Eric Brady a Priest? NBC Confirms Greg Vaughan Joining ‘Days of our Lives’

Joey Skibel

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re likely already aware that (ex-Lucky Spencer, “”) is joining” as a recast Eric Brady. What you didn’t know was his first airdate, or his characters new holy profession. Say what?

On Friday, August 10, via , a representative of “DAYS” confirmed that Vaughan had been hired to portray the twin brother of Sami Brady (), who was last seen in Salem in July 2000 and was the first love interest of Nicole Walker (), which was the basis of Sami’s long standing feud with Nicole. The role was previously portrayed by “” star Jensen Ackles.

“He’s been a world photojournalist,” said Vaughan to EW. “He’s just a guy who has a found a new direction in life. He has kind of re-gravitated in a different direction, more so than what the audience expects. The question will most likely be why he has chosen this new direction in life.” The new direction Vaughan is speaking of is likely a quest for all that is holy. On Monday, August 13, Vaughan’s co-star (Hope Brady) tweeted a picture of herself, Vaughan and (Brady Black) on set and it looks like Eric has become a priest! Well, thanks a lot Nicole!

Despite Vaughan signing on to play Sweeney’s on-screen twin brother, the two actors began filming the Hallmark Channel original movie “Two In” in late June. The film finds Sweeney portraying a single mother working at a 911 call center who answers an emergency call from a firefighter (Vaughan) in desperate need of help after he broke his leg while fighting a fire. As the two find themselves drawn together due to circumstances beyond their control, they begin to wonder where their mutual attraction will take them. The film is set to have its world premiere on the Hallmark Channel sometime in 2013.

To learn more about where Eric’s been and how he got there, tune in to “Days of our Lives” beginning Tuesday, November 13.

  • julie

    i am looking forward to see Sweeney and him playing lovers in one medium and twins in another, as for Eric’s love life even if he is priest when he comes back i am sure Nicole will make her move (like she always does with every males in the in no time !

  • mmabarbie

    sami beets nicole any day, on snatching up men in salem anydays. Nicole goes back to former lovers, she doesn’t add many new ones. i’ve got a great feeling that nicole will be a present mom for her kids, than sami.

    • julie

      blabla bla i don’t think so Nicole had had many MORE lovers than Sami and she just added a new one : Daniel ! hello, it seems you don’t what’s so ever the character you defend..eyeroll.

      • julie

        don’t know i meant i can list you Nicole’s lovers if you want since I KNOW the Nicole character unlike you !

  • Rochelle

    This is great news!! Greg is talented and gorgeous and I’m so excited that he’s on DOOL. Someday down the line Eric and Nicole will have twins. Someday. She’s done some awful things, but if she is contrite, I’m sure this will be a very solid love story.

    And btw, Lots of hot guys on this show. Whew.