Return Date Set for ‘GH’s’ Lulu!

TeleNext Media, Inc.
TeleNext Media, Inc.

’s” Luke and Laura Spencer ( and ) won’t have to fret about their missing daughter for long: Lulu disappeared and has been off the canvas since Julie Marie Berman last aired on March 22, but now, her new portrayer, , has announced when her nuLulu will be hitting the screen!

“My first airdate for GH is April 11,” the actress tweeted, meaning there’s only one week to go before fans can see her ABC debut. But will she be in Port Charles for her first appearance? Guess you’ll have to tune in and find out!

  • I can’t wait to see the debut of new Lulu on April 11,2013. I can’t wait to see the Spencer and Dante finally meet up with the new Lulu.

  • njs

    Bring Jason back, GH not the same without him..

    • How true. It’s much better. The mobster era is finally coming to an end.

      • kaityboobear

        i want Robin, jason , the real lulu to come back

  • Swazie

    So glad they recast. I was worried she was gone for two years or something. Loved the real Lulu but the story line really needs her in it. I’ll hope for a Carly outcome. Although I remember the other Carly’s, the current one is the best!

  • parks

    yeah. a more grown up looking lulu! I’m just afraid she may look a little “old” to be paired with Dante, fingers crossed. but quite honestly, I think she’d look smoking hott with that Stravros guy” he is super cute!