ,, and I say liberally “trying to act”