The Battle for Alderson, Easton and Howarth

May sweeps are a month away, but it looks like the upcoming onscreen drama won’t be able to hold a candle to the real-life drama brewing between ’s “” and ABC’s “.”


After Prospect Park’s plans to reboot both “OLTL” and “” for the web fell through in November 2011, the company was approached by ABC who was interested in transplanting the characters of Todd Manning, Starr Manning and John McBain to Port Charles as portrayed by their originators , and . The understanding at the time between ABC and Prospect Park was that the characters would be utilized on “GH” until plans to reboot “OLTL” came back into play as Prospect Park didn’t want to hold the Llanview 3 from working. Since their debuts in Port Charles in early 2012, the characters have tested very high with both viewers and focus groups and have played a large role in the overall audience growth for “GH” compared to its 2011 performance in the Nielsen . Unfortunately, things behind the scenes weren’t looking as good.

Prospect Park
Prospect Park

With the success of the characters on “GH,” and noting that the actors portraying them were signed to contracts with ABC, the network wanted to keep the characters in Port Charles despite learning that Prospect Park had announced its intentions to move forward with rebooting “OLTL” for the web. Things only went downhill from there. On Friday, February 1, Michael Easton announced on his Facebook page that he [along with Howarth and Alderson] would be departing the set of “GH” on Friday, February 8 “due to some ongoing legal this and that.” The “this and that” was ABC and Prospect Park not being able to come to terms on how to handle the “OLTL” characters on “GH” now that Llanview was coming back to life.

Hours after Easton posted his message, ABC released a statement that read: “‘General Hospital’ is excited about Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth staying on the show and we are exploring ways to allow that to happen.”

Prospect Park issued its own response on the matter where it said, “Prospect Park understands that ‘General Hospital’ has featured Llanview transplants Michael Easton (John) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) among others while we arranged production of the new version of ‘One Life to Live.’ These characters, who we own under our agreement, are obviously essential to our production efforts, and a large reason we licensed the program. We also understand that legions of ‘General Hospital’ fans have grown to love these actors and characters in a short time. So even though we are paying ABC millions of dollars to license the shows, we have been, and continue to be willing to equally share the characters with ‘General Hospital’ and ABC. It’s a win-win for the actors, the shows and fans, who love all of the shows and storylines. We hope to work out these agreements with ABC and the actors.”

David M. Russell/Prospect Park
David M. Russell/Prospect Park

It was understood that should ABC and Prospect Park not come to an agreement that ABC would create new characters for the trio on “GH.” ‘s made that ever more clear when he reported on Monday, March 25 that the actors “will soon return to ‘GH’ after being forced to vacate the show for several weeks.” Logan added, “It seems we’ll no longer see Easton as John McBain, ditto Howarth as Todd Manning or Alderson as Todd’s daughter Starr. ABC doesn’t want to risk any more legal entanglements with Prospect Park, which currently owns the rights to all ‘OLTL’ characters, and the only way to do that is to have the three stars play characters that in no way resemble the current ones. Word is, ‘GH’ head writer is devising some clever ways to work around the headache, even though John, Todd and Starr are now tightly woven into Port Charles society and all three are involved in blooming romances.”

s reported a slighly different version of events from what Logan reported. While confirming that Easton and Alderson would in fact be returning to “GH” as new characters, Rice could only say that “GH” was “reportedly looking to do the same with Roger Howarth, who is currently shooting episodes for ‘OLTL’ as Todd Manning — but for only two and a half months. That’s all Prospect Park could get from Howarth, who was heavily wooed by ‘GH’ to stay in Port Charles.”

Although it isn’t clear how it would legally be possible after the latest brouhaha, a representative for Howarth still insists that the actor will complete his four week stint at “OLTL” and will then return to “GH” in the role of Todd Manning. “As far as Roger and I know, he’s still going to play Todd on ‘GH,'” the rep tells Soap Opera Network.

Reps for Alderson and Easton did not respond to requests for comment. A representative for “GH” would only say, “There is nothing to announce at this time.” No official statement was released by Prospect Park as it did in early February, but a representative for the company did tell Soap Opera Network “Roger is reprising his role for ‘OLTL.'” It’s understood that they meant for the four weeks they had already signed him for, which will result in his airing on “OLTL” for 2 1/2 months.

Prospect Park is reportedly shelling out $8.5 million a year in licensing fees to ABC for both “OLTL” and “All My Children.” With production resuming on both soaps in late February, the endeavor has put more than 200 actors, production staff and crew members to work.

Stay tuned as the twists and turns continue to develop.

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  • This is one of the most confusing articles I have ever read. Seriously. smh

  • Kendra

    What’s confusing about it? The situation is a mess but the article was pretty clear.

  • CTwildheart

    *SIGH* I wish ABC/D would just cooperate! But I’m not surprised they don’t want to share.

    • It doesn’t seem like it’s ABC who isn’t cooperating, but Easton and Alderson. We see Howarth made a deal to return, but not the other two. As the article states, PP has made it clear they’re willing to share and according to reports, they only initially needed Alderson to film for a week and Easton for 4 weeks. But neither actor will comply.

      • CTwildheart

        The actors are under contract, they do what they are told…it is abc/D who will not cooperate.

        • Philip

          What good would it do if ABC/GH did cooperate and share the characters. The writers at OLTL would always own the characters and have first say so story wise. That limits what Ron C could even do with the 3 characters esp in new relationships for the characters. I just don’t see that ever working out and esp. with the way the PP shows tape so far ahead….things could happen on GH with Todd but he would have already taped the shows on OLTL before they ever happened. But both shows would be airing at the same time. It would be too confusing for fans who might be watching both shows for the characters. What if OLTL decides to pair Todd back up with Blair…but Blair is not on GH. That would just leave Todd in limbo in Port Charles.

          • lulu

            right in the money, the problems are all in all between ABC and PP..and what they want to do with these three seems they want pretty different things and directions for these characters in each show..

        • Yes, they are under contract with ABC, but ABC can’t tell them they can’t participate in OLTL. Currently, the actors have been removed from the show, as they can’t portray those characters on GH until the dispute is resolved.

          If they wanted to, they could return to OLTL during this downtime. That’s what Roger Howarth is doing. ABC can’t tell them they can’t. They don’t own the actors. They can’t prevent you from taking a job somewhere else unless it prevents you from doing the work they’ve contracted you to do. And seeing as how they’re currently not working on GH, they’re free to film for OLTL. It wouldn’t be preventing them from working on GH.

          It seems they just don’t want to, for whatever reason.

          • CTwildheart

            I don’t understand why you don’t understand. When you are in a contract – you DO have certain obligations and limitations put on you by the employer (ABC/D). ABC CAN tell them they cannot participate.

        • GeminiDeb

          Why is everyone making ABC/D out to be the bad guy here? Contractually, Prospect Park owns the characters of John McBain, Todd Manning and Starr Manning. They are the ones who told GH that they wanted the characters back.

          • CTwildheart

            Because PP has said they were willing to work with ABC/D and only wanted the characters back for a short amount of time.

          • They wanted the characters back briefly for the launch…to tie up ends, as it SHOULD have been. I wish everyone had just cooperated.

      • Irish Girl

        Easton and Alderson have relocated to the West coast. That’s a hell of a commute to deal with. Howarth still maintains a base in NY, I believe, so it’s not as much of an onus for him. Regardless, even Howarth negotiated a deal to do just that four weeks, and that was it. PP couldn’t get him to agree to any more than that. He, like the others, wants to stay at GH.

        Aside from that, why shouldn’t the actors have a say? It IS their jobs being discussed, and they aren’t just pieces of meat. They have a stake in this too. Why people think they don’t is baffling to me.

        And finally, saying that “neither actor will comply” is a little presumptuous; we don’t have any idea what the full scope of demands were. PP probably didn’t tell us all of them — in fact, I’d lay money down they didn’t, and that there was a lot more to it.

        • Well said. It’s the actors that got stuck in the middle here and they aren’t the ones to blame for this whole mess. They should have a say in what they want to do or not do. They aren’t indentured servants.

          We don’t really know what PP’s offers to the actors looked like. KA may have been asked to do only a week but would travel and a place to stay during those 2 weeks be at her expense? We don’t know. Or maybe she just flat out didn’t want to do it…which is her choice.

          Either way it is a shame that this is now hanging off OLTL 2.0’s head. I wish they would have just focused on the wonderful cast that they already have…the actors that want to be there.

        • I cant fault them at all, and I dont blame them for wanting to stay on GH now that they relocated to CA. BUT, they could be willing to do a breif period on OLTL, to help reboot the show, and to help tie up any lose ends with these characters. Thats all! And then they could come back to GH. It should have been no biggie! I hope it can still happen!

        • Yes, Alderson has relocated to LA, but with her mom. Her father still lives in their home in Philly, which I might add isn’t too far to commute or go stay for a 4 wk stint as Starr to do a cross over. Heck she could drive back and forth… apparently Robin Strasser/Dorian is driving or being driven, back and forth to location when she is shooting from upstate NY. As for Michael Easton, do we know that he hasn’t any family local in the area? Not sure but there again, For a couple of weeks to shoot his scenes and then go back to being John on GH…and I would be willing to bet PP would put him up in a very nice hotel.

          • Irish Girl

            She doesn’t WANT to commute. Is this not clear? Nor did Easton. And we don’t know if PP was willing to put them up, or where, or how far from the studio, or even if they were willing to foot the bill. that’s the point. None of us knows what the offer was. Evidently it wasn’t satisfactory to the actors involved, and they declined. And that is their prerogative.

          • GeminiDeb

            I don’t want to burst your bubble but the commute from the suburbs of Philadelphia to Stamford, CT on a daily basis would suck. In rush hour that has to be a 3 – 4 hour commute.

    • Irish Girl

      ABCD has been no angel, this is true, but if you think PP has been lily-white in this mess, you’re deluding yourself.

      • CTwildheart

        Definitely not, but I’ll take them over abc/d any day.

        • Irish Girl

          I wouldn’t. ABC may not be a font of altruism, but they don’t pretend to be. PP scares the hell out of me with the bad planning, bad PR, and rather unprofessional business conduct. They have not handled the GH3 issue well at all, and some other stuff I’ve seen gives me huge pause.

          • OH come on! ABC/Disney are bullies, and so is Frank! He thought he could literally gamble with these 3 actors and he lost! Now, it’s up to RC to figure out how he’s going to make these 3 actors NOTHING like the 3 on OLTL (all 3 characters by the way who have been entrenched in Llanview history for several years). Knowing RC, he will make a mess of this, and it’s only going to result in curtains for GH sooner than later!

          • Irish Girl

            I have no doubt they’ll make it work; despite the caterwauling, both Ron and Frank have demonstrated their abilities; they’re very good at what they do. You might not LIKE what they do, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good at it. Those of you who keep saying it’ll result in ‘curtains’ for GH are engaging in wish/revenge fantasy fulfillment, because it simply ain’t gonna happen. LOL

            As for bullies? This is television. They’re ALL going to be “bullies” as you put it. That’s the nature of the beast and the business. If you think that PP wasn’t equally as aggressive, then you’re deluding yourself there, too.

      • But the point is that GH knew that the 3 characters were basically on loan till PP was ready to start the reboot. Not to mention PP owns the rights to these characters now. And not to mention that PP is paying ABC 8.5 million a year in licensing fees! So who do you think is in the right? ABC could have been more willing to share, especially in the begining as PP needed the characters to reboot the show and tie up lose ends with the characters. They would be back on GH in a couple of months. Geez, its not like GH doesn’t have characters that we don’t see for months anyway! We don’t see Luke for a few months at times! ABC is just being ABC again! ABC stands for (A) (B)unch of (C)rap!

        • I totally agree!!

        • CTwildheart

          Exactly Tiffany! 😉

        • Irish Girl

          ABC was ready to give the characters back right from the get-go of this entire saga. It was Prospect Park that said, “Wait, no, let’s SHARE!” ABC was going to create new characters and give the OLTL creations back. It was only when PP went to Disney and inveigled them to make ABC negotiate with them on sharing that this entire brouhaha started — and it started because PP didn’t only want the characters. They wanted the actors, too, and that’s why they dug their heels in when ABC was ready to hand over. It wasn’t enough, and they wanted more.

          • Kim

            So sorry, but you are wrong. ABC did NOT want to give the characters right back. They asked for another extension on them. PP then offered to share the characters.

          • Irish Girl

            Er, no…I believe you’re mistaken; it was actually the other way around. 🙂

            ABC still owns the characters; they only licensed them to PP. The licensing was about to run out around December, and PP asked for an extension, which ABC granted. Then when PP wanted the characters back, ABC was ready to do that, but they were relinquishing the characters ONLY — not the actors.


          • CTwildheart

            Irish Girl…do you work for ABC/D? PP has the rights to the characters because they were licensed – ABC/D cannot tell them what to do with the characters. ABC/D never had to release the characters, just the actors as they ARE under contract with them and ABC/D never wanted to. PP was willing to let them relaunch and wrap up on OLTL and then go back to GH – ABC/D said no.

          • Irish Girl

            No, ABC still owns the characters; they just licensed the rights to PP. PP has current control of them, but they do NOT own them.

          • CTwildheart

            Right PP has the rights (or as you say: the current control) of the CHARACTERS, not the actors. ABC/D controls the actors.

          • Irish Girl

            I dislike the word “control” with regard to actors. Actors are actual people. The network has a mutual contract/agreement with the actors, and PP has current control, but not ownership, of the characters. It can get confusing, I’ll grant you.

        • EXACTLY, Tiffany! Well said.

  • McBamFan

    SO basically nothing new to report and just a recap. 🙁

    • Irish Girl

      Pretty much, yeah.

    • lulu

      yep ! It was just a summary it

  • JudyB

    I would LOVE to know what is is that the ACTORS want!!! The idea to bring them back to GH as totally NEW characters is really, REALLY dumb!!

    • Irish Girl

      Depends on how it’s written, really. It’s no dumber than people coming back from the dead.

    • lulu

      They want to stay on GH but don’t mind coming on the OLTL web version as guests.

      • And I think this is how it SHOULD have been handled…then ABC would have kept me watching GH, but no…they had to be jerks about it. 🙁

    • I started watching GH to see John McBain and Starr Manning, not just the actors that play them! I’m extremely disappointed with ABC that they have, once again, screwed things up for us! I will be completely done with GH (which I never even wanted to watch in the first place) once my beloved OLTL and AMC are back. I WISH that I was going to be seeing John and Starr in Llanview, DAMN ABC for screwing soap fans over yet again, I will NEVER forgive them for all this! 🙁

  • OldGHFan

    These 3 actors are not worth this fight. It just makes me so frustrated to see GH put up this big of a fight and even consider bringing back these 3 actors as different characters. If that happens I am done. I was so excited about the momentum the new writer and producer had made on the show. But to do something this stupid in bringing back 3 actors as different characters just proves to me they don’t care about GH at all…they just care about their favorites. Cut your losses. Use the money to focus on characters that really matter to GH. Keep some of the vets they don’t have money for. This is so stupid. Both the people behind the scenes and the actors knew they were playing characters that did not belong to the show. They took a chance. Now it is time to cut your losses and move on. The idea of bringing back 3 actors who are so familiar in the roles they play now is just an insult. It’s like saying we know we can do whatever we want…fans will believe anything or accept anything we do. Well this fan won’t. I am not that stupid. I expect more out of the show I watch.

    • Irish Girl

      The actors are under contract to ABC. If you were in their shoes, I think you’d want to stay employed. Why should they be penalized for a squabble they didn’t start? And these characters as well as the actors DO matter, or there wouldn’t BE a squabble.

      It amazes me that so many people think it’s okay to just fire people as if they were disposable. Soaps bring new actors on all the time, as well as veterans and returns. Deal with it.

      • LukeSpencer

        Anybody wants to stay employed. Duh. But sorry any actor knows that they can be fired anytime. There are no guarantees in any job in the entertainment industry. Plus they are not dummies, they can read just like all of us can. Prospect Park was sold the rights to these characters. The three actors signed contracts with ABC to play characters that ABC no longer owned. They knew they were taking risks. Plus their friends and old bosses were the ones who hired them on the new show. Those 2 bosses had to know it too. It was a risk but they wanted to work so they took it. Actors are fired every single day. Do you think that the actors who have been fired recently from GH wanted to lose their jobs? Do you think the writers that were fired so that Ron C. could hire his friends wanted to lose their jobs? No they didn’t. Is it okay that Ron C. thought those people who had worked at GH for years were just disposable? But it is the nature of the entertainment industry. People get fired every day. TV shows get cancelled and people move on. It happens.

        And sorry but these 3 actors are no better than any other to be penalized by anything. They took a risk like any actor does when they sign a contract. It’s the business. Furthermore it’s life. None of us are promised that life is ever fair.

        • lulu

          Oh please right now almost majority of GH vet are coming back on the show and THEY have stories so stop the hypocritical ‘GH actors are snubbed for the three ex-OLTL actors’ it is just not true.

          • Irish Girl


          • Luke Spencer

            Why don’t you stop putting words into someone’s mouth that they never said. I don’t care whether they were snubbed over anyone or not. I just said they are no better than anyone else that has lost a job. You are the one who is acting as if they are. This has nothing to do with who is getting stories and who isn’t.

            I just don’t see where they are this important that Ron, Frank and ABC feel they have to put up this big fight. These are all adults and they knew the situation before it began. It is not as if they didn’t know. Remember Ron and Frank both worked for Prospect Park last year. They knew what the deal was. And Prospect Park is paying ABC 8.5 million dollars a year to use these characters.

            Ron, Frank and ABC just need to cut their losses and move on. The show has let many actors go in the last 50 years and survived. They can survive without these 3 too.

            If it is not so stupid why don’t now we just bring back everybody that has ever played someone on GH as another person. Let Jackie Zeman be Lucy, Stuart Damon can come back as Edward. Lets just bring back John Stamos as Rick Webber. Take Laura Wright off tomorrow and let her come back next week as Celia Quartermain and Roger Howarth can come back as Jimmy Lee Holt. Michael Easton can be the new Lulu…after she was kidnapped she had a sex change. What does it matter who actors play just as long as they are on the show. That is all we care about. Why should anything make sense anymore.

        • Irish Girl

          That’s a load of hogwash rationale. I’m a little impressed.

  • savattere

    why can’t they jus play both shows on 3 weeks OLTL and3 week on GH

    • lulu

      Because both show don’t want the same stories and developments for these characters..

    • Not to mention GH is filmed in Los Angeles and OLTL in Connecticut. Doubt the actors would be too receptive to going back and forth every 3 weeks.

  • lulu

    It is such a, it will give major high in the ego department for these three watching a soap love triangle and these three are the one in the middle wooed by both soap gals..i mean i like these three and their characters but actors already are major ‘ego high’ creatures but will

    • lulu

      meant these three actors not characters.

  • rae

    I will not watch the new OLTL if they take Starr, Todd, and John away from GH

  • Once again it’s the fans that get screwed. I do not want to see these actors portray different characters. I would much rather see them do occasional crossovers between GH & OLTL so ABC & PP need to get it together and reach some kind of agreement to please the fans, not their wallets!! I only started watching GH after these characters joined the show and, even though I’ve become invested in some of the other storylines, I probably won’t watch anymore if they do come back as different people. I am a diehard AMC/OLTL fan and will be watching both when they return on April 29th.

  • It just shows how much these actors think of their loyal more GH for me ..They could have came back just to finish the story up then go back to GH..

    • Irish Girl

      Well, again…we don’t know how good or bad the offer was, so I’m not going to judge them for saying no. And as for loyalty – as far as I’m concerned, they are only responsible to themselves, their families, and their employers — who happen to be ABC/GH. If they choose to honor those loyalties, then that’s their business and their decison.

  • I’d just like to know why Alderson & Easton couldn’t return to OLTL, even briefly. Did the actors just not want to? If Howarth had time to return why didn’t the others?

  • jhude28

    Did anyone one else think it might be possible that is a publicity stunt. May sweeps for GH and launch for buzz for oltl??? It will probably all time out perfectly I am sure b/c I am betting after all that work to win over GH fans Easton and Alderson have to know that starting from scratch will likely be a disaster. She grew up on Oltl and I just can’t imagine that she couldn’t give up a week to help her former cast mates with the online launch! I love both shows and plan to support both. But let me say this ABC and Pp stop screwing with fans!! At the end of the day we keep you going so work it out for us!!! I think you owe us this one!!!

  • I am a longtime fan of G H and as other fans I would like to see the battle between Prospect Park and G H end Stop the B S and let the actors return to the canvas

  • Philip

    People keep saying that it should matter what the actors want to do etc. It doesn’t really matter what the actors want to do at this point because it all boils down to who owns the characters and what they can do with them.

    Prospect Park and ABC cannot tell the actors what to do. The facts are the actors belong to ABC because they are under contract and the characters belong to Prospect Park.

    No one can force the actors to move here or there. No matter what the actors want to do they can’t because ABC owns their contract. They either have to be fired by ABC or ask to be released if they choose to go to Prospect Park and do OLTL. And yes when an actor is under contract they can be told what show they can do and cannot do. That is what it means to be on contract. Many actors have had to give up projects because they cannot get approval to do a show or movie due to their contract. If ABC wanted to they could tell all three they cannot appear on OLTL and they would have to oblige.

    From what has been reported Howarth only signed a 1 year contract with ABC so he is almost free to do whatever he wants. Alderson and Easton have 2 more years.

    What it all boils down to is if PP is going to let ABC use the characters or not. If not then ABC has got to choose what to do with the actors they own when PP won’t let them have the characters. Putting them on the show as new characters is just a stupid idea to me. I think that is the worse choice of all.

    • Philip

      That first statement should say Prospect Park cannot tell the actors what to do instead of Prospect Park and ABC cannot tell the actors what to do. ABC owns their contracts …. so yes they can.

    • Irish Girl

      No more stupid than dead people coming back, or demon possession, or switched at birth stories. Please. This is soaps. But I’ll grant you; it would indeed be better if they could remain as the characters we know. However, that simply may not happen.

      • Philip

        Have you ever stopped to think that many fans think those things are stupid too. Many of the things you mentioned are often reasons given by fans who have quit watching soaps. Remember Guza was often criticized for bring back Sarah Brown as Claudia after she played Carly and also for bring back the actress who played Emily as another character. It was stupid then and many fans said they quit because of stuff like that. It may be soaps but many fans are tired of demon possession, people coming back from the dead, etc. Remember the old saying …. two wrongs don’t make a right. Lets just keep letting the people behind the soaps keep making these stupid decisions and just accept and pretty soon we won’t have any more soaps at all. Many fans are tired of the stupid things.

        • Irish Girl

          *shrug* As many fans are willing to go with such things as are ‘tired’ of it. It’s part of the genre that is soaps. If you want realism, watch a documentary.

          • Philip

            But the sad fact is that these things have not always been what soaps were all about. Returns from the dead and demon possession, etc. did not come to be common place on soaps until the 90s. Soaps existed 40 years before that without those things and they prospered. Soaps were about escapism, romance, drama, etc. Primetime soaps like Dallas, Mad Men, etc. exist without all that mess. And they prosper. Maybe the only reason they exist in daytime is the lack of talent of the current writers and producers and them just being lazy and fans just willing to accept whatever. Maybe there are just as many fans who are willing to accept whatever, but many fans have walked away and tired of it. And unless these soaps can get them back and attract more viewers to accept whatever they have never going to be any better than they are now. Daytime writers don’t even try anymore because they don’t have to. And they don’t have to when soap fans just say oh whatever and go on. They can just continue to be lazy because they don’t have to try to come up with anything intelligent because soap fans are willing to suspend belief. I just imagine them sitting back and drawing those big bucks and laughing all the way to the bank. Good job if you can get it.

          • Irish Girl

            Ultimately, the story is the writers’ to tell. As viewers, our choice is to listen, or not. And that’s pretty much it.

    • The point is, though, PP is hell-bent on forcing Kris, Michael, and Roger into doing something they clearly don’t want to do. PP has every legal right to do with the Manning/McBain characters as they wish-but they have ZERO claim to the actors involved-why can’t people get that?

      • I wish the original characters could stay on GH. I watched all 3, and OLTL was my favorite, but why screw things up now? I will watch the new ones on hulu, as long as they are free, but I love Todd and Carly-A match made in Purgatory if ever there was one! (And I don’t even believe in purgatory!) To me, GH is a
        mindless, fun escape from whatever the day brings!

  • TarlyFan

    Those who think PP simply wanting to share without additional demand is dellusional. I am very certain that PP wants creative control over these 3 characters as well even though they let them reside in PC. that means, Todd and John would have to stay faithfull to their leading ladies in landview. How the hell would that take John and Todd storylines at GH anywhere?!! Glad GH/ACB decided to cut their losses and move these two actors on with new characters. this one viewer has had enough of the landview craps in PC. Time to bring on Alex Cassadine and Mark Morley to town for Carly and Sam respectively.

    • Irish Girl

      Precisely. There was only so much ‘sharing’ that was possible and which was going to happen, and then there was a line.

  • buttermilk2

    I don’t know, all of this is confusing to me, I have followed it some, but mostly not. I want and hope very much that the 3 can and will come back to GH. I would like to see them reprise their original roles but if not then o.k. I have gotten use to other actors coming back on as someone else. Of course you have to get use to all of that. Like Sara Brown playing Claudia Zacharra. Emily coming back as her sister Rebecca, and so on. But if Sam can’t have Jason in her life and that looks like a no at this point, then i do like her and John together. And I feel sure that if he comes back as someone else then Michael and Kelly will be together some how. But its just that i like his role as John I like the character, I like who he is and all that, so trying to imagine what kind of person he would be as someone else is a little difficult cause i want him to have the characteristics of John McBain. Same goes for Todd and Starr. I would like to see Carly and Todd together so Roger being someone other than Todd i don’t know how well that will work. He plays Todd so well. So to me Todd needs to be on GH as Todd. I like Starr and Michael together and same thing with them as Sam and John, they will probably end up together but will take some getting use to, cause i would be trying to get her to be Starr. You know, to much comparing the character of Starr to whoever she will be. And so then when John left Port Charles he was going on assignment for the WSB and Anna said that he would be gone quite a while. So how is he suppose to go from Port Charles back to Llanfair.

  • These 3 Actors were well loved and respected on OLTL. They are all Fantastic. It will be horrible to lose them in Port Charles. Their old show is coming back where they were staples for many years with story lines and history. They need to go back to Lanview, where they belong. GH and the Powers that be will have to move in a different directions

    • Irish Girl

      Well, considering that the actors are human beings and not chattel, and that they’re already (happily, from all reports) employed with ABC/GH…that isn’t going to happen. Nor should they be forced to do so.

  • disqus_4BWf1689nQ

    I wish Oprah would have picked up both shows for her OWN considering it was struggling it would have been a win win for her the soaps and us fans!

  • Vetski1999

    All this debate about actors under contract. GH has a stable job for them right now that probably has a better deal. Far as I understand, KA and her brother like the west coast so we get a different Mathew. ABC should have OLTL alone, it was the highest ratings soap. Let’s just make it a success and hopefully the actor won’t renew their contracts when they are up. So spread the word, help older fans that familiar with the internet get connected. I made sure I got my 70 year old mother signed on. Every household is needed. I can’t believe that FV and RC would not want the best for the show after all of the years they have invested. Maybe they’ll even return one day.

  • Tygerbaby

    They should have left Kristan Alderson at GH. If you remember when the final broadcast scenes of OLTL aired she and Cole were leaving town to move out west and off the storyline!

  • RonH

    ABC should have kept on ALL my Children and ONE LIFE to LIVE and we would not have this problem. I don’t like The CHEW (PEWW) or KATIE – I am did like all three ONE LIFE TO LIVE characters on GH but they need to be back with OLTL. I am loving the old characters coming back to GH now. I hope they keep the old faces. It is helping the show

  • Remember when the character of Skye Chandler was on all 3 ABC soaps? It worked then and there should be no reason why that can’t work again! I love all 3 on both Gh and OLTL.