Brandon Buddy Takes to Twitter Seeking a Return to ‘One Life to Live’

Heidi Gutman/ABC

( — , who left “” in November 2010 shortly after a hacking controversy on Twitter, is now using the social network service again by seeking assistance from fans of Starr () and Cole (Buddy) to get him back on the show.

You’ll recall it was last summer when the actor claimed his twitter account was hacked (revealing that fact nearly a week after the reported hacking took place) and he wasn’t leaving “One Life to Live” (even though he did anyway). Although this time no claims of a hacking have been reported, the actor is asking fans to help him return to the soap as it winds down so that he can “finish what I started.”

According to Buddy’s postings, which began on August 8, he states “I want/need everyone to send in your love for cole! I’m tired of sitting around. Get me back on the the show so I can finish what I started. I love my fans/friends let’s go!!! No more f**ging around!!!!!!!!! Ok!!! Let me think! I hope I don’t get in trouble for this! …..standby! : )”

The postings continued on August 9, when he said “I want starr and my hope back! My peeps are the best so let’s make it happen!!! Idk! Ill find out but it has to happen. Abc!!! Let’s go! I’m ready! So are the fans! Now I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the whole oltl thing because I guess its a lot more complicated then we think so…. But I still feel really strong about finishing what I started and get my girls back : ) I guess we just wait and see…”

Buddy previously stated back in April mere hours before the soap was canceled by ABC that he’d “love to come back.”

What do you think? Should Buddy return before “One Life to Live” signs off? What about Starr’s newfound relationship with James Ford ()?


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  • I definitely want him back. Starr and Cole are way much better then Starr and James.

    • i agree completely. starr and cole belong together

      • I LOVE Cole & Starr together, he should come back and finish the show!!!

  • Yes, Yes, Yes Starr, Cole & Hope forever!!!!! Sole Baby!!!!

  • Want Cole back   not even watching Starr with James or    with SPZZZZ

  • Anonymous

    I like Cole. He has my vote. I went to Google in the beginning of summer to see when he was coming back as I heard he was. (He wasn’t)
    He stated back then he wanted to come back.

  • Anonymous

    Omg love Brandon Buddy and would love to see him return as Cole. We need a sole reunion already it has been to long. It is time for Cole to come home to his family!!

  • Anonymous

    Omg love Brandon Buddy and would love to see him return as Cole. We need a sole reunion already it has been to long. It is time for Cole to come home to his family!!

  • Chantal

    Brandon Buddy needs to just leave it be. If the show REALLY wanted him back theyd do what they do with all the actors they want back APPROACH THEM THEMSELVES. Resorting to twitter and begging is just embarassing. His agent no doubt approached the show too, and the response from the show must have been negative because now hes getting his fans to try make an uproar about it. Sad Brandon…just SAD

  • Brandon Buddy needs to come back as Cole. James and Starr are not cutting  it! He’s been on for over a year and still he really doesn’t have a story line except for sex with Starr. I don’t think tptb know what to do with him.

  • I don’t want Cole back. I love my Jarr and am disappointed in the writing that they haven’t gotten the airtime that they deserves.

  • I’d love to see Brandon back on OLTL. James is just not cutting it for me. I want Starr and Cole to reunite so bad. I love my SOLEmates! <3

  • I’d like to see Cole back.

  • Anonymous

    I think we need to address abc – oltl everyone have a contact number??

  • i think brandon buddy should come back. i think cole thornhart and starr manning belong together. they have faced any hardships that they have overcome. they need to be reunited.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want Cole coming back.  Starr doesn’t need someone like him – his first inclination is to lose his temper and pick up a gun. Hope doesn’t need a Daddy like that either.  I don’t like Starr with James either, but I am so over Cole.  The only way Cole would work now if Marty Saybrooke and Patrick Thornhart came back, and that’s not possible so BB should look somewhere else for work.  As I recall, he was the one who wanted to leave in the first place, isn’t he?  Ah, the grass is always greener on the other side…..

  • Anonymous

     I want Cole back. He is much better with Starr then James. Starr and Cole with Hope forever. Hope he’s back soon.

  • Brandon NEEDS to come back! I love and miss Cole so much! Cole, Starr and Hope are the perfect family! SOLEmates Always And Forever! Sole is True Pure Love! 

  • COLE NEEDS TO COME BACK <3. I've been watching this show for 12 years and Starr and Cole and been the best ( and my favourite) romance in years. you can feel their chemistry, you can tell that the characters are actually in love! I hope to GOD that he comes back! Starr needs the love of her life, Hope needs her father and we the viewers need a good teen ROMANCE!!!

  • My2Cents2