How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


GH Recap: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, September 15, 2010.


Carly makes Jax work hard to convince her that Brenda is firmly in his past.

Robin and Patrick hole up at the PCPD to discuss their plan against Lisa. Robin feigns an angry outburst at Lisa who then objects to Robin’s reinstatement.

Despite warnings from Lulu and Carly, Nikolas continues to befriend Brook Lynn.

On their first day of school, Kiefer’s friend draws Michael into a fight, as horrified Kristina watches. Dante is called in to discuss Michael’s potential expulsion.

On the Next General Hospital…

  • Lucky assumes the identity of terrorist Ronan O’Reilly.
  • Robin, Patrick and Steve continue their plan to get Lisa to reveal her true self.
  • Jax warns Claire that Sonny is using her.

“General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

Tika Sumpter Bids Llanview Adieu

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 1:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: Keysha McGrady/ABC

( — Nearly seven weeks after her contract with “One Life to Live” expired, Tika Sumpter makes what could be her final appearance as Layla Williamson.

Soap Opera Network first told you two months ago that Sumpter had chosen not to renew her contract with “One Life” when it expired on July 30th, choosing instead to focus on other interests, such as her budding music and film careers. Instead, she indicated that she would remain on recurring status with the show, saying that “Whenever ‘One Life’ needs me to come and stop by and do whatever they need me to do I will be there.”

Even so, Thursday (September 14th) marked the actress’ last regularly scheduled appearance on “One Life to Live,” as Layla decided to leave town and accept a high-profile modeling job in Paris and persuading her fiancé Cristian Vega (David Fumero) to extend their engagement by one year. So, barring the occasional appearance by Sumpter in the future, fans have likely seen the last of her and her character in any real capacity on “One Life to Live.”

With her departure, only two African-American actors remain on contract with “OLTL” (Terrell Tilford and Shenell Edmonds), while roughly a half dozen others are presently on recurring status with the soap. Sumpter joined “One Life” in 2005.

In other news…

Terrell Tilford (Greg) has added more airdates for his character for October, including the 1st, 4th, 8th, 11th, 15th, 18th, 21st and 22nd, along with November 2nd.  Also, the actor tweeted on Tuesday that we was “Heading to the workhouse…15 scenes…got my game face on…today is gonna be a tough one! But I’m ready!! Damn, today was kinda INCREDIBLE!!!”

Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted on September 11th that “I have to sing a Christmas song in November… trying to pick’s hard! It has to be upbeat, but I don’t want something too cheesy lol.” Three days later she wrote that “today’s gonna be a long day [of filming].”  She also says that “Yesterday [Sept. 14th] and today [Sept. 15th] were two very long emotionally exhausting days of work. I love my job SO much,but it’s def. gonna be a nice two days off.” 

“OLTL” script writer Scott Sickles comments on his Facebook page that fans can look for some of the most recent episodes that he helped write to air on September 15th, 23rd, and 29th, as well as October 7th, 15th, 20th, and 29th. Sickles also says that “Wow! Glad you all loved today’s episode [September 8th]. I can’t wait to see it!!! Thanks for watching. I hope you continue to enjoy the journey we have John and Natalie on, which I assure you will be filled with great twists, turns, ups and downs, and that he “would love to take credit for every word John and Natalie said on Wednesday [September 8th], but must acknowledge Katherine Schock‘s beautiful editing job as well as Michael Easton and Melissa Archer‘s spectacular acting and creative impulses. It really was a great collaboration.”

Although it seems like he’s been in a thousand episodes so far, David A. Gregory (Ford) stated that the September 9th episode marked his 100th appearance on “One Life to Live.”

And the show has released a new audition script for “Wyatt,” which appears to be a dayplayer role. The scene opens with “Mrs. Heidi Wilson” telling her cousin “Lauri” that she has hired Wyatt, a personal trainer, for her. Lauri, doesn’t sound too enthusiastic at the news, however, Heidi says that she needs someone to keep her mind off of “Thomas,” who is a bad influence on her. Lauri assures Heidi that her relationship with Thomas is strictly professional. Hoping to change her mind, Heidi orders Wyatt back into the room, where he proceeds to massage Lauri. Although she enjoys it at first, she promptly throws him out. As the scene ends, Wyatt tells Heidi that he’s tired and going to call it a day. It is speculated that “Heidi” and “Lauri” may really be either Kelly and Starr or Kelly and Langston.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on

  • Michael Easton
  • One Life to Live
  • OLTL
  • Terrell Tilford
  • David Fumero
  • Kristen Alderson
  • Starr
  • Langston
  • David Gregory
  • Melissa Archer
  • Ford
  • Tika Sumpter
  • Cristian Vega
  • Layla
  • Max Tapper
  • Natalie
  • John
  • Greg
  • Kelly
  • Det. Theo Price
  • Shenell Edmonds
  • Scott Sickles
  • Katherine Schock
  • Wyatt

    My View of Llanview: September 15 Edition

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 12:01 AM ET by Scotty Gore

    Photo: Errol Lewis/SON

    ( — Whatever the hell happened to the expression “Leave them wanting more?”

    So I was wracking my brain, trying to think of a topic to write about for this edition of the column, when lo and behold I came across the tacky, cheesy, God-awful, and downright embarrassing new “OLTL” promo entitled “People are Talking About the Ford brothers.” After watching it, all I can say is “Really?”

    While it does appear that most “One Life” fans are indeed talking about the Ford brothers, the words typically used are not as kind as those mentioned in the promo. In fact, it seems as if the vast majority of the “OLTL” audience, myself included, cannot stand the cardboard siblings and see no purpose what so ever that they serve by being on the show right now. So then why does the show keep promoting such drivel?

    Well apparently the show’s new core audience consists of twelve-year-old girls, which would explain why the said promo contains quotes like “They are all really cute. They kinda make you melt just watching them.” I mean, seriously, who else other than a love struck teenage girl is going to say things like that? I realize that soaps have always been geared more toward women, but this is nothing short of ridiculous and absurd. We have certainly come a long way haven’t we?

    When “One Life to Live” debuted more than four decade ago, it dealt with relevant social issues like racism, drug addiction and minorities. Today, however, it deals primarily with three young brothers who run around town with their shirts off 90% of the time, flirt with every woman they see, and couldn’t act to save their lives. But I suppose it doesn’t matter as long as some teenyboppers comment on the “OLTL” Facebook page that the brothers are hot, cute, and make you, you know “kinda want to melt” just by looking at them. It’s ratings be damned apparently.

    And, while this promo is bad enough on its own, it is even more humiliating when you realize that it is only the latest in a series of promotional gaffes by “OLTL” and ABC to try to sell the show’s fanbase on these three characters who epitomize style over substance. Let us not forget about how the latest “More Life to Live” video clip turned into a “Meet the Ford Brothers” interview, and that the latest “OLTL” photo shoot consisted solely of pictures of the brothers in various states of upper body undress. Oh, and who could forgot the new mid-show bumpers for two of the three Ford siblings, once of which features the eldest brother Robert (David A. Gregory) smiling while mugging for the camera and opening his shirt to once again showcase what lies underneath (as if it were still some sort of mystery); the other features middle brother James (Nic Robuck) working on a car (Lenny Platt plays the youngest brother Nate). And yet, some people wonder why these three were hired in the first place. Let’s just say that it likely wasn’t their acting abilities that won them their roles.

    So how do you top something as stupid as that promo? Give the brothers their own online mini-sodes? Replace Erika Slezak’s picture at the end of both openings with shots of the brothers? Or just go all out and rename the show in their honor? After seeing what show has been promoting lately, I wouldn’t put anything past them. Making these three the stars of the show, much like making 2010 the “Summer of the Teens,” is a recipe for disaster — all the ingredients have been coming together, and it’s about ready to blow up in their faces. And I wonder if there will be anyone left to pick up the pieces after it’s all over. However, at this point, I seriously doubt it.

    Anyway, moving on, congratulations to “Tmontyb,” who correctly identified last time’s mystery “OLTL” guest star as actor Tony Roberts. However, no one mentioned the full name of the character he played on the show, which was Judge “Killer” Carson.

    In case you missed the clues, here they are: This star of the big screen, who has frequently appeared as Woody Allen’s best friend in several of his movies, stopped by Llanview briefly in 1991 when, as a ‘Killer’ of a judge, he sent Gabrielle Medina off to prison for seven years for reluctantly aiding mob boss Carlo Hesser in his quest to poison Viki.

    Now it’s time to play another round of “Llanview, Who Am I?,” a new feature where you have to use the clues to figure out the identity of some mystery celebrity guest stars from “OLTL’s” past. See if you can figure it out. Good luck!!!

    In 2004 this smooth-jazz musician brought his soothing saxophone sounds to Llanview when he appeared as his himself, and performed a few of his musical numbers at R.J. Gannon’s popular nightclub Capricorn.

    So who is this mystery celebrity from the past? I’ll have the answers in the September 30th edition of My View of Llanview. And don’t forget to check out my Twitter page for all the latest “OLTL” news and information at SON.

    Now, before I wrap up this column, I’m going to look into my crystal ball and give you a quick sneak peek at a few things coming up a few weeks down the road. These are for the week of October 4th. Two brothers have a confrontation. One man is discovered near death. A person from the past is forced to make an admission. Is one man’s mind playing tricks on him? A person in a precarious position is diagnosed with a stress-related medical condition. Will one brother tattle on another? Someone with influence works to get another back on the job. And one woman wonders what secret is being kept by one half of a soon-to-be-married couple.

    Well that’s concludes yet another edition of the column. I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler fall weather.  Stay safe and well.

    And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live”…

    “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

    AMC Recap: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


    Annie finds AJ hiding in the bushes because he heard JR and Marissa fighting about him.

    Angie’s loved ones gather to lend their support.

    Krystal is happy with the way things have been going between her and Caleb, but when she questions where things stand between him and Erica, Caleb deflects the conversation.

    The medical examiner informs Greenlee that her husband died from a lethal dose of digitalis not from a blunt force. Greenlee tells Ryan the news. Greenlee’s relief about David’s cause of death is short-lived when she finds a vial of digitalis in Ryan’s coat pocket.

    On the Next All My Children…

    • Residents of Pine Valley attend David’s funeral.
    • Bianca and Amanda discuss David.
    • Madison suggests Greenlee may be the murderer.

    “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    OLTL Recap: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

    ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


    Todd and Dani are rocked by Ross’s surprise arrival on their doorstep. Ross confirms that he sent the mystery text to Dani, claiming that he was coming for her. Todd presses Ross about his connection to Eli’s reign of terror and Ross insists that he was in the dark about Eli’s crimes.

    Ross produces Téa’s will which names him Dani’s guardian. Greg examines Eli and diagnoses him with a subdural hematoma.

    Kelly rousts Dorian from her self-imposed exile in her bedroom. Kelly refuses to let Dorian wallow, says her constituents need her and drags her to the Palace for a meeting with Bo and Nora. Clint tells Inez the Buchanan history where Nora is concerned. Kelly seeks out Rex and offers him a job.

    Layla suggests she and Cris extend their engagement for a year. Cris is unenthusiastic but finally is convinced that they can make a long-distance relationship work.

    Gigi confesses to Rex that her first day at college was a bust. Gigi decides to try her hand at Cris’s art class.

    On the Next One Life to Live…

    • Todd is both shocked and suspicious.
    • John and Natalie search Eli’s room.
    • Kelly gets more than she bargained for.

    “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

    GH Recap: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


    Johnny amends his statement, admitting to possessing a gun during the shooting. Sonny is exonerated. Lulu admits to Dante that she feared he would break the law to clear Sonny’s name and apologizes for not believing him.

    Claire tells Sonny that she has lost all objectivity about him and therefore cannot ever prosecute him.

    Carly accuses Jax of thinking of Brenda while he had sex with her. Kate encourages Jax to go for Brenda again after all these years.

    Sam admits to Maxie that she is starting to feel insecure about Brenda – as Jason reluctantly heads to Rome to make sure Brenda is safe.

    Patrick confides in Lisa that he thinks Robin is overreacting. Robin arrives in time to “witness” and they mock-fight in front of Lisa.

    On the Next General Hospital…

    • Will Michael be expelled after fighting on his first day back at school?
    • Will Jax be able to convince Carly that Brenda is in his past?
    • Brook Lynn and Nikolas grow closer.

    “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    AMC Recap: Monday, September 13, 2010

    Monday, September 13, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Monday, September 13, 2010.


    JR questions Asher on why the college he listed on his resume has no record of him. Asher worms his way into Wildwind to downloads Caleb’s schedule and gives it to JR. With Krystal’s help, Marissa tries to help AJ. Marissa gets into an argument with JR over his plan to take down Scott and turn Colby against him.

    Ryan tries to defend Greenlee to Madison when she rips into the widow for all the bodies she’s leaving along her way. Madison and Ryan reconnect. David continues to haunt Greenlee. The medical examiner tells Greenlee the cause of her husband’s death.

    Kendall fears Zach’s going to be upset when he finds out she’s facing criminal charges. Greenlee tries to clear her conscience. Bianca and Kendall unleash their anger at Greenlee after she reveals the true part she really played in David’s misdeeds against their mother. Kendall can’t bring herself to tell Zach the real reason she has to delay their trip.

    On the Next All My Children…

    • A vial is found inside Ryan’s jacket pocket.
    • Angie’s job at the hospital is in jeopardy.
    • Krystal questions Caleb about the nature of his relationship with Erica.

    “All My Children” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    OLTL Recap: Monday, September 13, 2010

    Monday, September 13, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

    ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Monday, September 13, 2010.


    Todd reveals to Dani that he lied about Ross and they grow closer. Dani shows Todd the cryptic text message she recived.

    Jessica thinks that the question of the baby’s paternity has changed Brody’s mind about marrying her. Brody insists that won’t change how he feels about her.

     Natalie is jolted to discover that John isn’t convinced that Eli’s dead. Greg’s thrown to discover Eli in Téa’s hospice room and Eli gives him a rundown of how he masterminded his own death.

    Vivian questions Destiny and Darren about whether they practice safe sex.

    Cristian is about to turn down the grant and artist-in-residence position at Llanview when Layla stops him. Layla suggests that they both accept the jobs and commute to see each other. Cristian thinks they should get married right away.

    On the Next One Life to Live…

    • Todd and Dani are surprised to see Ross.
    • Greg makes a diagnosis regarding Eli.
    • Kelly forces Dorian to face the world again.

    “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

    GH Recap: Monday, September 13, 2010

    Monday, September 13, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

    ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Monday, September 13, 2010.


    Brenda narrowly escapes the Balkan’s thugs. Brenda later decides to end her engagement to Murphy. After finding out about Brenda’s close call, Suzanne calls Jason and asks him to come to Rome to protect the model.

    Carly finds out that Jax plans to put Brenda on the cover of Crimson.

    Kristina visits Sonny upon his return and admits she is glad to see him. Claire also makes an admission to Sonny - that she has real feelings for him.

    Ethan suggests Johnny tell the truth, but he can’t get past his hatred for Sonny. Dante and Jason manage to force Johnny and Sonny to broker a truce.

    Ethan and Kristina share a tender friendship moment.

    Michael decides to brave out the social repercussions of going back to Madison Prep despite his continued emotional turmoil. Michael accidentally walks in on Sam all sexy-dolled up for Jason and is mortified.

    On the Next General Hospital…

    • Will Sonny be exonerated for shooting Johnny?
    • Carly accuses Jax of thinking about Brenda while he had sex with her.
    • Sam feels insecure when it comes to Brenda.

    “General Hospital” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

    Y&R PreVUE: Week of September 13 Edition


    Monday, September 13, 2010 at 12:28 AM ET by Venus Stone

    ( A mother's greatest loss…


    Phillip tells a frustrated Cane that he is not able to put his family's lives in jeaopardy by coming to Australia. Seeing that things are increasingly tense between Victor and Nikki, Meggie uses it even more to her advantage on Wednesday, September 15 . Katherine passes out and is rushed to the hospital. On Friday, September 17, Heather finds herself a new job.

    The Inside Story: A Loss too Hard to Forget; too Hard to Forgive
    At the warehouse a devastated, Nina, Paul, Chloe and Heather watch as a stunned Ronan looks on at what he has done. Nina lunges at Ronan, furious that he could kill his brother, and demands to know everything that he hasn't shared. Ronan admits to her that he's knowns for quite some time that she is his mother, but chose not to tell her. It is at that moment that Christine arrives and tries to comfort her friend. Meanwhile, Owen and Meeks both try to keep from being discovered; and begin covering their bases. Meeks quickly arrests a furious Ronan, who vows to take them down. Owens tells him that he can't prove anything and it's his word over his. Distraught by what has happened, Paul and Chris take Nina back to the Chancellor estate. Paul breaks the news to , Phillip, Katherine, Jill and Murphy about the shooting death of Chance. He further explains what Chance was attempting to do. Their saddness turns to anger when Christine admits that she knew that Ronan was Nina's long lost son. Nina lashes out as to why her best friend could keep that type of secret from her; Paul, too, can't believe Chris knew the truth. When Chris tries to explain, Nina coldly turns her away. Jill also can't believe that Chris could keep something so important from Nina and tells her to leave. After she leaves, Nina soon turns away from Paul, who attempts to comfort her. Meanwhile, Owen comes to the Chancellor estate with a search warrant in an attempt to try to frame Chance. Nina snaps into Owen, telling him that her son was a great cop; but Owen adds salts to the wounds by saying that it's excellent cops that make great drug dealers. Minutes later, Heather arrives and declares that she will see to it that justice is served on behalf of Chance by announcing that she wants to be the prosecutor for Ronan's case. Still angry at the loss of her son, Nina vows to get revenge on Ronan and hopes that he gets life in prison for what he's done. Later that week, all of Genoa City come together to pay respects to the family at Chance's funeral. Brock comes home to be there for his family. During the service, Ronan and Christine both arrive at the service; Christina still begging her best friend to forgive and understand. Unfortunately, during the course of the funeral and all of the stress amongst family and friends, Katherine collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital.

    A Closer Look:A Family Further Torn Apart
    Determined to keep Victoria from marrying Billy, Victor has his daughter arrested at the wedding. As she is being taken in, she finds it hard to believe that her own father would do such a thing to her. Meanwhile, Nikki is furious with Victor and lashes out that he had no right to treat their daughter the way that he has been. Victor tells her that he will not have Victoria marrying Billy. Nikki rubs it in Victor's face that despite his antics, the couple were married anyway, which sets Victor off again. In the meantime, Jack realizes that Victor's latest scheme could be his way of getting Beauty of Nature, and relays that information to Ashley. As for Nikki and Victor, they continue to argue over Victoria marrying Billy, and Nikki points out to her ex that Billy obviously loves Victoria, and shows more love for her than he ever will. After she leaves, Billy arrives at the ranch and tells Victor that he is disgusted that he would do such a nasty thing to his own flesh and blood. Not phased, Victor shoots back if Billy would let his own daughter one day marry someone as low as him. Not falling for Victor's trap, Billy tells him that he's matured and is a better man, but Victor finds that revelation hard to believe. The determined Newman lets Billy know that he won't stop until the two of them eventually get divorced. After dealing with Billy, Victor faces his daughter, who is still dumstruck that he's gotten her arrested. She wants to know if he realizes that because of his actions to keep her away from Billy, it could keep her in jail for twenty years. When she realizes that he doesn't seem to care, she becomes digusted and vows that she'll do whateever to make her marriage to Billy work. Meanwhile, JT pays Victoria a visit with a warning.

    What To Watch

    • Abby's fear of her father prompts her to rethink her decision
    • Nikki tries her best to fight that urge
    • Tucker puts Sophia and Neil together on a project

    The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

    • John Siciliano appears as "Sergent Goldman' Tuesday, September 14 and Thursday, September 16
    • Beau Kazer returns as 'Brock Reynolds' on Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17
    • Luke Kleintank has been hired as 'Noah Newman'. His debut is Tuesday, September 21
    • SON Top 10: Who was the best of the best on "Y&R" during theweek of September 6, 2010? You decide! The SON Top 10 is back! Voting begins Friday's at 4:00 PM, EST.


    • Katherine returns from the hospital
    • Jack and Skye find themselves growing closer
    • Noah's return gives his parents a big surprise


    • Phillip Chancellor's arrival stirs up a mole hill of problems
    • Cane still has secrets that he is afraid of reveal to Lily
    • Lily soon realizes she has some hard decisions to make in her relationship with Cane
    • Victor does whatever he can to keep Victoria and Billy from walking down the aisle
    • Nikki's spiral back into drinking couldn't come at a worse time as the anniversary of Colleen's death
    • As someone's life is suddenly taken, questions and revelations begin to surface

    "The Young and the Restless" airs Weekdays on CBS. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.


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