Is Cynthia Watros Out as ‘Y&R’s’ Kelly?


The Young and the Restless Mast Head by Soap Opera Network

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

whirled in as “’” Kelly two months ago, and she may be dropping out of Genoa City just as quickly!

As we previously reported, the former “” and “” actress had taken part in an MTV pilot called “” around the time she began the soap gig, and now that the coming-of-age drama has been picked up by the music network, rumors are flying that Watros will be exiting “Y&R” to focus on her new gig full time.

To further fuel the fire, the CBS sudser has reportedly released a casting call for a blonde female in the 30-40 age range to play a character who’s “been down a difficult path in life but is beginning to live again.” It does sound a lot like Kelly… But then again, it sounds like a lot of other soap opera characters, as well. Perhaps even the rumored recast of Phyllis Summers (previously portrayed by )?!

When contacted, a rep for “Y&R” had no comment regarding Watros’ status with the show.

  • Bexx

    It would make sense, but I can hardly say I would devastated if she left. Her and Billy Miller had great chemistry, but her story is going downhill fast.

  • Carly

    She was an atrocious casting and she had anti chem with Billy Miller. What a fail of a story. The character isn’t needed, Watros or a recast

  • richalan67

    Hated the character and I think she looks like she is sleep walking when she delivers her lines. Send her and character packing.

  • PatF

    I didn’t like the character until she started interacting with the rest of GC. Would hate to see her go right before we get the back story of her with Stitch.

  • timsdale4ever

    Nothing against her but the storyline sucked. Billy doing something wrong again. Big shocker. Grow up already!

  • Harlee

    I like the character because of GL and she was being fleshed out recently on her story. I do think YR has done way too much casting of new characters but we all know that more than likely JFP wants this character. As long it’s not another actor from ABC’s cancelled soaps or even worse GH…UGH! Give us someone if they do a recast that we longtime viewers for CBS that we know & loved. CBS defunct soaps had major talents and are unemployed right now. If we have to have the character I want an actor I know and have enjoyed in the past. I to want to know the connection between Stitch & Kelly?

    • Lilianna Mathers

      Help, what does this character have to do with her time at Guiding Light? And yikes, what did ABC do to you, pee in your cheerios?

  • Lilianna Mathers

    I wish we never had Kelly at all. Her s/l feels like it will never get going, aside from sleeping with billy (which surprised exactly no one). Cynthia is too talented to be wasted in a role that is not going anywhere, or going soooo sloooowly. They need to tell us what the what is with her and Stitch, give some more info soon, or we will all just ff through the Kelly scenes.