Is Ciara’s Rape ‘Days of our Lives” Darkest Plot Turn Yet?

Vivian Jovanni
Chris Haston/NBC

” viewers were stunned, this week, when Bo () and Hope’s () only daughter, Ciara () was raped at the hands of her step brother Chase (). Sure, the young teen seemed a bit off and moody, but nobody suspected he could ever be capable of such violence, especially against someone he claimed to truly care about like Ciara.

What made the rape scene especially difficult to endure was the fact that only a few short months ago, 12-year-old  was portraying Ciara. Seeing the “DAYS character grow up overnight was jarring enough, but then to think of her being sexually violated was inconceivable.

Fans have been very vocal, since Ciara’s rape aired on Wednesday, February 17, taking to message boards to express their thoughts on the controversial story twist. Weigh in with your opinion by taking the following poll.