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Finola Hughes Talks Soaps and What’s to Come with Her ‘General Hospital’ Character

Finola Hughes Talks Soaps and What’s to Come with Her ‘General Hospital’ Character

Finola Hughes, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Live with Kelly and Ryan
Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC | Finola Hughes, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest (“Live with Kelly and Ryan”)

Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, “General Hospital”) appeared live in-studio along with her son Dylan Young on the Tuesday, July 20 broadcast of “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” On the show, Hughes reminisced with long-time friend and “Live” co-host Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley Vaughan Santos, “All My Children”), revisited hers and Dylan’s first appearance on the talk show from over a decade ago that included a cameo appearance by comedian Jim Carey, talked about the realities of shooting a soap opera and what’s next for her character on “GH.”

James Patrick Stuart, Finola Hughes, General Hospital
Troy Harvey/ABC | James Patrick Stuart, Finola Hughes (“General Hospital”)

Knowing how tight-lipped producers at the soap are when it comes to spoilers, Hughes was only able to say that her character is “sort of getting together with this guy [Valentin Cassadine, played by James Patrick Stuart] who used to be also in the agency, and we call it ‘the bureau,’ which is the WSB [World Security Bureau].” 

“Live” co-host Ryan Seacrest joked that the WSB was the name of the show’s affiliate station in Atlanta, GA. “It’s so nice to tell Ryan this whole story. He’s like, ‘I know nothing… I have nothing,” Hughes joked in return referring to his facial expressions as she talked about the storyline. Further explaining that the WSB is sort of like the FBI, Seacrest is attuned as he seemingly represents the non-“GH” viewers at home who are following along.

With things back on track, Hughes says, “So, we have this in common and we’re going on a caper to look for somebody who has potentially stolen a baby, which is what happens all the time on soaps.” Chiming in, Ripa tells Seacrest that on soaps, “Everybody is kidnapped always. And if you haven’t been kidnapped, you’re a loser.” Ironically, Ripa walked herself into a story between friends as Hughes joked about how Ripa has always tried to steal her kids away. “And I believe that I have successfully completed the transition,” Ripa joked. For additional laughs, she said to Hughes’ son, “Dylan, isn’t it true you have something you want to tell your mother?” Seacrest wondered if that meant that Ripa didn’t work for the WSB. “I don’t, I work for the ABC but I have kidnapped three children.” 

What a hoot the conversation between the three was.

For more on Finola Hughes’ appearance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” watch the clips below.

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