‘B&B’s’ Deacon to Quinn: “You Are Evil and Manipulative”

Quinn Fuller, The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s Valentine’s Week on CBS’ “” and things are turning red, blue and just a little crazy, especially when Quinn Fuller () is part of the equation.

In a newly released promo for the week of February 8-12, 2016, Deacon Sharpe () is shown telling Quinn, “You are evil and manipulative, and you’re going to wind up in a padded cell” after he discovers that Liam Spencer () is being held captive by Quinn, who tells him that Liam deserves “something good” in his life. Quinn being that something good? Many would beg to differ.

You’ll recall that Quinn is currently holding Liam in her cabin and he has no memory of who he is. In fact, Quinn has even gone so far as to tell him that her name is Eve and his is Adam, referencing to the biblical characters, and that she is is wife! Being that Quinn has been nothing but “evil and manipulative” to Liam, it’s a wonder how and why she thinks she is the woman for Liam after all she’s done to keep him away from both Hope Logan () and Steffy Forrester ().

Speaking of Steffy, she is shocked to hear Wyatt tell her he’d like to spend the rest of his life with her. With her relationship with Liam still uncertain, is the fashionista ready to move on with another walk down the aisle so soon?

Meanwhile, Caroline Forrester () wonders why her stepson, Thomas Forrester (), keeps putting her in a predicament that she seems to not be able to get away from months after their tryst led to an unexpected bond that Thomas isn’t even aware he’s a part of.

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