ABC, CBS and NBC Refuse To Air ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’ Ads?

CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

The behind-the-scenes drama that’s been brewing since Prospect Park filed a lawsuit against ABC on April 18 is about to get even soapier! According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, Prospect Park producers wished to buy ad space for “” and “” during broadcast soaps (“,” “,” “,” and “”), but CBS and NBC allegedly refused to help promote the competition — and in light of the $25 million lawsuit Prospect Park launched against ABC, the alphabet network isn’t willing to run spots for the show, either!

Though CBS has previously featured ads for Hulu (which is distributing “AMC” and “OLTL”, as is Hulu Plus and iTunes), a source reveals to THR that the network views “AMC” and “OLTL” as direct competition to its successful soap, “B&B,” which may be a reason why fans won’t be seeing ads for the -created sudsers there. Meanwhile, over at NBC, the network heads were reportedly open to touting the shows during their primetime lineup, but refused to air ads for the sudsers within the time slot of its last remaining soap opera, “DAYS.”

NBC Universal
NBC Universal

As a side note regarding NBC, however, THR reports that “Prospect Park’s buying agency made a preliminary request for information on budgets and availability, but never followed up,” and that “NBC never turned them down for ads because there was never any actual request, and no creative work related to possible ads was ever shown to them for approval by their standards and practices department (which would be necessary before they an ad could run).”

And now here’s where the real drama begins: According to the article, ABC sources insist that, in the light of the licensing deal it made with Prospect Park, the network was willing to run ads for “AMC” and “OLTL,” but when Prospect Park submitted an ad on April 17 — just one day before filing the lawsuit against the network — that prominently featured Roger Howarth (who, with Prospect Park’s permission, was to appear on both “OLTL” and “GH” as Todd Manning at the same time), ABC refused the ad “on the grounds that it would confuse the audience.”

Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group

Fortunately for fans, despite the network hiccups, the revived versions of “All My Children” and “One Life to Life” have both seen abundant press coverage, both in the form of television ads (which began airing on The CW Network last week) and in television appearances — which have included some ABC coverage, such as “AMC’s” (David Hayward) and (Zach Slater) appearing on an episode of “” on Thursday, April 25. And fans can look forward to the launch, which will happen via on iTunes, Hulu and Hulu Plus on Monday, April 29.

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  • While it makes sense that they wouldn’t run the ads. But ABC really isn’t doing themselves any favors right now with their choice in wording. They are coming off as petulant and childish……and honestly…..if they don’t start behaving like grownups…..they will soon be battling the peacock network for the basement.

    • Do not put ABC in the same sentence as grownups. Lol Hopefully they will run out of feet to shoot, and mouthes to stick those feet in! 😉

  • Bex

    I can understand why the other networks refuse to air their ads, but PP loaned their actors to GH, and later lost them to GH and now then refuse to run the ads.

  • Betsy

    Are the people going to be charged for watching OLTL & AMC?

    • Stern

      that depends. hulu is free. hulu plus and itunes are not and should not. if you want oltl and amc on your ipad or iphone or w/e you pay 1 dollar an ep. if you want to view it for free, see it on hulu, they’ve released 2 vids explaining how to view them for free.

    • Hulu is free but if you wanted to see it on your other device that you must get Hulu plus and Itunes I hope that PP will get a television deal where it will be show on cable channel and regular TV channel.

  • I can understand why ABC didn’t wanted to show the ad because for year ABC was claiming that they was losing money on the three soap show and decide replace with some better show. The better show didn’t work. The Chew is the only show that still on the show while the other show that replace One Life To Life is off the air. I can’t wait until Monday April 29,2013 at noon when both my two show return. Good luck to the future.

  • How childish! AMC & OLTL will be airing 24/7, there is no “competition” with the remaining TV soaps! The stations should be promoting for PP, just to show support for the genre, if nothing else! Not for nothing, but becsuse we fought so hard to get them back, it should have the remaining soaps a little more secure, that soaps are still important to us all!

  • Can someone tell me why the Friday recap shows are produced by nbc’ s peacock productions?

    • pudman56

      I can’t answer that, but after watching the first one for OLTL, I don’t bother. I want the drama, not a mini-View about the show.

  • pudman56

    So ABC will cancel 2 of it’s soaps, but when they look successful online they won’t promote them. I know AMC and OLTL are no longer ABC soaps, but talk about acting like children. Personally, I’m enjoying the online soaps better because the 1/2 hour format, which is what soaps used to be, are not composed of a bunch of filler time.

  • pudman56

    Does anyone know if it’s still true that Todd will show up on OLTL occasionally? That’s my dream. I started watching GH again just because he and McBain moved there but it’s just stupid that they are now returning as completely different characters. I would love to see Todd, even if it’s only every couple of months.

  • MeDe

    I am so mad that they took off 1/2 of the episodes of both AMC & OLTL!!!
    We waited a long time to get them back and then to only get a half an hour…we can live with that, but only two days a week????? Can NOT live with that!! BRING BACK ALL 110 episodes!! I will not and do not watch the recap! Why bother if we can watch every show? Take off the recap and bring back all original planned episodes!