Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease Return to ‘DAYS’; First Airdate Revealed!

Paul Skipper/JPI Studiso
Paul Skipper/JPI Studios

We’ve been keeping a little secret for over a month now, and we can finally reveal what we’ve been dying to report: and are returning to “” as Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady!

A rep for the show confirms exclusively to Soap Opera Network that the pair will first appear on Monday, November 18 — right in the middle of sweeps! Are you excited to see Shane and Kimberly back in Salem? What would you like to see play out while they’re in town? And how do you think they’ll get along with their daughter, Theresa (aka Jeannie, played by )? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Noah Snyder

    WOW!!! That will give DAYS another huge ratings boost after the best season average in 4 years!! Soaps are the way to go in daytime!!

  • LC

    Well, since we lost Bo being the detective and will not be returning. Why not let Shane back to work again with Hope. That would be a good part for him for a while and he can help his daughter out also keeping her out of trouble while there.

  • Helen Brock

    Happy face

  • Sebastian

    My god, I was a huge fan of Kimberly Brady many moons ago. I think Patsy Pease is awesome. And I rememebr her being super popular. I have always wondered why they hadn’t brought her back. In fact, I always wanted to watch her play out the split personality storyline which got cut short when Pease left. I hope they give her good storyline and not just a sounding board to her daughter. Lots of old soap watchers like me (and Im not that old, early 40s) would come back to the fold.

  • Reesey

    I love the fact that Days is bringing back Kimberly (Pasty Pease), and Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy)! I loved seeing them together yrs ago always working together ast a team. I remember when Shane played the butler all those years ago, and Kimberly was secretly a prostitue, their scenes together were always done so brilliantly. I just hope that when they come back that they will reunite them as a couple. As for their daughther Theresa, she’s quite the handful! I would have thought that Kimberly could have handled her, but, maybe with Shane coming back and everyone else in Salem, they can turn that girl around. Now all Days has to do is make a wrong a right and bring back Peter Reckell as Bo Brady. He’s been gone for far too long, and Hope kind of just dangles their without him. Bo & Hope are the IT couple for Days, they have hot chemistry and bringing Peter back to his role would really spice things up on Days. Besides, the Salem PD needs him back, what with Rafe not being able to do his job, and his daughter Sierra needs him too. Actually, it would be great to bring Bo back w/Sean Douglas, Belle & their daughter. I think what’s missing is the whole Brady Clan together, they are the Days famly, afterall, and seeing them all back together and haning out at the Brady Pub would be a great ratings boost for the show.

  • Shelby

    Loved Kimberly and Shane years ago and now, “Welcome back to Salem!”

  • BuckAg

    It’s about time they allow Kim and Shane to share the screen once again. Patsy’s exquisite grace and gripping performances were unparalleled, and Charles’ timing and ability to match her toe-for-toe made Kim and Shane the best supercouple of the 80’s. Since their departure, Days hasn’t been the same. I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store. Who knows…maybe I will become a fan again. If not, I am content with watching the golden “Days” on Youtube.