CENTER STAGE: Super Smart Stud Redaric Williams Opens Up About Tyler’s Romantic Future

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

Fans of “’” (Tyler Michaelson) no doubt view the Michigan native as a hot hunk. But with a business degree from the University of North Texas under his belt as well as the cajones to start his own social media company, he is much more than just a pretty face. But even with the killer combination of brains and brawn, he admitted to Soap Opera Network that he was very nervous to become a part of Genoa City!

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

“The first day, I had a scene with and who play Neil and Leslie. There was so much going through my mind; it was all over the place,” he says with a laugh, adding that he’s not over exaggerating. “I was worried about everything: I was worried about the crease in my shirt to the way my eyebrow moved, anything you could imagine. Anything and everything you could think of.”

[pullquote_left] The fans are every single demographic you could imagine, every age category, and they’re from all over the place. So I think that’s what sort of amazed me, how diversified the fan base actually is. And I love them all.[/pullquote_left]

Fortunately, he’s since been able to overcome that fear. But he does say that every day on set is a challenge, due to the fact that “Y&R” sets such high standards. “There’s something very, very impressive about coming out onto this set when you’re about to go to work,” he explains. “The way that everything is just moving so fast, and the way that everyone just knows what they’re doing, and they’re executing everything very, very smooth. You get the sense of, ‘Okay, I don’t want to mess up. I’ve got to make sure that I do what I’m supposed to do, that I pull my portion of the rope.’”

If fans were polled, the majority would say that Williams has definitely delivered. And he would say the exact same thing to them! “I’ve met fans at restaurants and wherever, and they are some of the most genuine people. You know when you meet somebody, and you just get that warmth from them? Like that. Just such good people,” he says, adding that the most surprising thing about joining “Y&R” has been getting to know the fan base. “I thought I had soap fans pegged. But it’s not like that. The fans are every single demographic you could imagine, every age category, and they’re from all over the place. So I think that’s what sort of amazed me, how diversified the fan base actually is. And I love them all.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Speaking of fans, diehard lovers of Williams have been chomping at the bit for Tyler to land a leading lady. There’s been a tease of that possibly being Lily (), but the actor himself isn’t too sure that situation will fully pan out. “I think love is a stretch,” he teases of Tyler’s future. “He sees it; it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. But he’s in a tunnel. He’s really in a tunnel. So love is this little glimmer off in the distance.”

But that’s not to say he’s not searching for it, despite. “He is reaching for [love in his life]. You see that playing out: He’s reaching, he’s reaching, he’s reaching. And you’re going to see that the tunnel that I [mentioned] has a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs.”

And through that journey, Williams teases that his alter ego may become a completely different person! “He changes a lot,” he reveals. “What you see right now is not what you’re going to get.”

  • Truth Speaks

    Another bs fluff article piming a character the majority of fans still despise, & always will. If TPTB, mainly Angelica McDaniel, were not protecting this character, with her position, his arse, would be walking OUT the door. Outside of his ” pretty” face & body, he can not act. Hasn’t improved one iota since he arrived. Tyler, be gone!

    • Nk3play2

      Just because you happen not to like the character doesn’t mean majority of fans, or critics for that matter share your sentiment. People that actually really do hate the character are most likely Lane fans, and Williams is a great actor. No need to bash because you don’t like what the character is doing because he has been delivering great performances.

      • Truth Speaks

        So say you! ROFLMBO!

      • Felicity

        SO TRUE!!!! Lane fans r the only people who make effort to hate on him because they are scared that their boring sleep-indulging OTP are being threatened. Truth be told Lane are SOOOOO BORING! LOL. So glad Tyler is in there to add spice. R.W. is a GREAt actor & i so agree. Lane fans are pathetic. They think winning every SID poll & hating on RW will keep their boring couple together forever

        • PatF

          Not true.
          See my comments above.
          Most of us don’t care if Lily and Cane have some marital discord. Just not with this character.

          • lucy

            I would prefer Tyler with someone more interesting than Lily just prove everybody has DIFFERENT preference..not a big deal.

  • Truth Speaks

    PS, in the past 24 hrs, I have seen articles posted from the actors who play Cane, Hillary, & now from this “thespian”. I expect to see an article from Christel Khalil. Her character, Lily, will be affected by the lack of imagination, that is about to play across screens. But alas, that probably won’t happen, because, for some reason, Miss Khalil is often overlooked, & disrespected. Please, please prove me wrong, & have me come back to give mea culpas, & eat crow.

    • Lena

      They did one with her a couple of weeks ago. Let RW have his shine and stop hating!

      • Truth Speaks

        You have already diminished your position by accusing me of hating. I spoke the truth. Didn’t say all fans dislike him, I said majority. This is fact! As far as Christel’s interview goes, very little, of thatt interview discussed s/l. Time for another to hear her POV on what has been happening onscreen.

        • Tiiga

          and how do you know that majority of fans hate him.? I would like to know..because most of the people I know and see (who are NOT lily and cane fans) like the guy..

        • lucy

          EUH;;NO it is NOT a fact, get over yourself, some like him some don’t that is all, your opinion doesn’t matter more than any other..eyeroll

      • Runningmouth

        Coud say the same to you, since you posted this 18 days ago under the CK article..I guess only you can hate….
        Lena • 18 days ago

        Shannon Kane blows CK out of water

    • Tiiga

      why are the lily and cane fans even comment on this? what’s the point? we know that you hate rw/tyler because he’s coming between lily and cane so why should your negative opinion even matter? geez, let redaric williams have his shine, christel khalil did an interview a couple of weeks ago so why hate? he’s an actor, he’s only doing a job, you do realise it’s not reality so why don’t you just leave the man alone already

      • PatF

        I don’t think all of us who don’t like the character of Tyler care if Lily and Cane are “broken up”. It actually makes for good soap.
        I just don’t like HIS character. It has nothing to do with the actor or Cane and Lily.
        I was hoping Cane and Ashley would have done the deed.
        Tyler and Lily are not a match. At all.

        • Lucy

          And i don’t give a damn about Lily and Cane together and apart and i LIKE Tyler, everybody doesn’t have the same taste, doesn’t mean someone is more ‘righ’ than the other. Duh !

          • Runningmouth

            You are correct, and that is exactly why a lot of us do not give 2 shitz about Tyler..

      • Runningmouth

        The same reason you made the following comment under CK interview, 18 days ago….

        “Tiiga Harlee • 18 days ago

        I agree. Cane and Lily do nothing for me either. They actually put me to sleep. Lily was such a vibrant character back then when she was interacting with Kevin and Daniel. She lost me when she had her children with Cane. But I’m loving her again with this new storyline with Tyler. I think it is time to bring the sexy back. I love Tyler and Lily together.Tiiga Harlee • 18 days ago

        • Ali Mitchell

          I fell in love with Lily’s character right after she contracted the STD from Kevin. Was it just before or just after that that Kevin locked her in a refrigerator and set the building on fire, and then staged a rescue in order to redeem himself with the citizens of Genoa City? I also loved the story about Lily and Daniel running away together. Then Christal Khalil quit and they cast that other actress as Lily. I wrote a letter to CBS to get Christal back. Then she came back! I agree that Lily used to be a vibrant character, but I don’t think a relationship with Tyler is going to help bring her out of the ashes. Y & R writers used to be able to write stories that didn’t involve switching partners. They need to be creative and think of something else. Ha ha! I was just remembering that Kevin was a bad boy even back then.

  • PatF

    I’ve not been too impressed with they way they introduced and wrote the character. He seems like a nice dude and has a fantastic body, but not much to like about Tyler.

  • lucy

    I love Tyler and Redaric’s performance, he is sexy and not bad for a novice at acting.
    This little interview is cute but Redaric ALL fans are not nice and warmth..some are real nutty and you know it they will go as far as giving a bad name to soap opera say the least but i get the PR speech. I am looking forward to see what will happen to this Tyler character, he is a nice addition to Y&R and me thinks they will go for a Tyler/Abby pairing pretty soon..and i like that !

  • ♦ Wendy ♦

    Great, great interview! Redaric Williams is so much mure than just a pretty face, he’s smart, talented and down to earth, I love that. It’s a blessing to have him on the show. Definitely the best addition ever! I’m really looking forward to see what will happen to Tyler’s character. I hope Tyler and Lily become a thing lol!

  • sarah

    I love Tyler and think RW is doing a great job.

  • Tiiga

    I loved this interview!..Thanks Y&R for bringing in such an amazing and gorgeous actor, he’s definitely one of the few reasons why I watch the show!!..And I think that Tyler and Lily make a supa great and sexy couple, I hope the writers write for them because there’s huge potential there!!

  • ChickAlfredo

    Y&R, thank you so much Redaric Williams! One of the best newbies you’ve had in a long time. Hope to see more of him, and Christel in the future! #Tily #YR

  • My Todd

    Sorry to say this dude is all beefcake and no sustance. His storyline is such a bore and he adds nothing to try and bring it to life.

  • Bama

    I think RW is doing a great job honestly and at first all I wanted him to do was stand there & look pretty bc I thought he wasn’t that good. I realize now, the man has talent.. I need him away from Lily though. He has too much potential to keep him with her character.

  • Deena

    Tyler is amazing. I think what’s interesting about him is that behind all the sweet talking and good looks there is so much layers to him. I think he has great chem w/ Lily ..just let it happen ALREADY!!! Lane are too boring to watch. Red is such a good actor, he really delivers. And the eye candy doesn’t hurt. xD #TeamTyler

  • Anne

    Lily and Tyler feel forced to me and they have no sparks between them. I can deal with Tyler better when he is in scenes with Noah and Abby. I also would like to see Tyler and Abby get together, I think they would be a good couple together. #TeamTabby

  • lblanson

    I think you are A good looking man, your acting is ok I just wish they would get you the hell out of Cane’s and Lily’s life. Tyler and Lily have no chemistry. plus Lily belong to Cane and Cane belong to Lily. “CASE CLOSED” this is all be cause JG and JFP ARE BIG OLD FASHION RACISTS

  • Margaret-Rose Dalton

    Hot Sexy Tyler please stay around!!!Mr Georgous!! Hope they give you a romance with your new model Summer???

  • Susie

    His character is so BORING. His acting is so BORING. He doesn’t seem relaxed at all.

  • Ali Mitchell

    I don’t know why they always have to make the black man so rough, tough and angry all the time. They did that with the last Malcolm and it ruined the character. Even Devon is always scowling. Neil and the first Malcolm are the only black male characters who were able to be soft spoken and smile from time to time. Nothing against Redarick’s acting, but the character is one-note and has a boring story line. Lily and Tyler should definitely not get together. There aught to be at least one married couple left in Genoa City who has children that came from the two of them and not from a previous relationship. I’m so sick of watching these stupid story lines that include ‘play dates’ for the divorced parent who is no longer living with their child. Then the current spouse inevitably thinks that the parents are cultivating an affair disguised as visits with their child. This story line is as old as they come.