THIS WEEK: Spinelli is No Match for Robert Scorpio on ‘GH’

General Hospital, Johnny Wactor, Haley Pullos

This Week on “,” Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) tells Chase () that she can’t marry Michael () and that she loves him as Port Charles gears up for some shocking twists that never end.

Look for Nikolas () to demand Valentin () to leave his wife, Ava (), alone or else and Brando () tells Molly () that “What happens between us, stays between us.” Of course, the drama is even more amped up when Spinelli () goes head-to-head with the legendary Robert Scorpio (). “You little rodent,” name calls Robert at Spinelli. “Are you trying to blackmail me?” he then asks. Later, an angry Chase is shown throwing a glass to the ground and breaking it as Willow walks into the apartment.

Watch this week’s promo below.