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Y&R Recap: Monday, June 27, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, June 27, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, June 27, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, June 27, 2011.


Abby had Kent record her confession about running down Tucker. Kent questioned if she was being truthful and she admitted that she was. The two were unaware that Deacon was watching everything. When Abby left, she was grabbed from behind. An angry Abby was furious when she realized it was Victor, who was ready to take her to his private jet and to a rehabilitation facility. Abby said regardless, her confession would air all over. Victor said that it wouldn't. Meanwhile, back at Gloworm, Kent was trying to find a contact to get the video realized when he became side-tracked. He soon couldn't find his camera. Seeing Deacon, he asked if he had seen it; Deacon simply shrugged and said he hadn't.

Tucker continued having a hard time speaking. He wanted to know why Abby hit him but Ashley, still covering for Abby, said that she was the one driving the car and hit him. Tucker wanted to know why he was going to the cabin and Ashley said that she and Abby were headed there to meet with him. Their time was cut short when D.A. Walsh entered, ready to question Tucker about the accident. Ashley and Katherine were instructed to leave. Alone, Walsh continued to question him but Tucker said all he could remember was a the car coming toward him.

Diane upset Kyle with the news that they would have to move. His mother tried her best to distract him with the upsetting news and the two went to Jabot to see Jack. When they arrived, they missed seeing Victor, who was still there talking to him about his role in the IPO mess. Jack smiled when his son asked if he'd be working one day as CEO, just as Jack was. A distracted Diane stepped out of the office. Alone, Jack learned from Kyle that Diane wanted them to move from Genoa City. When Diane returned back to the office, Jack ushered his son off to watch something in the media room. Jack told Diane that she wasn't taking Kyle away from him, but she said she had no choice because of the SEC serving her. Jack didn't care on how Diane was feeling and told her that he wasn't going to allow Kyle to be moved from him. When Kyle returned, Diane and Jack covered their argument.

Phyllis lured Nick to her apartment with the lie that Lucy was sick. Coming over with a humidifier, he learned that she only wanted him there so they could talk. After looking in on Lucy, who was fast asleep, Phyllis gushed what a good baby she was and how well she was sleeping. Nick's words stung her, however, when he said that Victoria and Billy felt that same way when they had her with them. When she started to cry, Nick asked her what was truly going on with her. She admitted that she felt like a horrible person; going so far to win Lucy from Billy and Victoria, costing her family and friends. Nick wanted to know why he was there and what she wanted from him. All she wanted was a friend, she admitted.

In the hallway of the hospital, Katherine began questioning Ashley; wanting to know why Tucker kept saying that Abby hit him with the car. Ashley brushed it off as his being confused with what he remembers. Katherine wondered if it was the right time to tell Tucker about his long lost son but Ashley said they should hold off for now.

Abby was upset that Victor was working with Ashley to keep the truth covered up. She learned that Tucker was awake, from the phone call Victor had received from Ashley. She told her father, regardless, Tucker would eventually learn the truth and if she had to, she'd inform him. Victor said it would be hard to do since she's going to a rehab center in Connecticut. When Ashley called back, Victor put the call on speaker for Abby to hear it. Abby was dismayed when she confirmed what Victor had thought: Tucker couldn't recall who had hit him. Victor told Ashley that Abby was going to be gone from Genoa City for a bit. Ahsley agreed to having Abby sent away for awhile.

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