Kelly Thiebaud Back on the ‘GH’ Set; Is “The Britch” Returning?

Kelly Thiebaud
John Paschal/JPI Studios

Is “The Britch” returning to Port Charles? Kelly Theibaud, remembered as the always intriguing and oft times manipulative Britt Westbourne, took to Twitter and posted a pair of cryptic photos of herself at the “General Hospital” studio on Friday, January 29. In one shot she’s standing on the set of the docks. In another she’s joking around in a hospital bed — and there’s a script tucked beneath her.

Theibaud, who was with the soap from 2012 to 2014, left after Britt confessed to playing a part in Spencer’s () disappearance and Nikolas () threatened to press charges against her for child endangerment. Her character ran off with her estranged father, Faison (), to avoid facing possible jail time. A homesick Britt returned for a couple of episodes in 2015 to visit Brad () and her mother Liesl () during the Nurses’ Ball and even paid a visit to young Spencer.

With February sweeps around the corner and Nikolas engaged to another woman, the duplicitous Hayden Barnes (), Britt’s return would definitely spice things up. If there’s anyone who’d be up to the challenge of exposing Hayden’s secret past, it’s Britt. Plus, there are still some unresolved feelings between her and Nikolas.

Of course, Thiebaud, who’s engaged to actor (Morgan Corinthos), could have just been visiting her fiance on the “General Hospital” set. But then why post the cryptic pictures and stir things up? It would certainly be a far more interesting scenario if the talented actress and her character were headed back to Port Charles.