Camila Banus and Gabi Hernandez Gear Up To Say Goodbye to Salem, But Not Before Revealing a Huge Secret


Thursday, June 12 will mark the final appearance of  on NBC’s “” as Gabi Hernandez shares an emotional goodbye with her brother Rafe (), Will Horton () and Sonny Kiriakis (), among others, as she prepares for the next phase in her life. Before she goes, however, it was revealed in today’s episode that the character played a pivotal role in the death of former lover Nick Fallon ().

Benjamin Cohen/NBC
Benjamin Cohen/NBC

Banus, who filmed her final scenes in mid-January, reveals in the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest Gabi’s reason for fatally shooting Nick. “Basically, Nick was blackmailing Gabi the entire time since he came back to Salem earlier this year. Gabi was afraid of Nick; she had to make him think that she still loved him. She was fearful of what Nick would do if he realized that she didn’t have feelings for him. Her biggest worry was that he would harm Ari. She didn’t know how far he would go. He could have killed her at any minute. So Gabi had to be very careful about what she said to Nick and how she acted towards him. As an actress, I wanted to play the scenes with Gabi being very smart and thinking about the safety of her baby. I played it as if Gabi was going with Nick as something she did to make him happy. I think when people see the scenes this week, they’ll understand a little more of what Gabi was going through, where her mind was at, because on the surface, the things that she did, going back to Nick after everything he did, may not have made sense to some people.”

  • Andrew Hass

    I’ll miss Camilla Banus but at least her character Gabi is going out with a bang so to speak.

  • GH DAYS fan

    I’m gonna miss her so much! So sad these horrible head writers totally ruined Gabi and Nick and, hey, Nicole and Eric and and and… They have to fire these people immediately if they ever want to get where GH is standing in the ratings (again)!

  • Samantha

    Bye Hernandez. YAY!

  • nancy

    i’m going to miss Camilla banus she’s so beautiful and talented I love it when gabi spoke in Spanish and slapped sami if that’s was me sami would have my balls in a device if I did the same thing to sami