James Nigbor Out as ‘General Hospital’s’ Jake

James Nigbor

James Nigbor is out as Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason’s (Billy Miller) son Jake on “General Hospital.” The 9-year-old made his final appearance on Monday, February 29, 2016. The role is reportedly being recast.

The young actor’s mother, Karolyn, broke the news on Twitter, posting a photo tribute of her son over the years on the ABC soap along with a thank you message to “GH” fans. “This is for my son James. You will always be our Liason baby. Thank you to all the fans for loving my boy,” she tweeted.

When fans began questioning exactly what the post meant, Nigbor’s mother wrote, “I’m sorry but he has been recasted :(. Thanks for all your love and support.” Later, she added, “But we feel truly blessed to have been a part of GH and for him to have had this opportunity.”

Nigbor began portraying Jake as a young boy in 2007, until the character was “killed off” via a hit-and-run car accident in 2011. The explosive story had his grandfather Luke (Anthony Geary) driving drunk when he struck the child. In 2015, however, the character miraculously resurfaced. It was explained that Helena (Constance Towers) had actually staged the accident and had been holding Jake hostage.

Upon returning home to his mother, Jake began acting out; particularly against Sam who he blamed for keeping his parents, Elizabeth and Jason, apart. Following a confrontation with Sam, in which she fell down Elizabeth’s basement stairs and was rendered unconscious, Jake ran off and was hit by a car. When the character was last seen, he had undergone surgery at Shriner’s Children Hospital and was about to head home.

To date, “General Hospital” has yet to confirm Nigbor’s exit, nor release any information about who will be taking over the role of Jake. In the interim, his TV mom, Rebecca Herbst, remains in contract negotiations with “GH” after having reportedly turned down an initial offer from the show.

No matter what ultimately happens with Herbst’s contract and Elizabeth, Jake remains an integral part of “GH,” considering his father Jason is a major character on the soap.