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That’s a Wrap for Mark Lawson as Dustin Phillips on ‘General Hospital’

That’s a Wrap for Mark Lawson as Dustin Phillips on ‘General Hospital’

Mark Lawson‘s run as Dustin Phillips on “General Hospital” has come to an end. The actor concluded his stint on the soap opera after the character became one of several victims identified from The Floating Rib explosion that happened in today’s, November 23 episode.

Shortly after his final “GH” episode aired, Lawson took to Instagram and shared a video of himself taking off his character’s clothing from his last day of taping, and said, “Actors know this moment is bittersweet. Job well done, but leaving a set full of like-minded, inspired people. Playing Dustin was a joy.” He added, “Every day on set was a gift, as were Emme Rylan [Lulu], Kirsten Storms [Maxie], Briana Lane [ex-Brook Lynn], Dominic Zamprogna [Dante], Wes Ramsey [Peter], Lisa LoCicero [Olivia], Maurice Benard [Sonny], [and] Bradford Anderson [Spinelli] (And others that don’t have social media!)”

Lawson also took the time to thank the soap opera for the opportunity of playing the character. “Honored to be part of television history not only on this show, but to be among the first actors back to work in town post-COVID. The set always felt safe, and I was proud to be in front of the camera in such a strange time.” He concluded his post with a thank you and telling readers to “stay soapy.”

Lawson joined the cast of “GH” in July 2019 as a possible love interest for Lulu Spencer (Rylan). The character was the first man Lulu was able to feel comfortable letting into her orbit following the then abandonment by her husband, Dante (Zamprogna). After more than a year of ‘”Will they or won’t they?” the pair finally said “I love you” to each other, and even agreed to move in together, just as Dante re-appeared in Lulu’s life. Definitely keeping things soapy.

Prior to his final episode airing, Lawson re-shared this week’s “GH” promo on his Instagram profile and commented, “I hope you watch. Today’s episode is special to me.” A few days earlier he posted a photo of himself wearing his facemask while standing outside of the show’s iconic studio, telling viewers he would be on that day and on Monday, November 23. It wasn’t clear at the time that the latter date would be his final episode.

Prior to “GH,” Lawson portrayed Brody Lovett on “One Life to Live” from 2008-2012.

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