Cameron Johnson and Victoria Konefal Exit ‘Days of our Lives’ With Their Characters Heading to South Africa

Cameron Johnson, Victoria Konefal, Theo Carver, Ciara Brady, Days of our Lives
Cameron Johnson, Victoria Konefal
Dylan Lujano; Chris Haston/NBC

Victoria Konefal‘s return to “Days of our Lives” will come to a close next week when her character, Ciara Brady Weston, heads off to Johannesburg, South Africa alongside Theo Carver (played by Cameron Johnson).

In preparation for their departure, Theo says goodbye to his family on the Monday, April 26 episode. Meanwhile, on the Tuesday, April 27 episode, Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) cooks up a scheme to prevent Ciara from leaving Salem in the hopes that he’ll get her to realize how much he means to her, even if it takes him kidnapping her and taking her to the cabin where they first fell in love so that she can finally remember their history together.

In an interview published in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, on newsstands now, Wilson tells the publication of Ben’s plan to keep Ciara in town. “He goes to the hospital and has every intention to, he psyches himself up for this, it’s what he’s going to do, and then the elevator doors open and he sees Ciara,” previews Wilson. “In that moment, sometimes you gotta love somebody enough to let them go, and it is one of those scenarios, at least at this stage of the game. He has to let her go and hopefully find out on her own, and hopefully her memory comes back. But he stops himself from kidnapping his wife.”

On the Wednesday, April 28 episode, Ben makes the surprising decision of letting Ciara go. “Ben is absolutely devastated,” explains Wilson to Digest of Ben’s heartbreak. “He thinks it may be it. He thinks it may be the end of the road and that’s it. He’s been battling to win her love and now she’s gone and he’s got to try to stand on his own two feet again.”

Konefal returned to “Days of our Lives” earlier this year after it was revealed that her character had been held captive all this time, despite everyone in Salem believing she had died. Johnson resumed the role of Theo in early March.

Konefal and Johnson last appear on the Wednesday, April 28 episode.