‘The Young and the Restless’ To Amp Up Sex, Romance and Intrigue!

Cliff Lipson/CBS
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Tuesday, March 26 marks the 40th anniversary of “’” very first episode, and in celebration, the show is offering up plenty of special glimpses into its iconic past. For starters, the soap’s official website currently features 40th Anniversary photo galleries and videos, and there’s an option for fans to answer trivia questions for a chance to win a VIP trip to Los Angeles to tour the set and attend the show’s on-set Anniversary event. But as , the Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime, says: The show’s 40th Anniversary is also the perfect opportunity to start focusing on what’s ahead.

“It’s a great time to start looking toward the future and the next generation and what ‘Y&R’ is going to look like for the next 40 years,” she stated at a press event last week, adding that new and young stars like (Noah Newman), (Mason Wilder), (Dylan McAvoy), (Leslie Michaelson), (Carmine Basco), (Fenmore Baldwin), (Summer Newman), (Alex Chavez) and (Tyler Michaelson) will help the show continue to thrive and maintain the Number One Daytime Drama title it’s held since 1988. “[These actors have come in] to supplement the amazing talent that we already have and take us to the next level.”


But what exactly is in store for these faces, as well as for other characters like Victor Newman (), Sharon Newman (), Phyllis Summers (), Ashley Abbott () and Nicholas Newman ()?

Headwriter is notorious for keeping mum about future story details, but he did offer up a little preview of what’s to come for the 40th Anniversary and beyond. “We’ve just been warming up,” he teased for reporters. “And we’re going to get hotter, sexier, more romantic, more intriguing and more suspenseful as the months go by.”

  • tess

    Sounds juicy. The writing on Y&R has improved immensely since Josh Griffith took over as principal scribe. I look forward to his stories.

  • SoapDetective

    Everything has plummeted since Griffith and Farren Phelps took the reigns. Bring back the wonderful intrigue and sophistication of Maria Arena Bell please! What a disappointment the last few months have been, what with literally dropping alomost all the storylines already in progress and giving us snoozeballs like Avery/Nick and a lot of baking, Jack & Phyllis (?? really??), MS and a lot of piano playing, and Adriana lackluster appeal… You can just see the writing on the headwriter’s wall: “We need more romance in this show”. Well romance without cause or motivation is just dull.

    • jonboy

      You’ve got to be kidding! MAB caused me to stop watching for three years.

  • Stephen Marcus

    Typical comments for a soap writer. So far, he has turned the show into a massive PSA regarding drug abuse, MS, anit-bullying, adoption and whatever happens to be wrong with Kay–not so sexy, huh?

    JG is nonetheless a solid writer on par with Y&R vet Jack Smith. The show needed a little new blood but already has a lot of talent on canvus. Got a feeling JFP wants to make Y&R HER show which means a lot of fan favs will disapear.
    Y&R already has the late 20/30somethings covered and now there are just a glut of these sorts of characters. Yes, the show is better but it is also boring and the ratings reflect it. MAB was burned out but this show does not feel like Y&R.

  • Rich

    Nicki’s piano playing is not something new, it’s something that hack MAB totally ignored, She was always playing the piano in years gone by. MTS has her degree in piano performance. The sls are exciting, the dialogue is intelligent again. You can tell the actors are more into their characters than those last horrible years.

    • tess

      I agree with you, Rich that the show is better. I like fresh stories that are off the wall and never before seen. But under MAB, Y&R was about doppelgangers and nonstop murder stories and police investigations. It snatched my attention for a while, but after a few months, the stories became repetitive. Every several months, Patti would appear with that stuffed kitty.

      The only thing I don’t like about Griffith is how he took over and immediately discarded stories that he didn’t care for. Phyllis was not held accountable for attempted vehicular homicide. I think that was her crime. Daisy reappeared and I wondered what she was up. I think writers should resolve stories, not just drop them.