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RUMOR REPORT: Which Performer is Causing a “Tense Situation” on Set?

RUMOR REPORT: Which Performer is Causing a “Tense Situation” on Set?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which soap star terrorizes their soap’s cast and crew? Who tested positive for COVID and their show kept it a secret? Which diva is threatened by a rising new hire? And which two familiar faces will be on this soap soon? These items and more are highlighted in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest (January 2, 2023), on newsstands now, in the magazine’s “Stuff We Know (and shouldn’t tell you)” section which has always been a fascinating read, and that’s why we like discussing it with you. After all, it’s no fun to be told something in print and not have anyone to talk about it with!

Although the blind items aren’t likely to be answered by the magazine anytime soon, and we’re sure none of the people in items 1-4 will fess up to anything, why not take a gander at who/what these are all about?

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  1. Regarding the performer terrorizing the show’s cast/crew, including “unleashing their fury on producers, directors, and other crew,” the magazine notes, “Staff does their best to avoid contact, but co-stars and key departments are forced to smile and play nice to not upset production. It’s a tense situation.”
  2. With COVID testing and positive outcomes becoming a regular part of our everyday lives, it’s a wonder why “This soap is keeping a lid on which cast member, who figures prominently in a current storyline, [that] tested positive for Covid and had to quarantine at home.”
  3. According to the magazine, “An actor declined to name his/her significant other, although that person’s identity is prominently displayed on social media.” The answer is maybe too evident if you ask us.
  4. A leading lady on her soap is threatened by the “rising storyline prominence of a more recent hire.”
  5. Meanwhile, two familiar faces will be “on this soap in the coming weeks.”

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