‘GH’ Snags ‘Y&R’s’ Emme Rylan To Play Lulu!

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Rumors swirled this morning that ‘” star , formerly known as , was headed to “” as the new Lulu, and it turns out, the rumors are true! Rylan, who played “Guiding Light’s” Lizzie Spaulding from 2006-2009, will assume the role from two-time Emmy award winner Julie Marie Berman, who announced just last week that she has decided to leave the role of Luke and Laura’s daughter after a seven year run.

In December, Rylan rejoined “Y&R” on recurring status as Abby, a role she previously played on contract from 2010 to 2012 before being inexplicably cut from the cast. There’s no word yet on how and when the soap will handle Abby’s second exit from Genoa City, nor is there any information yet regarding Rylan’s first air date as “GH’s” Lulu.

  • robert

    Very sad she is leaving Y&R, I am really happy for her. This was Jill Farren Phelp’s fault for firing her. This will no doubt be a blow to Y&R.

    • Stephen Marcus

      Phelps is almost as bad as Chris Goutman in that she lets her ego dictate vision. I don’t have feelings one way or another regaring Rylan but fans LOVED her. Also, Y&R has always been a stable show in that core characters have rarely been recasted except in extraordinary situations.
      She would make a better Maxie than Lulu. I just don’t see her with Dante for long.

      • Karina

        Fans did not love Rylan fans didn’t even like Abby’s stories

  • mike

    They planned on writing Abby out and then bringing her back. They had no story for Marcy so they saved money until they needed her again. Now, they were only paying her for whenever she was being used. A character like Abby Newman should always be on contract. As should Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbot.

  • I am glad that the new Lulu will be a blonde like the first one because I still remember what happened when All My Children hired a redhead actress to replace Tina C. Warner as a blonde. All My Children was force to hired the original actress. Good luck to Emme Rylan when she debut as the new Lulu.

  • Lorena

    So glad Y&R is free of her! MR sucks! Let them recast someone better in the role of Abby

  • While I’m not a regular YR viewer-so this will be interesting-she IS adorable. I will miss Julie in the role, though. We’ll see…

  • Sarah Brightman

    I was on google looking at all the delicious photos of Sergeant Scrumpdillyicious-Jeffrey James Lippold whom also has just been hired, and her photo showed up right beside his…and I couldn’t help think how great they would look together…then I noticed he is over a foot taller than her…hmmm…..well she was in “Bring it On” I am sure she can “Jump” on him just fine!!