Reducing 58 Episodes from Planned 168 Per Year Schedule Leaves Only 110 Eps Each for ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’; Can Prospect Park Grow It Back Though?

Prospect Park

On Thursday, May 16, Prospect Park announced its plan to reduce the episode orders of both “” and “” from the previously planned 168 original episodes per year (excluding Friday “MORE” shows) to just 110 episodes. Fans remain divided on whether the stated reasons behind the change from four original episodes to just two per week was in fact due to the binge viewing the company claimed in their press release or some bigger reason(s) we’re all not privy to, however, the company does admit they can quickly change things should the demand catch up to the supply.

“When the demand grows for more episodes we have the ability to readjust quickly,” a statement read on the “AMC” Facebook page after a concerned viewer asked,”how far into the future will a decision be made about whether there will be more episodes ordered beyond the 110?” The “AMC” Facebook page added to their response in which they said, “The demand of episodes is measured by viewership of each episode.” Of course, that means the more you watch, the more you get. Isn’t that how it’s always been though?

What Do You Think?

  • Guest100

    I don’t believe the press release. I think they want to get new viewers and think they won’t watch 4 times a week.

  • no thats not how it has always been daytime tv was on every day for five days a week and it should be you will get and keep viewers only with a good script, great cast, adn keeping true to the legacy both shows are running nicely if u ask me so keep to the regular plan

  • put it back like it was and leave it alone!!!!!!

  • i was excited to have my stories back & that a canadian tv station called FXCanada was picking them up. then now to come and find out fxcanada won’t be airing the soaps anymore and Prospect Park is cutting them down, americans can watch the soaps for free on hulu, we can;t access hulu so now if us canadians want to watch the soaps we have to pay for ITUNES, this really pisses alot of us canadians off, I am ready to say screw it, no matter how much i love my stories i am not paying to watch them..

  • Lisa

    This is a big mistake because now that there is only going to be 2 episodes per week, people are going to give up and not even bother watching it at all. I was so happy to have it back again, just to be let down once again. If this is what you were going to do, then you shouldn’t have bothered bringing it back at all. This is a terrible idea. Who wants to watch a soap that is only one half hour twice per week. You let me down Prospect Park. This stinks.

  • dancer226

    Boo! We want more!

  • Wing770

    What a big let down!!! You bring back our long loved soaps with only less than 30 mintues includung comericals. Now it is only twice a week and still less than 30 mins. Come on now!!! Give us the Fans a break. Give us our soaps and make them an hour long.


    Please put both soaps back on four days a week. I don’t believe what they were saying, that it was “overwhelming” for people to watch four episodes a week? What are you thinking. PLEASE put One Life to Live and All My Children Back on the regular schedule. If you keep messing with it, then you are really going to discourage people and make tons of people upset.

  • Such bull. Once again PP has failed everyone especially the actors, How can all of the actors be expected to stay with OLTL when the have the fit the entire cast into two days a week. They were so excited just to be let down once more by this shaddy company. Now they say after the run the commited 110 episodes they make just quit. I don’t buy for a second viewers weren’t watching. People were watching and the message boards prove it. They didn’t lose interest one one week. Your scripts stink. Too much nudity, drug, cussing and alcohol. We old timers don’t want to see a girl drooling over a half naked man while she takes pictures for half of the show and we sure don’t want to see all the young people on the show constantly drinking. The cuss words weren’t necessary in daytime and not now. Good story is what we want. Too many people also got very angry over them refusing to let 3 of them stay on GH. This is America. People have a right to work where they want. Thank god they went to GH at least they still are on tv and working.

  • AMC Girl

    AMC viewers are too intelligent to believe the BS excuse that PP is giving for cutting the shows back to 2x a week. I can’t even get those two days as FX Canada seems to have dropped it from their schedule. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How can they do the to the actors and crew, let alone the viewers?!?!?

  • Maureen B

    I was thrilled to have the shows back! I was disappointed at the drinking, cursing and focus on sex. The story lines are good, but the dialogue needs some work. To hear Bo talking in circles is disconcerting, at best. He’s such an intelligent, intuitive character. Now, to have the shows dropped to twice a week is very disheartening. I have watched All My Children since the very first episode & One Life to Live since the early 70’s. I am a life-long fan and believe that the shows deserve respect and continuity. Please reconsider the track you are taking with these classics.

  • Lou-Ellen Jeanson

    Please bring back both oltl and amc to fx canada

  • Vi Sartin

    I want these shows back to 4 x’s a week. Soap Opera viewers/fans are use to watching 1 hour 5 times a week for each show. To tell us people are overwhelmed with the 4 day 1/2 hour schedule is an insult to our intelligence. I’m overwhelmed that I have to wait till Tuesday to see the next OLTL. Please fix it for the fans, actors and for PP, because people will lose interest and the dollars and the time spent will be lost. If you can’t change the airing of these shows, at least give us the real reason instead of the bull that was in the release to explain. We are not mushrooms, so don’t keep us in the dark and feed as crap!

  • MV

    Very disappointed in the change. I never really watched AMC or OLTL until now. I did watch OLTL briefly back around 1993, then stopped. I was looking forward to 4 days of both programs. With a 2 day schedule, I probably will watch briefly again after this news. If they are going to only do two days, they should make both 1 hour each. This new schedule will cause both shows to fail very quickly. Bad move Prospect Park.

  • Martha Spicer

    Come on. I am now paying to watch AMC and you cut it back to two short episodes per week. And the press release insults the loyal watchers from old days. We never got overwhelmed watching five one hour episodes. And we are supposed to be overwhelmed with four 30 minute episodes! Give us back the four episodes or I will cancel my subscription and stop watching AMC. Bad move

  • jillian matthews

    they are full of it at this point they are just wasting my money I want my shows back I even answer their stupid ad is this relevant to you question during each break just to do my part to help keep my shows coming and they go and cut it back to 2 twenty five minute shows each per week its a rip off and I’m seriously fed up with their games and them jerking the fans around and treating us like we’re idiots put it back to 4 or I’m canceling we’re getting jipped and for bs reasons too GET UR ACT TOGETHER pp!