Is Blackie Parrish (John Stamos) Blacklisted from ‘GH’?


UPDATE: Tweets asking Stamos if he would ever return to “GH” apparently began even earlier today, which looks to be where the previous story began. When asked about a return to “GH,” Stamos said, “Never! I tried,they wanted me 2 play J.G. on drums with R.S. Legacy too important to me. In response, Carlivati said, “I’m sure I will be shouted down by 1.3M people, but this is a total mischaracterization of what occurred.”

J.G. in the tweet refers to “Jessie’s Girl,” the song Rick Springfield (the R.S. in the tweet) sang at the Nurses Ball in celebration of “GH’s” 50th anniversary. Springfield returned as his character Noah Drake for the episode.

PREVIOUS: Earlier today a fan tweeted, “@JohnStamos @carlivatiron @valentinifrank #BringBlackieBack #GH,” which attracted the attention of the intended parties, but the responses themselves were the least expected of all.

Stamos, who portrayed Blackie Parrish on ABC’s “” in the 1980’s replied to the tweet and said, “Sociopathic! You don’t remember [the] phone call in @valentinifrank office?” As confusing as the tweet appeared, it became less confusing when “GH” head writer responded to Stamos’ tweet with, “Yes, I remember it well. But for some reason you seem determined to rewrite the narrative.”


If you’ll recall, earlier this year there was talk that Stamos might be returning to the soap opera after a 30 year absence just in time to help celebrate “GH’s” 50th anniversary. In fact, Stamos appeared on the now defunct “The Jeff Probst Show” back in February and said to Probst, “Why don’t we pull Blackie out of jail [where he’s been for 30 years] and he has to reacclimate to life?” Stamos added, “He’s never been with a girl! I would like to go on [‘GH’] and do some acting.”

In addition to Stamos, the soap was looking for other 80’s stars such as  (Jeff Webber) and  (Jackie Templeton) to return in some form for the 50th anniversary. Neither actor returned for the show’s 50th anniversary.

There’s been no further discussions between Stamos or Carlivati on the topic since it first came to light.

  • carolmac

    Sure do hate to see soap net go, watch it ad much as any network. Channel.

  • lulu

    Go John ! These stars don’t want to come back on a freaking daytime soap Ron and Frank ! Get over it, it is pathetic. You have good ratings right now, enjoy, don’t peak fight with actors who just don’t care acting on a daytime soap when they found mainstream is their rights. And now some actor try to get William freaking Shatner to play on this soap..desperate..sigh.
    p.s: you really are dreaming if you think Demi Moore would even return on a soap..for now she doesn’t even want to do prime time so a daytime are delusional Ron..really really delusional. And McGyer is not fan of soaps..he had his start on GH it ends here !

    • lulu

      And to be clear i miss McGyer and Jack O’Neill (particularly should be with Sam buddy..i miss you so much O’Neill..indeed..ha !) but not Jeff Webber !

    • Nk3play2

      Actually, Stamos wanted to come back but he wanted ACTUAL story…… He wasn’t interested in a short get appearance for the 50th. Had he done small guest appearance maybe they would’ve brought him back for an actual long term story later. They also wanted Moore back for the 50th as well.

      I don’t get why you are criticizing Ron and Frank for attempting to honor the show’s history???!! At least they respected the show’s history enough to actually ask unlike some EPs and HWs today who just wouldn’t care.

      • lulu

        But these guys are not for Stamos, it is a bit you said he wanted something, Ron/Frank wanted something else therefore he said NO, not hard to get and he just explained it to a fan/viewer on twitter Ron did not need to intervene, it is pathetic.

      • lulu

        Wow some folks (as well as dear delusional, ‘i think i am a hot commodity Carlivati/Valentini when i just work on a daytime soap opera’) doesn’t like to hear the truth..truth hurts i guess..ha ha.

      • Not an RC fan

        I have to reply since I accidently gave your post the thumbs up.. I disagree with you. Ron is a totally jerk and clearly picked the fight with John Stamos. They should have jumped on John and given him a story since he wanted to come back, plenty of GH fans would have loved to have seen him and he would have brought new fans to GH. For JS to say what he said, there must have been something else that went on privately. I dont’ think JS would have said that unless he really disliked RC and I bet RC gave him good reason to dislike him, RC is such an arrogant jerk.

      • Andrew Hass

        Yeah GH wanted John Stamos to return last year for the 50th anniversary for a couple of episodes.I get that John Stamos wanted to act and not just sing.However if he had agreed to return maybe the show would have given him a few scenes to act too.However the problem might have been that Stamos didn’t just want to return for a few episodes but that’s all GH wanted him for at least then.Now if he come back last year for the 50th maybe the show would have considered bringing him back again and maybe longer next time.Plus GH may have known if they caved into his demands then they might have to do it for other actors too.John wasn’t on last year and i think the show survived without him just fine.As for tomorrow’s episode in which Blackie might be returning but with Ronn Moss possibly playing him instead the character hasn’t been on the show for 30 years.Yeah it might upset older fans but newer fans may not care that much and just be thinking the show is recasting another character.

    • Jim Fung

      Seems to me John Stamos is the one picking the fight.

      • lulu

        Nope John just answered to a fan, Ron was the one sniffing around !

        • Jim Fung

          LOL, because saying “Never!” and “I tried” and “they wanted …” is not making any accusations, not to mention the later “Sociopathic”!

          • lulu

            So what ? He just respond..he has still the right to express what he wants..and HE DOES NOT WANT TO COME BACK. As for the ‘sociopathic’ part he only said it when Ron came provoking him..he reap what he try again to defend ‘poor’ delusional (on point)
            p.s: Demi HATE being reminded she was on a daytime soap once in her life..and they really think they can get her to come back..lmaooooo

  • MBLovesTheGHKids

    Lol I asked 1 question! Wow

  • tess

    If John Stamos wants to do some serious acting, I strongly urge him to avoid GH, which is goofy and preposterous.

    • Über fan


  • Vicki

    Carlivati can’t help himself! He can’t stand anyone calling him out on something, even if it’s the truth. John is right! Ronnie is definitely sociopathic and a narcissist!

  • Über fan

    It was announced today (despite the so called JS/RC twitter feud ) on GH that BLACKIE PARRISH will be on the show this coming Monday !!!!! So everyone , please stop the fighting , name calling , and get ready to PARTAY !!! Cause , BLACKIE PARRISH is FINALLY coming home to GH !!!

  • glojean

    Supposedly Ron Moss is playing Blackie and if that is true, I’m not interested!

  • Beatrice Wilson

    He is going to come back and be Fluke.