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‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peek Video: Jason Arrives to Save Sam!

‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peek Video: Jason Arrives to Save Sam!

Poor Sam (Kelly Monaco) has been lying on Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) basement floor for days, after falling down the stairs while confronting Jake (James Nigbor) about orchestrating the strange events at his house. Concussed and cold, she crawled toward a space heater and plugged it. By the time it started sparking, she was drifting in and out of consciousness and her fate seemed sealed. But this week on “General Hospital,” Jason (Billy Miller) arrives to save Sam.

As Jason walks in the door, he’s immediately greeted by the sound of a smoke alarm going off. “What the hell?” he mutters aloud. Then, knowing that Sam was headed to Elizabeth’s house, he calls out for her. “Sam… Sam, are you here?” asks Jason.

A weak Sam hears Jason calling her name, opens her eyes, and tries to respond. But will she have the strength to yell out loud enough for him to hear her? And if she doesn’t, will Jason race inside to look for her before a full blown fire emerges and carry her out to safety?

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Elizabeth is having a heart-to-heart with Jake, who keeps mumbling that he’s sorry for something. Elizabeth is confused and asks what her son is sorry for. “I killed her,” he responds.

Say what?!?! Elizabeth can’t believe her ears and knows in her heart that Jake couldn’t possibly have hurt, let alone killed anybody. “No, no, honey,” she tells Jake. “You didn’t kill anyone… Alright, why don’t you tell me who you think you killed.” Jake looks at his mother and announces, “Sam.”

Of course, no matter what happens to Sam, no one is to blame. It was all just an unfortunate accident.

Check out the sneak peek video below:

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