GH PreVUE: Week of October 24 Edition


( — A look at what’s happening on “” during the week of October 24, 2011.


Olivia’s symptoms continue. Kate and Sonny return to Jake’s on Wednesday, October 26 to confront the issue at hand. Michael is not happy to learn about Carly and Shawn’s trip. He takes out his ire out on Abby on Thursday, October 27. Michael and Dante’s bonding session soon takes a sour turn. Lulu confides in Ethan. Lucky heads to the church Siobhan wrote about despite being warned against it. A mysterious woman watches Lucky. Luke’s words surprise Tracy.

The Inside Story: Bondage at Sea
Matt races to find Elizabeth. A mystery man saves Elizabeth from her seemingly imminent fate but then disappears. Patrick and Robin are helpless to defend themselves as Lisa proceeds with her macabre plan to “bond” husband and wife forever on Monday, October 24. Maxie tries to get through to Matt. Matt fears its too late. Elizabeth has a vision from the great beyond. Spinelli finds a near lifeless Elizabeth. Robin breaks lose and manages to get the upper-hand as she and Lisa struggle. Dr. Scorpio awakens to a mystery. Things get heated as Johnny and Anthony disagree on their next move. Is the danger really over for Elizabeth? The mystery man from earlier lurks inside Wyndemere.

A Closer Look: Sweet Temptation
While Shawn fills Jason in on the warehouse drama back home, Sam and Carly hash a few things out. Sam and Jason discuss the pros and cons of having a baby. Carly and Shawn draw closer as he opens up about his PTSD … but pull back before things get too hot to handle. Jason gets an update on Franco’s location. Carly confides in Jason but ends up putting her best friend in a tough spot. Shawn and Carly share a charged moment. The pair later let loose over booze. But how do things escalate into a pissed Carly charging at the hunk on Friday, October 28? Jason and Sam discuss his relationship with Carly. Franco continues to watch Jason.


  • Sonny plans a family dinner.
  • Diane has news about Brenda.
  • Kristina questions her future.
  • Carly gets upset with Shawn.
  • Jason is in for a surprise.

  • My2Cents2

    I hope I don’t get into trouble writing this….but I am so MAD at this show right now.

    38 years I have watched GH. I understand this show is more than likely going off abc this year.
    What I don’t understand, is the disrespect GH shows us LOYAL long time fans. This week, the show took its FINAL toll on me. How disrespectful to write about 3 couples on a boat, 2 of them going into rooms to have sex.  What are they? 16 years old?

    For years people have begged for NLG storylines. We never got them. In the past 3 years we have lost the finest of actors. Rick Herbst, Ingo being the biggest loss’s. More Alexis. Give Monica a storyline. (nobody is listening!) Less of Sonny’s ‘love life’. Who cares anymore? How many times do we have to revisit his past?? I want to see my actors being written true to their character. (Jason, Carly) It’s NOT the actors, it’s the sloppy, lazy writing those people have no problem showing us.

    General Hospital has always been a 1st rate show. CLEAN UP this show to those of us who have allowed you into our homes for many decades!!!

    More ‘rumors’ about new characters. WTF?? Use what we have!!!! LEARN to WRITE! That is the problem.

    This past week’s version of “The Love Boat’. Really?? it  was beyond ridiculous, and offensive. I’m surprised that no one mentioned the scene where Steve was singing to Olivia wearing only a towel. I
    could see so far up his leg, I was afraid I’d get a glimpse of his junk!’ (I wonder if it’s also tan!)
    And who goes naked into the lake when its 36 degrees in upstate NY??

    Is this show even repearable??

  • Jerry & Cindy Hayes

    Sooooo, very tired of CARLY, she is really too much. Every time she comes on I change the channel.  Give her some good story lines OR get her off…..Jason is married to Sam NOW, Poor Sam  you go Sam and get rid of Carly in your and Jason’s lives.  ENOUGH of Carly……….

  • My2Cents2

    I like Carly. She is ‘misunderstood’!!
    I do agree, its time for her to move on. NOT with Shawn. With Jax. Her only true love.
    Otherwise, she should leave the show. The writers are destroying her character.