CENTER STAGE: James Scott Discusses Sex, Haunting Thrillers, a Wedding and More!

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

It’s incontrovertible that “ (EJ DiMera) is drop dead gorgeous. He has an impressive 6-foot-something stature, model good looks, a smooth British accent, perfectly polished style and… scrapes all over his hands. (Record scratch.) Yes, when the English native recently sat down with Soap Opera Network for an exclusive interview, he had numerous red scratches marring his otherwise perfect digits. And suddenly, he was all the sexier. Especially when he quipped of the wounds: “Oh, I did a love scene with Alison [Sweeney, Sami] yesterday.”

He’s kidding! He’s kidding! He’s kidding. Except, as EJ and Sami fans know, there could have been slight truth to those words, considering the characters haven’t exactly shied away from raw, animalistic sex onscreen. But alas, it wasn’t carnal copulation that caused Scott’s hands to look as if he’d climbed through barbed wire. “I was just gardening yesterday,” the actor admits. “I was making a rock garden for my succulents, so I was finding the largest chunks of rock I could carry on the hillside, digging them out and then carrying them to the rock garden I was building. But if you saw [the scratches] on camera, you’d probably wonder what EJ had been up to. And wouldn’t it be great, just to wonder?”

Paul Skipper/JPI Studios
Paul Skipper/JPI Studios

With EJ, the mind could wander to any number of nefarious situations. Though Scott admits the possibilities would have been shadier in the character’s earlier days. “He was a very dark character, and I enjoyed that,” he explains. “It’s been somewhat through necessity, but he’s had to moderate his behavior a little bit. Women tend to not be particularly attracted to men who are, well … utter bastards, and then having two kids, obviously, he’s had to [soften a bit], but I liked it when he was young, reckless and didn’t give a f***. All he wanted to do was kill John Black ().”

Scott might not be able to play EJ as dark as he’d prefer (and maybe not even as dark as some viewers would prefer), but he’s at least able to inject his second favorite facet into the character from time to time: devilish charm. “I like the scenes where EJ is sort of a charming villain, because there’s so much fun to be had with those scenes,” he shares. “There’s a lot you can play with and a lot you can do, which is why I enjoy them so much. And I have to say, I have started having some of those scenes, more so of late than recently, which is good, I think.”

The actor isn’t able to reveal specific details concerning upcoming storyline, but he does tease that he’s been working a lot — and we mean a lot. Especially because, in conjunction with filming, he’s also part of the current publicity tour for “Days’” recent book, Days of our Lives Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier, Balanced Life. Scott is featured in the book, for which he was all too happy to give a rave review. “It’s an amazing book. I read it cover to cover, and I can tell you, it’s enthralling.”

As for other options on the actor’s bookcase, it seems to be quite a mix. He just recently read a book called Soul of the White Ant, which is about termite colonies in South Africa. “It’s by , who died in 1937 and published the book in 1936,” Scott explains. “Essentially, it has to do with the psyche of life on the planet… the understanding of concept of the learned self, and it looks at how within this one world that really exists, within this termite colony, you have a complete bio-system that actually functions in almost the same way as the human body does, in terms of it has a brain system, it has communication systems, it has similar circulatory systems. It looks at the larger universal nature of life and consciousness.”

Deep, yes. But prior to that, he read a slightly less cerebral thriller that literally had him scared to be alone in the dark! “I don’t read fiction very often, but I did recently just read a book called Of Love and Evil: The Birth, which was a wonderful piece of fiction,” he says. “It’s just sort of a supernatural thriller by , and I will say that, not only did I find that I could not put it down, the greatest compliment I can give this book is that when I had to put it down to go the bathroom… I switched on every light along the way, because I didn’t want to walk alone in the dark! But typically I read non-fiction. But I should read more fiction. I really should.”

Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Frank Ockenfels/AMC

In fact, the actor says he should just read more in general — and he’s taken the first step by throwing out his television set. “I do not have television or cable at my house,” he reveals. “I got rid of television because I realized that I’d stopped reading books. It’s so easy to come home, and you’re tired and you’ve had a long day, to just switch on this box and stare at it.”

But he admits that some shows are just too good to completely cut out. “I watched ‘’ online, which is an amazing television show. So I do watch things online on occasion, but I try not to.”

One thing he certainly tuned into via the web was the online launch of his old stomping grounds, “.” And he loved it. “The greatest compliment I can give it is that I wanted to watch the next episode. I really did,” he says. “The writing, I thought, was really good, and I thought it was well produced. [Steven] Williford, a wonderful director who we had working here, directed the first episode, and I thought it was courageous, I thought it was bold, I thought it was engaging, I thought it was entertaining.”

Interestingly enough,, those same descriptive words just might be used in conjunction with Scott’s upcoming story on “Days.” Sami and EJ’s love continues to blossom toward another wedding, but in typical soap opera fashion, their road to the altar — or not to the altar — most definitely won’t be a smooth one! “All I can say is, it’s going to be very, very interesting,” Scott teases. “[It’s] going to be fantastic.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios
  • Donna M

    Ugh. Can’t stand him. He’s the worst thing to ever happen to Days. Wish they’d get rid of him. Oh and James, I wish you’d watch your scenes. Then maybe you’d see how ridiculously over the top your “acting” is.

    • tay

      if you don’t like him then don’t read about him. Some people are miserable idiots

      • juby1951

        Wonderful interview! James always has interesting things to say. He is very handsome but that’s not why I watch, I think James does a very good job. James seems to be a nice guy very down to earth. Please try to remember this is make believe a fantasy. My favorite family is the DiMera’s and that includes Samantha and Kate.

        • SALLY

          I adore James and LOVE EJ. EJAMI are the primary reason why I watch Days. Corday, Executive Producer, calls them a “gold mine” with a HUGE fan base. I agree with him, they are the best on Days now and always. They are not your traditional duo, which makes them so intriguing and entertaining. The on-screen chemistry between them is OVER THE TOP!

          • lulu

            Well he said it, after trying to keep them apart, destroying them in EVERY ways he could for years..But finally he had to admit the truth : Ej and Sami are popular together and have lot’s of fans..ha. Now we will see if he doesn’t try to insert his own agenda..and try again some horrible writing for them..we will see..i will never believe this old Ken Corday..

    • Ann

      You are secretly in love with James. Protest too much? Apparently you must find him fascinating since you are reading his interviews. I can tell you this, most people don’t do that if they don’t like an actor. I never read an interview given by Galen Gering or Bryan Datillo. They bore me. But hey, I completely understand. James is delicious and probably one of the best actors on television. I can see someone having a “problem” with his acting; especially if it outshines most of the other characters on the show. It’s okay Donna. We know exactly how you feel. It’s called looooooooove. LOL!!!!!!

    • anita

      hahahah omg u must be a galen fan have u seen his acting my dog acts way better then him. james is among one of the best actors on soap he has everything brain looks and just a great personality he shows that he is is comftarble in who he is and what he does what more can u want from that person all you haters just go and jump over a bridge if u can sit there and pick faults and there is none then maybe look yourselfs in the mirrow and ask yourself why u hate him he is perfect in everyway maybe cause u a jelouse and what he has a

    • myendlessloveejami

      So why are you reading this article? I still think your the same person who sits on Forbidden Love EJami Fan Base and marks down every montage..Sad but I do think I caught you out!!!
      James Scott was the best thing that happened to Days of our Lives for a longtime coming!! Its okay Galen fans are obvious with their unrealistic hate for an actor who brings his heart and soul to the character of EJ not too mention your pissed off that as EJami fans we finally have Our Love Story (which was meant to be from getgo)
      One more thing Galen sucks @ acting but I would never go search or read what he has to say..Do us a Favour PISS OFF!!

    • Dayz

      Rude much? Life lesson #36 A little maturity and tact could go a long way.
      I don’t care for the Rafe character but you won’t see me hunting down Galen’s interviews posting negativity. I would like to see more of Lucas. But not as a little mean turd. But they probably will and still no way would I slam BD. I’ve never met him but I hear he a really nice guy.
      I think maybe you’re confusing characters with actors?

  • Paul

    Donna if you can’t stand him while are you reading this interview Days would be rubbish without James EJ is much more popular character than Rafe or Lucas who wants to those boring character we love EJ and Ejami can’t wait to see what happens with Ejami best couple ever.

  • Beauni

    Great interview! James Scott is a brilliant performer. EJ is a compelling character because of him. Can’t wait to see what’s up next for EJami <3

  • iBuff

    Ejami are the hottest couple to hit days at the moment I love sami and ej dark together!! thanks for sharing

    • karen

      WOOHOOO!! HELL YEAH! I love Ejami and EJ 🙂

    • lulu

      love them GREY, not dark, not white, Grey !

  • Donnie

    I don’t really like Ejami, but I know they have fans and I respect that. Wow really? I hate it when people bash actors just because they don’t like the actor/character. I am a fan of Bryan Dattilo and James Scott and I absolutely despise it when I see bashing. There is a certain word I use for people who bash any actor: immature.

  • NaughtyGoddess

    Love, love my fellow Brit!

  • karen

    James Scott i& Ejami s what make me stay tune with DOOL .

  • Michelle

    Loved the interview. James is such a good actor & has brought EJ DiMera to life in such a brilliant way. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this character in the future.

  • myendlessloveejami

    Love the Interview Thank You! What an Amazing man and Actor. I can’t get over he doesn’t own a Television Set!

  • soapgal

    Thank you so much for this interview! I loved every word of it! James Scott and Ejami are why I watch Days. Days fans are undeniably fortunate to have an actor of James talent, charisma, and gorgeous good looks on our screen everyday!

  • Jada

    Ooh James! You are the best thing that has happened to the show in years! Lord knows the show needed a charismatic, gorgeous, romantic, gray villianish type character! You bring such excitement to show; thank you! I hear you do not watch yourself in character. I suggest you watch yourself online or (in the mirror) 🙂 the acting is fabulous and it’s totally obvious that you take your craft seriously! Just know that you bring a vibrant life to the show and it is appreciated by many! The show is a family tradition (2 gen) here and was sparse viewing until you and EJ appeared. Thank you! FYI I have read “Soul of the White Ant”. Good thought provoking read!

  • RJLarrieu

    James Scott is my Christian Grey!! Yummy!

  • Nicole

    It’s always a joy and such a pleasure to hear what the incomparable James Scott has to say. Love the man and I’ve been a huge fan since 2006! He is extremely talented, well versed, traveled, drop dead gorgeous and hearing his interviews well: they are intoxicating as he is! He brings so much life, character, complexity and depth to the character of EJ DiMera and I cannot say enough good things about him. I look forward to watching him and his lovely counterpart Allison Sweeney. They togther make the perfect “grey” pairing. I wish him continued success and nothing but the best always because he truly deserves it. I really enjoyed this interview and thank you so much Soap Opera Network and James Scott!

  • Janet

    Its always a pleasure to hear from James Scott He is a top notch actor who takes his craft seriously & I have enjoyed his portryal as EJ Dimera from May 2006 I am especially grateful to Days for finally allowing the EJami love story to be told.

    • lulu

      yep it was time ! Let’s hope they don’t ruin know they are pretty capable to do it..after years trying to destroy this pairing, i am always sceptical..sigh.

  • Laura Best

    I always enjoy hearing from James Scott about his role of Days. He does such a wonderful job in his portrayal of “Ej Dimera”. Also, love the Ejami love story. Huge Ejami fan.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    Love finding out more about James Scott. He is a very complex with many facets to his
    personality. Always classy whether on or off the screen. His chemistry with Alison Sweeney is far more chemistry then any other TV or movie couple. James adds so much excitement to the show whether he is dark or loving to Sami & his children. He is an amazing actor. I wish he was the new Christian Grey. He would be amazing in that role.

    • Rick Kitchen

      James Scott has chemistry with everybody he works with.

      • lulu

        he has the most with Ali Sweeney..easily. And no he has some great chemistry with almost everybody but not everybody like Ali Sweeney, she is chemistry magnet too.

  • Scamper

    I know the filming schedule at DAYS is fast paced but James desperately needs to check in with his former acting coach. He’s picked up some terrible habits acting opposite AS and grown complacent with the diminishing quality of his work most likely misled by the copious, effusive adoration via soap opera fangirls.

    • soapgal

      I have to say I respectfully disagree. I think JS is one of the most talented, dedicated, and captivating actors on daytime. I think he is way overdue for an Emmy. Hopefully this is his year.

    • sarah

      Disagree : AS and JS are some of the better actors and the more charismatic on this soap HANDS DOWN ! And i am an actress..i know am not sure..eyeroll.

  • Linda

    They really need to get Sami away from EJ. They have ruined the once great actor. He needs to be more like his father and less up Sami’s butt they are so BORING together that I can’t stand to watch anymore. Sami just needs a very very very looooooong rest.

    • Linda

      In other words I love the EJ that he use to be the show has gone down hill since they have put EJ and Sami together. I notice the days that they are on together they are lower ratings.

      • realitycheck

        Ok first when they are together ratings are higher actually ! Secondly, you want Ej as some one-note cartoon evil character..THAT is BORING.
        Majority wants him as he is, grey and with Sami ! JS is not ruined at all..however he would be (or rather his character would be) if he was boring one-note villain..right now he is great and JS seems quite happy about it.

  • Caroline

    I sit in awe of this mans brilliance. Sometimes James doesn’t even have to have any dialogue and we clearly know what is going on with EJ. From his boyish charm to his utter despair the past few months James has given us his A Game along with Alison Sweeney and the fans appreciated every nuance. Thankful to the writers when they hit the right strides as well- the beautiful love letters EJAMI wrote and narrated to each other was such a gift. Thank you

  • lulu

    Great interview, although he did not speak too much about the show..I get his miss for the Ej from 2007, a young playboy who was so carefree and snarky..but also really dark..While i loved it, it is not viable long term on a soap..Moreover being a Stefano little clone who has to be one-note is getting old and boring after a while. A character like that has to come, wreak some avok and left..wash, rince and repeat..zzzzzzz, and not the best position for an actor who wants to work. A character like Ej needs some balance: a bit bad, a bit good, totally is the ‘winning’ equation..and JS seems quite happy with how his character me..grey, layered, complex and with his perfect female match : Sami Brady.
    TPTB just need to give him back the snarky, humor, witty repartee he had in 2007 and everything would be perfect. Of course in 2007, while the stories could be… least, the dialogue was great and gave more one-liners to ALL characters (not just a few like Victor..sigh..) but it was not the same writers. Hogan Sheffer for all his faults, is great at witty and snarky dialogue..something who really gave Ej Dimera an endearing quality..i understand, James, i miss that too.

  • Paul

    Who that poster that says EJ and Sami bring down ratings?
    What a stupid comment Days got its best ever ratings last week and the highest Days and it all about Ejami and their engagement party ok they were other storylines happening as well but highest Days was Monday and Tuesday and they were Ejami days since they been together Ratings have got a lot better much better than the rubbish ratings we got this time last year under Safe please think before you make such silly comments. James is best with Ali without Ejami this show would be really boring to watch I hope what ever James is talking about its good for Ejami he knows they are his biggest fan base and so does Days that why they write for them they know Ejami is their golden couple.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    EJ & Sami are the stars that make the show so popular. They bring excitement to the show. James & Ali have so much chemistry.