News / ‘OLTL’ Casting Call: Paging Nurse Judy


‘OLTL’ Casting Call: Paging Nurse Judy

News / ‘OLTL’ Casting Call: Paging Nurse Judy


‘OLTL’ Casting Call: Paging Nurse Judy

'OLTL' Casting Call: Paging Nurse Judy

( — “One Life to Live” issues a new audition script for the minor role of a nurse, and other casting insights and tidbits for the month of July and beyond.

The scene opens with Tom telling “Nurse Judy” he he is aware of his rights, and that the hospital can’t force a patient to stay under their care. She agrees, but states that if he leaves now, it could seriously hamper his recovery. However, Tom insists that he has pressing issues to attend to that are need to be taken care of in a timely manner, and that he feels perfectly fine. Nurse Judy tells him it is because he has been getting plenty of bed rest and following his doctor’s orders, but that if he leaves, he could suffer a fatal hemorrhage. Tom demands a second opinion on his condition. She reminds him that there is no one else at the hospital who can examine him at the moment, and that “Dr. Lawless” is the top professional in his field. As the scene ends, Tom becomes even more upset, saying that the doctor cannot be located, and that if is medical issue were really so severe, he would be in to check on him already. In response, Nurse Judy states that she is sure the doctor will be making his rounds shortly. Remember that the show frequently changes names in these auditions scripts to throw off viewers.

In other news…

Although both actress’ have already left the show fans can expect to hear Susan Haskell‘s (Marty) and Tamela Aldridge‘s (Dr. Buhari) voices again later this week when Brody (Mark Lawson) listens to the tape of Marty’s therapy session with her shrink, and learns a piece of shocking information about baby Liam.

Despite the fact that his character of Agent Kent is dead, look for Flint Beverage to be seen again in the coming days as Kent’s corpse is stumbled upon poolside at La Boulaie.

According to the closing credits at the end of last Friday’s (June 24) episode, Barret Helms‘ and LaChanze‘s characters of Baz and Yvette have been given the last name of Moreau. Also, LaChanze was officially credited as LaChanze Fordjour.

Get ready for some location shots to air later this summer. Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted this picture last Friday of her co-star Barret Helms (Baz) getting on a bus and said that they were “off to do some ‘location stuff,’ rain rain stay away,” along with this one of Helms and Andrew Trischitta (Jack) having some fun on the bus en route to the location shoot.

Helms, meanwhile tweeted that “my ‘cool shades’ haven’t aired yet….but they were far from cool hahaha.” The day before she wrote that “I have a LONG day of work tomorrow!!! Early is right!So many lines too! haha A very tall coffee for a very long day.”

Earlier last week Alderson tweeted that she was “Lovin’ my day at work w/Nic Robuck today!! He’s a silly guy!” And last Tuesday she posted a picture of part of her scripts full of the names “Starr,” “Jack,” and “Baz,” and commented that “Friday’s gonna be a long day at work!”

Nick Choksi (Vimal) posted on Facebook page on Monday that “Tomorrow (Tuesday) on ‘One Life To Live,’ something big happens: could this be then end of my marriage to Rama? Well, if it is, it won’t happen for quite some time. Oh, soaps. But seriously, some big truth happens that starts a series of events that gets nuttier and nuttier over the coming month or so. 2pm on ABC!”

Floanne Ankah will play Colette on Tuesday, July 5.

Michael Easton (John) and Ted King (Tomas) will appear in the August 8th episode, which will be directed by Michael Eilbaum.

Is Brandon Buddy (Cole) returning to the show before it wraps production in November? The actor responds to a tweet by a fan asking what they could do to help get him back on the show before it ends by saying “I’m not sure. Maybe wright to the studios in nyc?” He also tells another fan who asks if he is coming back to “OLTL” in August that “I’m trying! With your help and all of the other awesome followers I think we can make it happen!”

Robin Strasser (Dorian) continues to make some rather interesting comments regarding “OLTL” and her former co-stars, especially Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth, on her Twitter page, including this one from last Friday (her last day of taping), stating that “As final curtains go: it went as well as I prayed it would. Tuc [Watkins]/David scenes a joy. I gave “lunch” 4 crew/cast: rotisserie chicken+heros.” Today she tweeted that “12 Hrs?! last tweet? Time flies living life after ‘One Life.’ Busy, productive and making progress. Kathy [Alderson], Kristen Alderson’s mom dropped by. Kathy gave me a BEAUTIFUL photo by Kristen Alderson: Cramer women’s last shoot 2gether. Fab frame! omG I’m blessed to have had that family.”

Although she lost out to Will Smith‘s kids Willow and Jaden at last Sunday’s BET Awards, Shenell Edmonds (Destiny) still looked great in the dress she wore to the ceremony. And check out some of her comments about getting ready for the awards telecast on her Facebook page.

Nikola Kent portrayed Agent Jones on June 2 and 3.

Lisa Romain played a Doctor on June 9.

“OLTL” Music Director Paul S. Glass tells a fan on his Twitter page who asks if he could put the song “Forsaken,” which played in the background of Todd’s execution scenes in 2006 on iTunes that ” I wish I could but can’t for a number of reasons.”

And wanting to get a sense of which “One Life” cast members have been on set taping recently? Check out the Facebook page of this dedicated fan, who has pictures of himself taken with the various actors as they arrive/leave the studios. It is quite an interesting collection of current and former “OLTL” stars. The gallery also features a number of photos taken outside the studio last Friday. He and a friend also claim that last Friday was not only Robin Strasser’s final day of taping, but also Gina Tongnoni‘s (Kelly). However, that remains unconfirmed at this time.

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