‘The Young and the Restless’ Celebrates World Emoji Day


Monday, July 17 was and CBS’ “” got in on the action.

In the 15-second video released on its social media platforms, daytime’s number one drama compiled a series of images showing its stars holding stuffed emojis, including your standard go-to’s: angry face, kissy face, hearts, tears and even a bag of s***.

In the video below it seems the various emojis provide a telling tale of where the storylines involving Victoria (), Billy (), Phyllis (), Jack (), Ashley (), Devon (), Cane (), Lily () and others are heading, or in some cases, continuing. The video ended with the words “We Love You, Fans” (“love” was symbolized with a heart).

In addition to celebrating the day itself, the timing of the “Y&R” video might have something to do with the upcoming release of “” by Sony Pictures, whose television division holds majority ownership of the soap opera. The movie is set for release in theaters on Friday, July 28.