OLTL Recap: Friday, October 21, 2011

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Blair begs Todd to save Tomas from a prison sentence. Inside the hearing room, Tomas faces sentencing. But before hearing the judge’s decision, he directs a heartfelt speech to Téa and Blair in which he takes responsibility for his failures.

Meanwhile, Todd is confronted by another vision of Irene which prompts him to take drastic action. Cutter comes up with a scheme to get the Buchanan money.

In Llanview, Aubrey tells Rex about her idea for Natalie and Brody’s engagement party. Rex informs Aubrey about Cutter’s attempt to get his money. In Llanview, Cutter goes to Rex with an offer.

Starr gets physical with one of the pushy paparazzi, then is spirited inside by James. Starr is glad to be home and can’t wait for life to get back to normal. She goes upstairs to see Hope, leaving James to answer the door to Rick. Rick congratulates Starr on her arrest; buzz is building, and her new bad girl image is just the thing they need to sell records. Rick tells her that if she won’t play ball, he’ll seize control of her music. At EOD Rick has something else up his sleeve to get what he wants.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Cutter presents his deal to Rex.
  • Todd makes a confession.
  • Nora makes a tough call.

  • My2Cents2

    Halloweenie party is going to be a blast!!! Ohh the disguises and the secrets that will be coming out.
    Can’t wait!!!!!!

    Todd..don’t confess!!!! Not ready to let you go yet……

    I want Cole back. Big time. The show is ending. Star needs to be reunited with her first and only love.
    And baby daddy!

  • Just because starr has a kid with that loser Cole  doesn’t  mean they should be a couple .Sorry but I hope he stays way I want Starr and James to get a happy ending .