How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 28, 2011.


Noah paid Victor a visit at the farmhouse. He was wondering if he had seen Abby at all. Victor explained that Abby needed to take care of her drinking problem and has gone to a rehabilitation center. Meanwhile, Abby, at the rehabilitation center, insisted that this wasn't where she belonged. The attendant that she was talking to told her she was there was a reason.

Michael ran into Diane at Gloworm. He was surprised that she was talking to him. She said that he wasn't to blame for Victor's deeds. Michael pointed out that if she had left town when he told her to, she wouldn't be in the mess she was in with Adam and Jack. He warns her that if it's found out that she was in cahoots with Jack and Adam to mess up the IPO, she's going down hard. He left and it was clear that Diane was greatly scared.

Neil and Ashley arrived at the hospital to check on the condition of Tucker. Katherine was a bit bothered when talking to Ashley about Tucker, who she said was asking for her. When Ashley went into the room, Neil commented on how kind Katherine was to let the two of them be together.

Devon and Michael ran into one another at Crimson Lights. He pleasantly shocked Devon with his knowledge of Noah and his hard work on the album. Going out to the patio area of the coffee house, he called to speak with Eden but was unable to get in contact with her. When Noah met up with Devon at the coffee house, Michael wanted to know if he has spoken to Eden. Noah said they lost touch when he left Paris. A concerned Michael said he needed to talk to her.

In group, Abby reluctantly said down. They were getting ready to start when a girl ran in, taking her seat. Abby was stunned to see that the girl was Noah's ex, Eden. When the mentor requested that Abby introduce herself and why she was there, she joked that she was there to make her father happy and that she wouldn't be there long. When a problem arose, the mentor left to take care of it, leaving Abby and Eden alone to confront one another. Eden didn't buy Abby's story about being there to make family happy; and Abby didn't buy that Noah wasn't the real reason why Eden was in rehab. When the two go at it at one another, the mentor spots them talking and tells them that since Eden is a senior member of the rehab center, she will be Abby's buddy to do things. Eden and Abby look on at her in dismay.

Katherine showed up at the ranch and wanted to know from Victor if he was aware about Abby hitting Tucker. Victor, as Ashley, lied and said that Abby wasn't the driver of the car. Katherine became frustrated and said she wanted to know what was going on and why everyone was trying to keep things from her. Victor told Katherine to focus on the fact that Tucker came out of his coma and was alive. Meanwhile, Tucker, with Ashley, was trying to look at his medical chart but was unable to read it.

Leslie met up with Neil briefly at Gloworm before making her way toward Diane. Diane was confident that she could help her get out of the charges but Leslie burst her bubble by telling her that it doesn't look good for her. Diane said that she wasn't involved at all but Leslie pointed out that it would be hard to prove otherwise, and that she could face jail time. Leslie further rubbed Diane in the wrong way by quipping that even Martha Stewart managed to survive some jail time. Gathering her things, Leslie left Diane alone. She was soon approached by Katherine, who still wanted to get to the truth about Tucker's accident. Diane insisted to Katherine that she knew for a fact that Ashley hit her son. When she left, Neil approached Katherine and questioned her on if Tucker was aware of all the changes she was making to his company.

Noah beat himself up to Devon about not being there for Abby and the fact that he had to learn that was in rehab from his grandfather. Devon admitted he was feeling bad about not being there more for his own family. While talking, Noah shared that when he broken up with Eden, she said he was just as bad as the rest of the Newman family; he wanted so bad to prove that it wasn't true. He soon called the facility to find out times he could visit Abby. Back at the facility, Eden told Abby that she was doing well at the center but her time was soon over. Abby wondered if she was going to head back to Genoa City. Eden said she wasn't going back because she didn't want to see Noah anymore.

Michael went to meet Victor. He learned that Victor was aware that Abby hit Tucker. Victor wanted to make sure that the case would never make it to trial. Michael mentioned that there was a witness that saw the accident. They both chuckle that the witness was Diane. The two soon decide to work to get Diane to do what they wanted. After making a phone call to her, they stunned her when she arrived to see them together. Victor tells her that he has a plan to make all her problems disappear.

At the hospital Tucker tells Ashley he wants to marry her: now. They are soon surrounded by hospital staff and a minister, who is doing the ceremony. As the two are exchanges their 'I do's', Katherine is making her way back to Tucker's room. She is dismayed to see that the two have tied the knot.

On the Next The Young and the Restless…

  • Nick confronts Billy
  • Tucker is furious with Katherine's business dealings
  • Victoria and Victor have a chat
  • The Young and the Restless
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    AMC Recap: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 29, 2011.


    Greenlee wants to spend the day with Ryan but he says he’s busy. He knows how important Fusion is to her and wants to keep her out of his trail on David. After getting a call from Ryan, Tad shows up thinking he’s there to help Ryan on his case against David, but Ryan surprises him by asking if Tad will marry him and Greenlee today. Ryan tells Emma about the wedding and says she will have a special part in it. Greenlee is happy and surprised when she arrives at the wedding. Kendall’s there too and starts to wonder if things would have been different if she admitted her feelings to Griffin. Ryan and Greenlee recite their vows while remembering the moments that brought them together.

    Kendall and Griffin have an awkward goodbye as neither wants to admit how they’re feeling.

    Griffin’s surprised when Cara doesn’t ask him to stay and assumes things are going well for her and Tad. Cara confirms with a smile and says she is ready to let her brother go and she is working on making her marriage to Tad a real one. Dixie continues to stir restlessly in her sleep, dreaming of her wedding day to Tad.

    Madison shows up at work and tells Randi and Greenlee that she is working on a new line to make her daughter proud.

    On the Next All My Children…

    • Jake asks Amanda if they should start trying for another baby.
    • Asher unexpectedly kisses Colby and wants to make love.
    • Jesse questions Jane about the kidnapping.


    • All My Children
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      OLTL Recap: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

      OLTL Recap: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

      ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 29, 2011.


      Clint is prepped for surgery. Viki urges Jessica not to throw away her relationship with Brody. While Jessica has a heart-to-heart with Brody, Viki encourages Natalie to figure out where she and Brody stand – for Jessica’s sake.

      Meanwhile, Brody is about to listen to the tape of Marty’s reveal that John is really Liam’s father, now in evidence. But Ford interrupts, desperately missing Tess. Brody is forced to tell him about Jessica’s having found him with Natalie. He begs Ford to abandon his quest to get Tess back and asks him to let Jessica heal. After Ford goes, Brody would listen to the tape, but Jessica, affected by her mother’s advice, calls. When she asks him if he’s sorry for having slept with her sister, he has no answer for her. She’s hit hard with the discovery that he has feelings for Natalie.

      Ford abducts Jessica. Just before Brody hears the tape, Natalie arrives to Brody.

      Deanna and Nate are frantic about Rick’s threats to expose Nate’s part in Matthew’s injury. They have to hide their dilemma from curious Dani.

      Meanwhile, Baz is starting to get on James’s nerves. James hides it, and ends up getting him to play a special song for Starr. Destiny has a pregnancy test.

      On the Next One Life to Live…

      • Natalie and Brody make a decision.
      • Todd makes a confession to Vimal.
      • Starr gives Jack some sisterly advice.
      • One Life to Live
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        Y&R Recap: Monday, June 27, 2011

        Y&R Recap: Monday, June 27, 2011

        ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, June 27, 2011.


        Abby had Kent record her confession about running down Tucker. Kent questioned if she was being truthful and she admitted that she was. The two were unaware that Deacon was watching everything. When Abby left, she was grabbed from behind. An angry Abby was furious when she realized it was Victor, who was ready to take her to his private jet and to a rehabilitation facility. Abby said regardless, her confession would air all over. Victor said that it wouldn't. Meanwhile, back at Gloworm, Kent was trying to find a contact to get the video realized when he became side-tracked. He soon couldn't find his camera. Seeing Deacon, he asked if he had seen it; Deacon simply shrugged and said he hadn't.

        Tucker continued having a hard time speaking. He wanted to know why Abby hit him but Ashley, still covering for Abby, said that she was the one driving the car and hit him. Tucker wanted to know why he was going to the cabin and Ashley said that she and Abby were headed there to meet with him. Their time was cut short when D.A. Walsh entered, ready to question Tucker about the accident. Ashley and Katherine were instructed to leave. Alone, Walsh continued to question him but Tucker said all he could remember was a the car coming toward him.

        Diane upset Kyle with the news that they would have to move. His mother tried her best to distract him with the upsetting news and the two went to Jabot to see Jack. When they arrived, they missed seeing Victor, who was still there talking to him about his role in the IPO mess. Jack smiled when his son asked if he'd be working one day as CEO, just as Jack was. A distracted Diane stepped out of the office. Alone, Jack learned from Kyle that Diane wanted them to move from Genoa City. When Diane returned back to the office, Jack ushered his son off to watch something in the media room. Jack told Diane that she wasn't taking Kyle away from him, but she said she had no choice because of the SEC serving her. Jack didn't care on how Diane was feeling and told her that he wasn't going to allow Kyle to be moved from him. When Kyle returned, Diane and Jack covered their argument.

        Phyllis lured Nick to her apartment with the lie that Lucy was sick. Coming over with a humidifier, he learned that she only wanted him there so they could talk. After looking in on Lucy, who was fast asleep, Phyllis gushed what a good baby she was and how well she was sleeping. Nick's words stung her, however, when he said that Victoria and Billy felt that same way when they had her with them. When she started to cry, Nick asked her what was truly going on with her. She admitted that she felt like a horrible person; going so far to win Lucy from Billy and Victoria, costing her family and friends. Nick wanted to know why he was there and what she wanted from him. All she wanted was a friend, she admitted.

        In the hallway of the hospital, Katherine began questioning Ashley; wanting to know why Tucker kept saying that Abby hit him with the car. Ashley brushed it off as his being confused with what he remembers. Katherine wondered if it was the right time to tell Tucker about his long lost son but Ashley said they should hold off for now.

        Abby was upset that Victor was working with Ashley to keep the truth covered up. She learned that Tucker was awake, from the phone call Victor had received from Ashley. She told her father, regardless, Tucker would eventually learn the truth and if she had to, she'd inform him. Victor said it would be hard to do since she's going to a rehab center in Connecticut. When Ashley called back, Victor put the call on speaker for Abby to hear it. Abby was dismayed when she confirmed what Victor had thought: Tucker couldn't recall who had hit him. Victor told Ashley that Abby was going to be gone from Genoa City for a bit. Ahsley agreed to having Abby sent away for awhile.

        On the Next The Young and the Restless…

        • Diane has reason to worry
        • Michael tries to contact his sister
        • Abby finds herself in rehab with Eden
        • The Young and the Restless
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          GH Recap: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

          GH Recap: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

          ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 29, 2011.


          Carly has a stinging fight with Jax after she learns he is calling Morgan as a witness in Josslyn’s custody trial. Later, Sonny finds out that Jax has a subpoena for Brenda to testify against him.

          When Lucky and Elizabeth find Wyndemere abandoned, they fear the worst and search Port Charles.

          Steve asks Robin and Patrick to investigate Siobhan’s surgery error.

          Edward welcomes Michael and Abby to their first day of work at ELQ. But a young exec, Asher, is less than thrilled with the new competition and moves to set up Michael for a fall.

          On the Next General Hospital…

          • Lucky gets a surprise visit.
          • Robin and Patrick narrow down the list of people who almost killed Siobhan.
          • The bitterness of Carly and Jax’s custody battle extends into Sonny and Brenda’s relationship.


          • General Hospital
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            Win a Backstage Tour of Your Favorite Daytime Soap

            ( — Ever wanted to visit the set of a daytime soap opera? Well, here’s your chance to bid on a chance to tour the set of either “All My Children,” “One Life to Live,” or “The Young and the Restless,” while at the same time helping to raise money for chairty.

            The “All My Children” set tour, which features an autograph signing and cast meet and greet, was donated by series creator Agnes Nixon, and must be conducted on July 27th, 2011. Bids are being taken through 3:00 pm ET on Thursday, June 30, and currently stand at $1,690.00. Proceeds go to benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

            The “One Life to Live” set tour, which features a tour of set guided by a member of the cast, was donated the show itself and must be conducted by September 16, 2011. Bidding ends at 1:00 pm ET on July 7, and currently stand at $1,350.00. Proceeds go to benefit the True Colors Fund.

            And “The Young and the Restless” set tour, which features a behind-the-scenes tour with cast member Kate Linder (Esther Valentine), was donated by the actress and must be conducted on a mutually agreeable time and date. Bidding ends at 1:00 pm ET on July 19, and currently stand at $500.00. Proceeds go to benefit Believe in Dreams.

            The set tours are being auctioned off by  For complete terms and conditions of each of the tours, please click on the respective links above.

            • All My Children
            • One Life to Live
            • The Young and the Restless
            • Agnes Nixon
            • Kate Linder

              Lavoisier to Attend Stars & Stripes Fan Event

              ( — Attention all “One Life to Live” fans! Here’s your chance to meet Llanview’s very own John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom) at this year’s WXYZ-ABC Stars & Stripes Festival near Detroit. The event is sponsored by ABC Daytime and SOAPnet’s Soap Nation tour team, and will feature special access to the “One Life” star.

              Lavoisier will be in attendance on the Friday, July 1 to help kick off the festivities, which run through July 4. Activities begin with a Question and Answer session with fans, followed by an autograph signing from 4:00-7:00 pm ET. Fans will also have an opportunity to pose for photos with the actor. All events will take place at 31 Walnut Street in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan.

              Other free events during the WXZY-ABC Stars & Stripes Festival include musical performances, rides, fireworks, meet and greets, laser shows, stock-car racing, poker tournament, BMX show, petting zoos, and much more. Click here for more information.

              • SOAPnet
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                She May Be Jess Now, But Tess is Lurking in the Shadows

                ( — Jessica (Bree Williamson) may have just regained control of her life from her troublesome alternate personality Tess, but could the bad girl be coming out again anytime soon? Tess’ onscreen love interest David A. Gregory (Ford) has the surprising answer in a recent interview with ABC Soaps in Depth.

                In the interview, which can be hold in the July 11 edition of the magazine, Gregory talks about the love/hate relationship between Ford and Tess, and how they fell in love with one another just before Jessica re-emerged.

                When asked how Ford will be able the fact that the woman he is in love with is not even a “real” person, Gregory hints that “In the next couple of months Tess and Jessica are going to fluctuate between each other, and Ford is going to have to deal with that. It’s going to be interesting to see how Ford handles Jessica, so I am very excited by where the story is going!” However, judging by the reaction to the couple by many of the show’s fans, he may be about the only one.

                With any luck, “One Life” fans won’t be subjected to either of Jessica’s other alters, Bess and Wes, again before the show stops taping in November. However, with “One Life to Live” one can never say never.

                • One Life to Live
                • ABC Soaps in Depth
                • Bree Williamson
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                  ‘OLTL’ Casting Call: Paging Nurse Judy

                  'OLTL' Casting Call: Paging Nurse Judy

                  ( — “One Life to Live” issues a new audition script for the minor role of a nurse, and other casting insights and tidbits for the month of July and beyond.

                  The scene opens with Tom telling “Nurse Judy” he he is aware of his rights, and that the hospital can’t force a patient to stay under their care. She agrees, but states that if he leaves now, it could seriously hamper his recovery. However, Tom insists that he has pressing issues to attend to that are need to be taken care of in a timely manner, and that he feels perfectly fine. Nurse Judy tells him it is because he has been getting plenty of bed rest and following his doctor’s orders, but that if he leaves, he could suffer a fatal hemorrhage. Tom demands a second opinion on his condition. She reminds him that there is no one else at the hospital who can examine him at the moment, and that “Dr. Lawless” is the top professional in his field. As the scene ends, Tom becomes even more upset, saying that the doctor cannot be located, and that if is medical issue were really so severe, he would be in to check on him already. In response, Nurse Judy states that she is sure the doctor will be making his rounds shortly. Remember that the show frequently changes names in these auditions scripts to throw off viewers.

                  In other news…

                  Although both actress’ have already left the show fans can expect to hear Susan Haskell‘s (Marty) and Tamela Aldridge‘s (Dr. Buhari) voices again later this week when Brody (Mark Lawson) listens to the tape of Marty’s therapy session with her shrink, and learns a piece of shocking information about baby Liam.

                  Despite the fact that his character of Agent Kent is dead, look for Flint Beverage to be seen again in the coming days as Kent’s corpse is stumbled upon poolside at La Boulaie.

                  According to the closing credits at the end of last Friday’s (June 24) episode, Barret Helms‘ and LaChanze‘s characters of Baz and Yvette have been given the last name of Moreau. Also, LaChanze was officially credited as LaChanze Fordjour.

                  Get ready for some location shots to air later this summer. Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted this picture last Friday of her co-star Barret Helms (Baz) getting on a bus and said that they were “off to do some ‘location stuff,’ rain rain stay away,” along with this one of Helms and Andrew Trischitta (Jack) having some fun on the bus en route to the location shoot.

                  Helms, meanwhile tweeted that “my ‘cool shades’ haven’t aired yet….but they were far from cool hahaha.” The day before she wrote that “I have a LONG day of work tomorrow!!! Early is right!So many lines too! haha A very tall coffee for a very long day.”

                  Earlier last week Alderson tweeted that she was “Lovin’ my day at work w/Nic Robuck today!! He’s a silly guy!” And last Tuesday she posted a picture of part of her scripts full of the names “Starr,” “Jack,” and “Baz,” and commented that “Friday’s gonna be a long day at work!”

                  Nick Choksi (Vimal) posted on Facebook page on Monday that “Tomorrow (Tuesday) on ‘One Life To Live,’ something big happens: could this be then end of my marriage to Rama? Well, if it is, it won’t happen for quite some time. Oh, soaps. But seriously, some big truth happens that starts a series of events that gets nuttier and nuttier over the coming month or so. 2pm on ABC!”

                  Floanne Ankah will play Colette on Tuesday, July 5.

                  Michael Easton (John) and Ted King (Tomas) will appear in the August 8th episode, which will be directed by Michael Eilbaum.

                  Is Brandon Buddy (Cole) returning to the show before it wraps production in November? The actor responds to a tweet by a fan asking what they could do to help get him back on the show before it ends by saying “I’m not sure. Maybe wright to the studios in nyc?” He also tells another fan who asks if he is coming back to “OLTL” in August that “I’m trying! With your help and all of the other awesome followers I think we can make it happen!”

                  Robin Strasser (Dorian) continues to make some rather interesting comments regarding “OLTL” and her former co-stars, especially Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth, on her Twitter page, including this one from last Friday (her last day of taping), stating that “As final curtains go: it went as well as I prayed it would. Tuc [Watkins]/David scenes a joy. I gave “lunch” 4 crew/cast: rotisserie chicken+heros.” Today she tweeted that “12 Hrs?! last tweet? Time flies living life after ‘One Life.’ Busy, productive and making progress. Kathy [Alderson], Kristen Alderson’s mom dropped by. Kathy gave me a BEAUTIFUL photo by Kristen Alderson: Cramer women’s last shoot 2gether. Fab frame! omG I’m blessed to have had that family.”

                  Although she lost out to Will Smith‘s kids Willow and Jaden at last Sunday’s BET Awards, Shenell Edmonds (Destiny) still looked great in the dress she wore to the ceremony. And check out some of her comments about getting ready for the awards telecast on her Facebook page.

                  Nikola Kent portrayed Agent Jones on June 2 and 3.

                  Lisa Romain played a Doctor on June 9.

                  “OLTL” Music Director Paul S. Glass tells a fan on his Twitter page who asks if he could put the song “Forsaken,” which played in the background of Todd’s execution scenes in 2006 on iTunes that ” I wish I could but can’t for a number of reasons.”

                  And wanting to get a sense of which “One Life” cast members have been on set taping recently? Check out the Facebook page of this dedicated fan, who has pictures of himself taken with the various actors as they arrive/leave the studios. It is quite an interesting collection of current and former “OLTL” stars. The gallery also features a number of photos taken outside the studio last Friday. He and a friend also claim that last Friday was not only Robin Strasser’s final day of taping, but also Gina Tongnoni‘s (Kelly). However, that remains unconfirmed at this time.

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                    AMC Recap: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

                    ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    After making love to JR, Marissa lays awake thinking about Bianca’s admission. JR realizes Bianca must have had a hand in Marissa coming home last night and later thanks her for whatever she said to Marissa. Bianca is surprised to hear from AJ the two are back together and tells Marissa she’s happy for both her and JR. Marissa tells AJ that she and JR are back together after the little boy sees them together. JR is thrilled, it’s the only birthday present he really wanted. Despite her admission Marissa appears conflicted.

                    Griffin tells Bianca and Kendall that he’s leaving PV for Chile tonight. Bianca’s shocked and can see the yearning between Griffin and Kendall. Bianca questions why she didn’t ask him to stay. Bianca says she put her feelings for Marissa out there and Kendall should do the same. Griffin thanks David for his offer to work at PVH but explains why he wants to go to Chile. David says he’s doing the right thing in keeping his personal and professional life separate. Thinking of what Bianca said Kendall is surprised when Griffin shows up. He admits he couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. They admit they’re going to miss each other.

                    Greenlee wants to know what else David has up his sleeve after getting Erica to buy the hospital. David’s amused Greenlee thinks everything he does revolves around her somehow. Greenlee tells Ryan that Erica reminds her of herself when she was under David’s influence and thinks he’s gotten into Erica’s head. She’s also noticed that Erica was wearing shoes from last season and that’s so not her. Ryan thinks he and Greenlee make a great team just like the old days. Both admit they can’t live without each other and he says he will make sure they stay together. Ryan helps “Erica” avoid a tabloid reporter and asks if he needs to be worried about her. Ryan questions whether David forced her to buy the hospital and goes as far as asking if David was behind her kidnapping. “Erica” says she would never let herself be manipulated by David like Greenlee was as Greenlee overhears. Partnering with David was just a business decision she says. Greenlee thinks “Erica” is doing this just to get back at her but Ryan comes to “Erica’s” defense. David corners Jane and warns her not to get too close to Ryan. David makes it clear Ryan’s no threat to him. Acquiring the hospital is just the beginning of his bigger plans.

                    On the Next All My Children…

                    • Ryan asks Tad if he will marry him and Greenlee.
                    • Dixie continues to stir restlessly in her sleep.
                    • Kendall and Griffin have an awkward goodbye.


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