‘GH’s’ Alexis Has A Heart-to-Heart with Surprise Wedding Guest: Sonny

Maurice Benard
Craig Sjodin/ABC

’s” Alexis () is moments away from walking down the aisle to marry Julian (), but first she has a heart-to-heart with a surprise wedding guest: Sonny (). It’s a touching scene between the former lovers, who have developed a mutual respect and strong friendship, over the years.

Alexis confronts Sonny about despising her fiance and believing that marrying Julian is the worst mistake she could ever make, and he doesn’t deny it. “So why are you here to witness it,” asks Alexis.

“I’m doing it for Kristina (), because it’s important to her,” responds Sonny, referring to the daughter they both love.

What follows is a wonderful discussion between Alexis and Sonny that is filled with warmth and candor and ends with Sonny giving Alexis his word that he didn’t show up to start any kind of trouble. Alexis believes him. Then, she runs off to put on her gown and finish getting ready for her big day.

Here’s a sneak peek of the touching Sonny and Alexis scene that will air, next week:

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