Parry Shen Back to ‘General Hospital’

Parry Shen, General Hospital
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On the Thursday, November 18 episode of “General Hospital,” actor Parry Shen returned to the daytime soap opera as Brad Cooper. The character, last seen in March 2020 when he was shipped off to Pentonville for his involvement in the show’s baby switch storyline, was shown being wheeled off the elevator at General Hospital, unconscious but still handcuffed, as a shocked Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) looks on. She’s soon informed that Brad is the patient who was helicoptered in from Pentonville.

“Looks like they haven’t changed the locks on me!” shared Shen in an Instagram video the same day the episode aired. In the video, Shen is seen holding up his ABC ID badge on a selfie stick as he drives to the show’s studio in Los Angeles, presumably recorded on the day he filmed at the soap. The actor used his ID in order to buzz himself in when he drove up to the studio’s parking gate. “Still works,” Shen says with a wink as he iterates a “good morning” to the gate security guard.

Parry Shen, Kelly Thiebaud, General Hospital
Matt Trudeau, General Hospital
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So far, viewers only know that Brad was attacked in his cell at Pentonville — Brad appears to have been stabbed as shown in the photo above. No further details were shared in the episode as Brad’s return to Port Charles was brief due to his scenes airing during the latter portion of the episode. We expect to find out more on what happened to Brad in upcoming episodes, especially with his husband Lucas Jones recently popping back into GH as well, albeit with a new face now that daytime newcomer Matt Trudeau has assumed the role.

To find out the latest on Brad’s return, and how it might impact Lucas in particular, make sure to tune in to “General Hospital” every weekday on ABC.