Prospect Park Issues ‘No Comment’ Regarding ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’


( — Soap fans across the web aren’t sure what to believe anymore as there are reports that Prospect Park is now without enough funding to support both “” and “” on its Online Network (TOLN), but considering both soaps were just a small part of the overall planning behind the network does that now mean that the Online Network itself is dead as well?

When pressed for comment on the status of both “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” the much talked about lack of funding and other matters, a Prospect Park representative told Soap Opera Network “we have no comment at this time.”

  • Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have the right to know!!!!

  • No comment when have they commented?

  • When has PP ever commented, on anything?  NOW is the time they need to make comments, LOTS of them!

  • No comment?  Why the hell should they start now?  They have NEVER EVER COMMENTED BEFORE!  Everyone has been waiting for them to say something.  Very very poor business men!   They should not even be in any type of business!  ABC/D you too ~ horrible liars!

  • Somebody here is full of bullsh-t!

  • Brian Tripp

    This has turned into a disaster!

    • Chantal

      aint that the truth!

  • I hope this happens!!!

  • Too many conflicting messages. Its just a sit and wait game. We must hear from the big guys.

  • Anonymous


  • My2Cents2

    Though the disapointment is overwhelming for me, how can any of us be shocked?
    What kind of advertising have we heard about PP and where to find it and tune into?
    We haven’t. We are almost in December, and OLTL was to start in January. Unless I am the only person in the dark, how do we view the soaps? There has been ZERO promoting going on.

  • I don’t remember them ever commenting. I was weary of this from the beginning but it is still sad that these two soaps won’t live on.

  • aspengler1

    Shame on them to lead everyone on when they knew they didn’t have the money to do this. I will never watch any show this company produces. The next best thing would be to start a new soap on another network using the people who worked on the cancelled soaps. If it was done right, by a company willing and able to make the proper investment, it would surpass the ABC soaps in quality, viewership, and profits.

  • A$$ Hole$.

  • Come on!!! Really!!! We Soap fans are in the multi-millions!!! The net works have never and never will care about what we want!!! I have been angry with ridiculous cancellations before, but this one takes the cake!!! Then to be led on by broken promises!!! I refuse to watch the chew!!! It makes me sick that is what they gave us to replace All My Children!!! Another stupid talk me to death and give me your stupid opinion crap show!!! I just want to be entertained!!! There are plenty enough talk shows!!! We have them all day and then late night again!!! Some of them are Awesome, but Come on SHARE THE AIR!!!! Put the Soaps back on and keep the talk shows!!! For crying out loud, It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out!!! We are asking for a lousy 3 shows that have been on for a few generations and have proven themselves over and over again!!! Change the rest of the day time all you want, but leave the Soaps alone!!!

    • My2Cents2

      I’m angry too Lois. However, PP saw an opportunity, and they ‘tried’ to give us what we so much wanted. I didn’t see any other networks stepping up to help.
      Personally I don’t blame PP. I blame abc. ABC only ‘leased’ out these soaps. They never sold the rights..In other words, abc would still make a profit from PP, yet they aren’t helping financing the project?? If we blame anyone, blame abc.

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely horrible and because of it I do not watch ABC anymore except for the 2 remaining soaps. They have been with me through sickness and health. I will never watch the replacements of any of the soaps that are going off. Plus I am done with ABC. All the stupid reality shows suck anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I was leery about Prospect Park when they couldn’t even get a website together.

  • A network is VERY FOOLISH not to pick up All My Children.

    The fans…oh my the fans.

    I can’t see where there has EVER been so much fan support.

    Some of the AMC actors have gone above and beyond….in an attempt to help save the show.

    Vincent ( David )…Cameron ( Ryan ) and JR ( Brot ) appearing and then winning on Dancing With The Stars.

    Isn’t there something we can do ???

    Even Agnes Nixon just had an article about JR Martinex helping to SAVE All My Children…..

    Any thoughts ???

    • My2Cents2

      YES..per the host of Wubsnet, abc should have leased or contracted with soapnet 2 years ago.
      That way, abc would still get there money grubbing money and soapnet would have enough funding to stay on the air.
      It all falls back to abc.

  • Anonymous

    Why not combine the two shows and actors, I say we have given all this support over the years and now also still wanting them both to be on I guess Prospect park is not thinking about ALL the MILLIONS that would put there ratings through the roof !! By doing this Prospect Park would have NO money problems with all the ratings they would be getting from these shows, which would put them at the top of the charts for the ratings, wow are they really willing to throw it away that easily?? or is prospect park just worried about their pay checks?? I say they should give it at least 6 mo trial, let the ratings speak then decide to cancel or continue, I guarantee you it will continue if they at least try, Prospect park needs to remember everyone and everything starts at the bottom to end up on TOP !!! And being on the air for 40 sum yrs should say it all and show its worth!!!  Being a superstar or the top brodcasting channel they started at nowhere and end up everywhere.. so who is with me on this lets show prospect park how serious the viewers are, the consumers (us) want this, it is like supply and demand there is a HIGH DEMAND and they have the SUPPLY lets get this going people
    Sincerely M.Hart
    of Eaton Ohio

  • Debbie

    Prospect Park please bring back our soaps. I don’t think we will ever get over the loss of All My Children and One Life To Live. I would watch anytime. Maybe a cable network or maybe airing it at night, come on with all of the crappy shows on t.v. I cannot believe nobody will air these soaps. I grew up watching these soaps. I miss all of the actors and actresses. They can give shows like Mob Wives, Bad Girls, and all of the other reality shows but no one will air a decent soap opera. So sad and disappointing.