Susan Lucci Talks Possible ‘All My Children’ Reboot, Shares There’s Been Conversations About How

All My Children, Walt Willey, Susan Lucci
Patrick Wymore/ABC

Despite the unceremonious cancellations of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” by ABC in 2011, fans have remained hopeful that a reboot could eventually happen, the online iteration notwithstanding. Now with ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke recently revealing that there might be some conversations about both shows coming back in some capacity at some point in time, Susan Lucci reveals that she’d be game for a return to Pine Valley as her iconic character, Erica Kane.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Lucci says, “There is some conversation about a way to do it,” when talking about the show’s possible return. Said to have articulated her words with the Erica sparkle in her eye, Lucci added, “We’ll see. I mean, we don’t know.”

Lucci also reiterated how the cast learned of the show’s original demise, and that she had some clue just before the ultimate decision came down the pike. “When the announcement was going to be made that ‘All My Children’ was going to go off the air, [creator] Agnes Nixon actually called me and told me she had heard this was going to happen,” recalled Lucci, who noted that Nixon didn’t want her to be “blindsided” as she was the face of the show and daytime television. Nixon’s warning heeded true as the actress shared, “There was a lot of anger that day — from me and everybody else. It was really a period of mourning because we went through all of those stages — the anger, the denial, the sadness, the missing of each other.”

In talking about the show’s original ending, daytime’s most prolific actress says, “The way the show ended was very interesting. Agnes ended it as a champion. She was so great the way she wrote.” Although Nixon died in 2016, Lucci says, “There was a cliffhanger [and] to this day people will ask me: Who was in the crosshairs? Did Erica live? Did she go get Jack back? Did they get married? After we were canceled, Agnes still had storyline, so [we] both thought the show would come back.”

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