Jensen Buchanan Returns to ‘Y&R,’ Faces Off with Nikki

Christian Le Blanc and Jensen Buchanan
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Here comes the judge, again, on “The Young and the Restless.” Jensen Buchanan returns as Elise Moxley, courtroom justice and Victor’s ex-paramour, on Tuesday, February 23.

When last seen in Genoa City, Victor was the one pulling the strings and blackmailing Elise. He threatened to expose their past affair, unless she saved Adam (Justin Hartley) from a prison sentence for his role in Delia’s death.

This time around, another Newman is playing puppeteer — Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). After learning of Noah’s (Robert Adamson) arrest  for running down Billy (Jason Thompson) and that Victor was the one who turned him in after his grandson betrayed him, Nikki is furious. So she decides to handle matters herself, Victor-style.

Nikki approaches Elise with her family’s latest legal problem and plays the same trump card Victor did when Adam was in major trouble — that long ago affair. Elise isn’t amused. In fact, she’s appalled.

Will Elise give in and help Noah to keep her past with Victor from coming out? Or will she finally dig in her heels and call the Newmans’ bluff?