Adam Rose/Investigation Discovery

Adam Rose/Investigation Discovery

As we previously reported, the online sudser “The Bay” is returning with an all-new Season 12, and the popular “Confessions of Bay City” has returned to lead up to the exciting debut event!

Matthew Ashford (Steve Jensen) and Terri Ivens (Orchid) kicked off the video reveals, followed by Derrell Whitt (Will Campbell) and Jade Harlow (Lianna Ramos). And today, the alter egos of Nicolas Coster (Mayor Jack Madison) and Jacklyn Zeman (Lady Sofia Madison) are taking the hot seat to talk family, romance and skirting scandal!

Check out the pair’s confessional videos after the jump, and don’t forget to tune into the launch of “The Bay: Season 12” on Thursday, May 1!

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  • timsdale4ever

    I never would have known that was Jackie Zeman.

  • horseofcourse

    What the heck happened to her face?

  • richalan67

    I’ve seen smaller lips on a moose!!