Sean Kanan’s Tweet Has Fans Wondering About His Status on ‘GH’

General Hospital Mast Head by Soap Opera Network


Sometimes when one comments about a specific topic or thing on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, things they say can get misconstrued by others. This was the case last night when ’s” (AJ Quartermaine) tweeted, “Such an honor to be a part of this iconic piece of American television history. Thanks @valentinifrank for everything,” following yesterday’s 13,000th episode cake cutting party, which Kanan took part.

After tweeting that message, fans began wondering if there was more meaning behind the tweet itself than what was actually stated. In fact, some fans were going so far as to think that the actor is on his way out! This is of course as a result of the actor’s somewhat reduced airtime on the soap and the lack of clarity on where AJ’s storyline is headed next. Thankfully, Soap Opera Network can report that Kanan was in fact just thanking “GH” executive producer Frank Valentini for giving him the opportunity to be on the long-running soap opera.

A rep for the actor tells us, “He is NOT leaving ‘GH.’ He was just being gracious for the wonderful opportunity to work on this great show!”

  • Andrew Hass

    I kind of figured Sean was just thanking Frank for rehiring him in 2012 and been there for the 13,00th episode.

  • LoyalFan50yrs

    He looks so hot in the above photo, why don’t they make him look as good as this on GH? Please Please writers, turn his story around also, and make him strong!

  • Trish Bradshaw

    I thought i read awhile back when A.J. was in jail that he had gotten fired