‘The Role of Billy Abbott Is Now Being Played by Jason Thompson’ on ‘Y&R’

Jason Thompson, The Young and the Restless
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Last week on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless,” actor Jason Thompson (ex-Patrick Drake, “General Hospital”) made his debut as Billy Abbott. Are you watching?

After his brother, Jack (Peter Bergman), made the decision to pull the plug after it was learned that there was no brain functionality, friends and family gathered together to say their goodbyes to Billy. All throughout the Wednesday, January 13 episode, characters entered Billy’s hospital room to share their fondest memories and the dearest sentiments for their loved one. Despite their kind words, viewers hadn’t seen Billy’s face since his previous portrayer, Burgess Jenkins, left the screen on Tuesday, January 5. That changed with the words, “The role of Billy Abbott is now being played by Jason Thompson.”

Since then, the family officially pulled the plug and Billy was to die a peaceful death. Thankfully, however, Billy showed some signs of life and briefly woke up — Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) even attempted to get Billy to see if he remembered anything about the accident that put him in the hospital.