Tequan Richmond Finally Returning to ‘General Hospital’

Tequan Richmond, Haley Pullos
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Tequan Richmond finally returns to “General Hospital,” this week. His character, TJ Ashford, resurfaces on Monday, January 25 and does exactly what most boys his age would do: head straight for his girlfriend, Molly (Haley Pullos).

Things quickly get hot and heavy between the reunited twosome; that is, until Molly’s big sister, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) interrupts and breaks things up. Look for TJ to quickly become involved in story with his mother Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Curtis (Donnell Turner), the uncle he knows nothing about.

Richmond had been off filming a pilot for a new and as yet untitled Showtime series in Chicago. The hour long drama is described as a relevant, timely and distinctive coming-of-age story of a young African-American male in which just growing up can be a matter of life and death.

He plays Emmett, a young and attractive African-American teen who feels defined by his sexual prowess. As a result there are a few consequences; namely, the trio of kids he’s fathered by three different women. The character, however, undergoes a major attitude adjustment about what it really means to be a man, when he’s forced to raise one of his children.